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All About You___ Take 13

Post  anika on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:16 am


Danny and I went back to our rooms. He was sleepy, so he decided to take a nap for now. I bade him goodbye.

As he shut his door, I decided to look for the girls. I knew that Dougie and Jessica were roaming around, so I guess I shouldn’t disturb them. Jenny was still busy with the plans at school, so I’d better not bother her.

Well, I guess that leaves just Evangeline. She was a good companion anyway.

I walked around the mansion a bit, passing through numerous family heirlooms. Gosh this place was big.

I had already passed by the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, but I never saw Evangeline.

Just where was she?

I walked past one room, and saw a huge door. Hm… Maybe she’s here.

I grabbed the knob, twisted it and went inside.

The moment I entered the room, I wanted to run away. Harry was inside, playing his drums so well. He was really good. He stopped playing when he saw me. I can’t believe I interrupted him.

They say “Seek and you shall find”, but I certainly did not expect to find this!

Harry looked at me, a surprised expression on his face.

Oh gosh. What should I do? I just interrupted a music genius at work! I’d better walk away now. I wanted to melt and just flow away at that moment.

“Um… Sorry for interrupting Harry. I was looking for Evangeline. I’ll just… Go now”, I quickly blurted out and decided to make a dash for it.

“Wait! Don’t leave. It’s okay, really”, he replied. I turned to him, he was smiling now. He even looked relieved.

This time, my heart melted. He has such a sweet smile.

“I’m really sorry. Really. I didn’t know I’d be interrupting you”, I apologized as I walked over to him.
“I wasn’t working or practicing, I just did it to keep myself calm. I think Dougie locked me here a while ago when I was roaming around. He’s such a goof. I guess Tom unlocked it later on, I didn’t realize though. I was busy with the drums” he explained, playing with his sticks.

“Really? You think Dougie locked you up here?”

“Yeah. It was him. I heard him laugh, or more like cackle. It’s just payback anyway. I did worse to him. I locked him up in a bathroom”.

I laughed. “Really? You guys do that?”

“Heck yeah. It’s really fun”, he replied.

We both laughed. These guys were something.

“So, what is this place?” I asked, observing the room. There were bars and the walls had mirrors. I tried guessing what it could be.

“Oh. This is the Fletcher Dance Studio. A lot of his relatives love to dance, so they built this place”, he explained.

Oh. A dance studio. I looked around again and saw a stereo sitting in a corner. I wondered if Tom also danced.

“Hey, let’s try something”, he piped up and bounded off his seat. He went to a cd player and turned it on.

Waltz music immediately filled the room. I looked at Harry with a puzzled look on my face. What was Harry thinking?

“Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?” he began to sing a verse of the song “Hero”. He grinned at me.

I wanted to go crazy now. Harry was going to dance with me? No way! I felt like skipping like an idiot. I was so overwhelmed by the moment that I didn’t know how to react.

“Wait. Maybe people will see us. I’m sure waltz music would make them curious”, I said. Why didn’t I just shut up? Darn it! Why did I say that? This was my chance already! I guess I was just so nervous.

“Nah. This place is sound-proof. You didn’t hear the drums, right?” he asked.

Oh! So that’s why I couldn’t hear any drums playing.

“Oh okay. Let’s go then”, I grinned.

He held out his hand in front of me, like the way the dance should start. “Shall we, Miss Anthea?”

“Yes, Mr. Harry”.

He took my hand, I placed my right hand on his shoulder. His hand was on my waist.

Now I really felt my heart racing. I can’t believe this is happening. Harry and I were about to dance! I’d better not mess this up! I wasn’t a good dancer, but maybe Harry would make me look good. I’m pretty sure he was a good dancer. He looked like it anyway.

We began to dance a bit. So far no mistake, but Harry seemed so tense. It’s like he’s scared of making a mistake with his dancing.

“I have to say something… I’m not a good dancer”, he admitted, smiling.

I laughed. “Oh gosh. Really? I thought you were! Then why did you ask me to dance with you?”

“As much as I don’t know how to dance, I found out years ago that I liked to dance. Plus it calms me down. I get scared when I’m all alone, so I asked you to dance with me. I feel so much better now”, he explained.

I smiled warmly and nodded.

Harry was just so cute. I didn’t care if we looked like amateurs, all I cared about was that I was with him.

“Ouch!” he suddenly said.

Oops. I stepped on his foot. Gosh I was such a klutz! How could I ruin this moment?

But Harry only chuckled. “It’s okay. I was worse. My partner always had bruises on her foot. All the girls didn’t want to dance with me. Yeah. I was that bad”.

Well, I’m not like all those girls. I’d dance with Harry no matter what. Even if my feet get so many bruises.

He suddenly lost concentration on the dance and began waltzing at a pace that wasn’t synchronized with the music. He grinned.

“Oops. I made a mistake”, he said.

“It’s okay. Wait, move your right foot like this”, I suggested, demonstrating a dance movement with my right foot.

He copied the same movement perfectly, except he did it with his left foot.

“Harry, that’s your left foot”, I reminded, chuckling.

“Oh… What’s the difference? It’s still a foot”, he jokes. I laughed. Harry cracks me up, seriously.

The music finally ended. We moved away from each other slowly, Harry was beaming at me.

“That wasn’t so bad”, I said, smiling.

“Yeah. I guess it wasn’t”, he replied.

We grinned at each other. I began to daydream again. This time, I imagined prom night. Harry and I were dancing in the center, all eyes were on us. The spotlight was given to us. We’d look at each other’s eyes and…


I suddenly heard the sound of a tiny bell. We both whirled around. Harry looked like he understood what was going on though.

“Oh. It’s lunchtime now” he said.

Then he held my hand. I felt like a light feather now, and electricity seemed to be buzzing throughout my body. I’ll never forget this moment.

“Let’s get going then?” he asked.

Harry, Harry, Harry. You really make me melt inside. I don’t know if my body system will ever be the same with what you’re doing to me. Suddenly, Avril Lavigne’s song “Hot” came into my mind. This totally described the moment. Well, probably minus the ‘drive you into the corner’ part.

I nodded and we proceeded to the dining room. He was still holding my hand, and I felt dizzy. Well, dizzy in love at least.

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All About You___ Take 14

Post  anika on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:18 am


“I wonder where Tom is?” Dougie asked.

“I dunno. In any case we’d better find him”, I replied. I looked around the huge hallway in the left wing of the mansion. Where was Tom? He’s going to miss his lunch.

Dougie and I volunteered to look for him when we arrived in the dining table. Everyone was there, except for Tom. We thought it’d be rude to eat before our host. Danny was too sleepy, so he couldn’t come with us.

Jenny was still fussing over the school plans. Evangeline seemed drowsy as well. Harry and Jessica were nervous to roam around the huge mansion. I couldn’t blame them. It is elegant, but it looked like the ones in horror movies.

So here I am, with Dougie, looking for Tom. We’ve been walking around for quite a while. I didn’t know it’d take this long. I guess I underestimated the mansion, there were so many rooms here. How on earth were we supposed to find Tom?

“You know, they said that the Fletcher mansion is haunted”, Dougie suddenly said.

I could feel all the hairs on my skin stand up. I was terrified by haunted places.

Wait a second. Maybe Dougie’s just kidding me. He was always pulling a prank on me. This could be another one of his practical jokes.

“Dougie, stop it. I know you’re kidding” I replied while rolling my eyes.

“Nope. I’m pretty sure. There’s this story of the dead pianist who once lived here. Very disturbing”, he replied solemnly.

“D-Dead pianist?”

“Yup. There was this obsessed, twisted pianist who loved a girl. However, he found out that this girl didn’t love him back. He got heart-broken, so he hanged himself. His spirit lives on though. He’d play one of the pieces he wrote for the girl in this same mansion from time to time”.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah right Dougie. Haha. Come on. Stop this…”

I was cut short though because we suddenly heard a piano playing. I froze and the hairs on my body stood up. No way! Dougie was right? This is getting really freaky!

I looked at Dougie. He looked scared now too.

“D-Dougie? I-it’s really true?” I asked him, my voice trembling.

“No! I just made that up to scare you!” he gulped.

Oh no. What’s happening? We both didn’t move a muscle as the piano kept on playing. Maybe the sound would die down.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of a vase crashing to the floor.

That was the final straw! We both screamed and ran. I was freaking scared, and so was Dougie. I was closing my eyes while running. Don’t look back. Don’t look back. Don’t look back.

The piano started to play a different piece now. Oh man, this is getting freakier by the second!

Suddenly, Dougie grabbed my arm, stopping me from running. What’s going on? I was so confused now! Weren’t we supposed to run away from that ghost??

“Wait… Wait… It’s not a ghost! I’m pretty sure”, he assured me in a soothing voice.

“H-How can you be sure?” I asked him, my knees trembling.

“Because… We wrote this song. Wait. I think it’s just Tom”, he explained. He made a shush sound. We walked back slowly, trying to find out where the sound was coming from. Finally, Dougie found a room with the sign “Music Room 12” on it.

He pressed his ear against the door and nodded. “Yup. It’s from here”.

We opened the door, and Tom was there playing the piano. The room was huge, and a collection of different instruments were in cases.

Tom stopped playing and stared at us. We looked back.

“All this time, you were playing the piano?” Dougie asked.

“Yup. Wait, what time is it?” he said and glanced at his watch. His eyes widened and he smiled
sheepishly at us. “Oh sorry. I didn’t notice the time”.

He was about to get off the piano when I stopped him.

“Wait. Where’s the broken vase?” I asked.

Tom gave a puzzled expression, and then something hit him. He finally looked like he understood. “Oh. That’s my mother upstairs I guess. There’s an acting studio there, so maybe she was just rehearsing”.

Whoa. Acting studio? They had everything. Too bad Tom’s parents were too busy to see us today.

“So there’s really no dead piano guy?” I asked him, checking if Dougie really did make up that story.

Tom looked at me with a surprised expression on his face. “Dead piano guy? Who the heck told you that rubbish?”

I pointed to Dougie who was howling with laughter.

“Well, it was really funny until we heard the piano”, he shrugged. Tom could only smile.

We decided to walk back to the dining hall. They must’ve been starving while waiting for us.

We arrived and finally ate our lunch. It was really yummy. There were stuffed turkey, baked potatoes, mushroom soup and blue-berry cheesecake.

Harry seemed especially delighted with the dessert. He really did love blue-berry cheesecake.

I offered to give him my share, he looked really pleased.

“Really? You’re not kidding?” he asked. Though he was obviously eager for it, he still wanted to be polite.

“Sure” I told him and pushed my plate towards him. He happily grabbed it.

“Aw thanks! You’re the sweetest girl ever!’ he exclaimed. I blushed and looked at Danny. He smiled and winked at me.

“Wait…” Evangeline suddenly spoke up and closed her eyes. We were all looking at her. I guess she was making another prediction.

“There’s a meteor shower at 3 am”, she announced enthusiastically.

We all went “Oooh”.

This was great! There was actually a meteor shower.

“Well then, everyone wakes up before 3 am okay?” Tom said.

“Sure”, we all replied in chorus.

I imagined how the meteor shower would turn out. I could probably place my head on Harry’s shoulder while watching the meteors fall… Okay… That seemed a little too flirty.

In any case, I am excited! Who knows what could happen? I sat on my chair, smiling to myself as I imagined romantic moments with Harry under the stars.

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All About You____ Take 15

Post  anika on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:24 am


My eyes suddenly opened wide. I sat up, my heart beating so fast. I looked around the room. Jessica, Jenny and Evangeline were fast asleep. Jessica was snoring so loudly.

I buried my face in my hands.

“It was just a dream, don’t panic” I reminded myself. I took a deep breath. I grabbed my cell phone; it was only 1:45 am. It was still very early, even if the meteor shower was at 3 am. But somehow, I felt like I couldn’t go back to sleep. My dream disturbed me.

Finally, I felt like I wanted to pee. I got out of the bed quietly, tossing the blankets. I put on my slippers and began fixing my pajamas a bit.

I opened the door, careful not to make it creak. The mansion was dark, now it really did look like a haunted one. I couldn’t do anything about it though. When I gotta go, I have got to go.

I walked to the bathroom. Okay, everything was going fine. Nothing scary so far.

I suddenly heard something squeak. I shrieked and covered my eyes with my hands.

I was trembling now. Suddenly, a ray of light flashed on me. I opened my eyes and saw someone.

We both screamed. Oh my gosh! How did this guy get in here?? I immediately took off one of my slippers and hurled it at him.

“You’re not getting away thief!!” I yelled and jumped on the intruder’s back. We both fell on the carpet, making a loud thud.

“Ow! Ow!” he complained and pushed me. I hit the floor, and on my butt too! That’s it! No one pushes me and gets away with it!

I crawled back to him and started punching his chest. He tried to shield himself using his arms.

“I’m calling the cops!”, I said in between punches.

“For what?? Have you lost your mind Anthea??” he demanded.

I stood silent and gasped. “How do you know my name? You’re a stalker now too? How dare you!!” I tried to slap him but he grabbed my hand before I could do so.

“Let go of me! Pervert! Let me go!” I screamed while wriggling my body. I could not restrain myself. I can’t believe a burglar came in. Just where did he come from? I wanted to cry. Let go of me you jerk!

Suddenly, he pinched my left ear gently. I stopped punching him. What was going on? I saw the flash flight that was thrown away lying on the carpet, inches away from me. I grabbed it and flashed the light on the burglar’s face.

I was dead wrong. It wasn’t a burglar. It was Danny!

I stared at him. My eyes were wide as I realized the mistake that I did. It wasn’t just a mistake, it was a huge mistake.

He was still shielding his face. I immediately got off him. I helped him sit up. He groaned.

“Danny, Danny, I’m really sorry”, I apologized.

He looked at me and grinned. “Uh… That was pretty freaky but it’s okay. Ouch”. Then he touched his cheek. It looked bruised.

“Oh Danny! I am sorry! I’ll get some ice”, I said and proceeded to the kitchen. I opened the fridge when I arrived and grabbed an ice pack. I hurried back to Danny.

“Where does it hurt?” I asked him as I knelt beside him.

“Nah. It doesn’t hurt anymore. You shouldn’t get so worked… Ouch!” he moaned and touched his right cheek again.

I began patting the ice pack on his right cheek gently. His hair was a mess as well, so I began fixing it a bit. I didn’t know he was actually blushing so much now. There was little light, so it was impossible for me to see.

“What were you doing here anyway?” I asked him while applying ice to his cheek.

“What? You don’t know?” he replied, sounding shocked.

“No. What?”

“You miscalled me.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. I thought you might be in trouble so I came over.”

“I really did miscall you?”

“Yup. Wait. Here’s my cell phone”.

He handed me his cell phone and I checked. Sure enough, I did see my number miscall him. I must have accidentally called him while I was sleeping.

I gave him back his cell phone. “Sorry, I must’ve pressed my phone when I was asleep”.

“Woah. You must’ve been extra restless this time”, he said and smiled.

I looked at him and smiled. I wanted to see if his feet were okay when I saw something pink and fluffy on them.

“Danny… What’re those?” I asked him while pointing at the fluffy, foreign objects on his feet.

He looked at them and laughed, looking really embarrassed. “I was hoping you wouldn’t see those. Keep this a secret, okay? Just between you and me. Actually, I like these fluffy, pink bunny slippers. Hey, I’m not gay okay? They’re just really comfy. Plus they squeak”.

He stamped his foot and the slippers squeaked. So that’s where the squeaking sound came from.

“It’s okay Danny. I have to agree, those really are comfy”, I replied and laughed.

Aw… He was really too much. He gets a beating out of me just to make sure that I was okay. He really did worry about me, and he didn’t even scold me when I stopped punching him. I really, really envy that girl he likes now. She is so lucky.

“Your cheek’s okay now?” I asked him.

He nodded. “Better than okay. Wait, what time is it?”

I checked the time on my cell phone. “About two in the morning”. It was only two in the morning. Three o’clock seems such a long time.

“Only two? Great! Let’s go out” he said and stood up. What’s he thinking now?

“Okay Danny. Just where exactly are we going?” I asked him.

“The golf course”, he replied.

“Really? This place has a golf course?”

“Yeah. The Fletchers love playing golf”.

I should’ve known. By now, I shouldn’t be surprised if Tom has an underground laboratory.

We walked to the main door. Danny’s slippers were squeaking as we walked. He decided to grab his extra pair of slippers just beside the main door. He didn’t want to his fluffy ones to get dirty.

So off we went, getting ready for our post-meteor shower get-away.

“I just can’t get it in!” I exclaimed and sat on the grass huffing. I was clutching a putter.

Danny jogged towards me. “Come on. Just one last try?”

“I’ve tried a million times and I didn’t even get one ball in”, I complained, looking at the amount of balls scattered on the golf course. There was quite a bunch.

“Come on. Stand up. I’ll teach you”, he said gently.

I shrugged and stood up. “Okay. Show me how to do it”.

He went near me and began holding my hands, ready to show me how to hit the golf ball.

I began to feel tense now. Why was I nervous? It’s only Danny. I should be used to him by now. But… I don’t know why I’m feeling this way.

“Okay… Relax Anthea”, he said soothingly. I tried to relax.

I closed my eyes, it wouldn’t go in the hole anyway. Better spare myself from the embarrassment. Suddenly, Danny made my hands swing the putter. I heard the small sound of a golf ball flying.

I couldn’t resist, I just had to open my eyes. I peeked, and just in time too. I saw the golf ball go straight into the hole.

I can’t believe it! It went in!

I was jumping up and down. I was even screaming. “Danny! Danny! It went in! It went in! Oh my gosh!”

I know I looked like an idiot, but I didn’t care. The ball went in after a million times for crying out loud!

I hugged Danny really tightly, still jumping up and down.

He was chuckling. “Whoa. Slow down. You’re that happy?”

I looked up at him and grinned widely. “Heck yeah! I finally got it in!”

“You’re so adorable”, he remarked and grinned.

I was so happy I got it in. Finally, after so many excruciating tries, I actually got it in.

My cell phone suddenly alarmed. I released my grip on Danny and got my phone from my pocket.

“Hey, it’s already 2:30 am”, I announced.

Danny nodded. “Well, let’s just try one last little game. You up for a race?”

“A race? With what?” I asked.

He held up a pair of keys and pointed to the right. I turned and saw some golf carts. I seemed to like his idea.

“You’re on” I agreed and he tossed one pair of keys to me. I caught it.

We both walked towards the golf carts. I got up on mine, inserted the key and turned on the engine. It roared to life. Danny did the same.

“You ready?” he asked me.

“Heck yeah. Totally”, I replied. He grinned.

“Let’s go. First one to reach that apple tree there wins!”

We both started to drive our vehicles. We were dashing through the golf course. Danny was only a few meters ahead of me. I wasn’t about to let him win.

Suddenly, the tree was only a few meters away. The gap between us was very small. I couldn’t and shouldn’t lose. I tired my best to get ahead of him.

Unfortunately, at the last minute, he managed to make his vehicle go faster. So he won and reached the tree first.

We both got out of our carts. Danny grinned smugly at me when he got out. I rolled my eyes and smiled at him.

“Congratulations”, I told him as he walked towards me.

“Thanks. I guess we’d better head back. We might miss the meteor shower”, he replied.

We walked back. I really felt safe with Danny. I stared at the grass as we walked. Maybe I should tell him about my dream. It might help me feel better.

“Danny, I’m going to tell you a nightmare I had just a few hours ago”, I said quietly as we walked.

“Is that why you woke up?” he asked.

“Yeah. You see, I was dreaming that I was walking down a dark alley. Then, someone came behind me and placed a knife on my throat. I thought it was real… It felt like it. That’s why I woke up”.

“Oh. I guess I can’t blame you for assaulting me then”.

“Oh. Sorry about that. I was just so scared by my dream. That’s why I got all scared when I attacked you. I was scared that I wasn’t safe anymore”.

Suddenly, Danny stopped walking. He turned to me. I looked at him. He hugged me. I gasped, but relaxed. I hugged him back. He began stroking my hair gently.

“Aw Anthea. You shouldn’t be scared. No one’s going to hurt you as long as I’m here. I promise to keep you safe”.

Then he gently kissed my forehead. My heart began to pound.

I don’t know if it’s possible… But am I starting to fall for Danny?

He let go of me and smiled sweetly. Then we headed back. My heart went back to normal and I tried not thinking too much of what just happened.

When we arrived, we saw that everyone was already awake and waiting outside the mansion in their pajamas and messy hairs.

“By the way, where did you get the keys?” I whispered to Danny as we approached everyone.

“Oh. I just got them. Don’t tell Tom” he whispered back. I chuckled.

Finally, we all sat on the golf course. The grass was very soft. Dougie and Jessica looked really sweet together. Dougie was holding Jessica’s hand.

I was between Harry and Danny. It was a perfect position.

Evangeline sat behind them. She smiled at me and I grinned back.

“Hey Anthea, the shower’s starting now”, Harry announced. We all looked up to the sky. Little whit dots began falling from the black sky. It was a wonderful sight.

We all made our wishes silently. I held Danny and Harry’s hands. They turned to look at me.

“You guys done with your wish?” I asked them.

“Yeah”, they both replied, grinning.

I wouldn’t forget this night; being under the stars with the boys that I really cared about feels absolutely wicked. In the end, we all took a picture of ourselves, despite our appearances. Even if we did look messy, who cares? We had a hell of a night, and that’s all that mattered.

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All About You____ Take 16

Post  anika on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:27 am


I was at the grocery store again. Our trip to the Fletcher Mansion finally ended. I met Tom’s parents; they were an impressive-looking bunch. In fact, they even looked intimidating. I couldn’t help but feel inferior whenever I was near them. They were so classy, especially Tom’s mother. They scared the heck out of me when I first met them.

I was wrong though. They were actually quite nice and polite. I secretly asked myself if they were actually royalty. They could easily fit the part. Heck, they even looked like it.

I asked Tom to have me dropped off here a few hours ago when we were going home. Danny and Harry protested though. They said that I shouldn’t be left alone. I laughed and told them that I did it all the time.

Luckily, they agreed in the end. It took an awful amount of effort to convince them though. They were worse than mother hens.

I needed to buy some food anyway. I haven’t drunk Minutemaid for the past few days. And that’s a huge sacrifice for me. It’s like torture.

My cell phone beeped. I took it out and read a text message from Danny. It said:

“You okay there? You sure you don’t want me to come with you? We’re not that far away yet.”

I sighed and smiled to myself. Oh Danny. You worry about me like I’m your kid or something. I began texted him back:

“I’m okay here. You don’t need to worry”.

I grabbed a basket and started to head for the beverage section. I miss Minutemaid so much right now.

My cell phone beeped once more. This time, it was a text message from Harry saying:

“Anthea, do you want me to come over there? Is someone bothering you? I swear I’ll punch that guy’s lights out”.

I chuckled and blushed a bit. I began to text him back:

“I’m fine Harry. I’m perfectly safe”.

I was already at the beverage section. I surveyed the contents of the fridge. Okay. We have Coke here… Sprite there… Pepsi at the back… Where’s the good old Minutemaid?

I finally found the beverage that I loved so much placed right at the bottom of the fridge.

I smiled, absolutely delighted.

I opened the fridge and took about three bottles of it. My day suddenly seemed so bright now.

Now, what else should I do? I scanned the grocery store. The shelf full of candies immediately caught my eye. I decided to buy a few packs of Mentos. Who knows? I might need it when my breath stinks.

I don’t know why, but I still felt the need to shop. I just think I’m missing something. I was wandering around the store, looking for something I might need.

Finally, the answer hit me when I saw a bag of Cheetos on the other side of the store.

There was nothing tastier than Cheetos with Minutemaid.

I hastened to get those bags of Cheetos.

Unfortunately, I was walking too fast. All of a sudden, a guy wearing a black jacket with earphones plugged to his ears emerged out of the aisle near me.

I couldn’t stop myself. So I crashed into him. He looked like he wasn’t looking as well. We both fell down and crashed to the floor.

My butt hit the floor. AGAIN. It hurt. How many times must I suffer accidents which always end up with my butt hitting the cold, hard floor?

“I-I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was just so clumsy”, I apologized to the guy as I began to stand up. My items were already scattered on the floor.

Oh man. I hope this guy doesn’t lose his temper. He could yell at me, and he had a good enough reason. I crossed my fingers, hoping he would just scold me a bit.

Suddenly, he lifted his hand. I looked at his face. I began to grow pale. He was no adult; he was a teenager like me. Oh no. this was worse. Really worse. Why did he have to be a teenager? He could totally beat me up.

To my surprise, he just smiled. “No. It’s alright. You don’t need to be concerned. I wasn’t looking too”.

Woah. That was a real shocker. I thought he was gonna snarl something like “Watch your way, stupid”, at me.

“Wait. Let me help you pick these up”, he said and began picking up my stuff.

I observed him. He had jet-black hair, brown eyes, a nicely shaped nose and wonderful lips. He looked pretty cute.

“Oh no. It’s fine. I can pick them up myself”, I replied and started picking up my groceries.

I didn’t notice him staring at me though. I didn’t know he was doing it quite a few times. I was also unaware that he was getting interested in me.

He helped me anyway. We finally finished piling the items in my basket.

“You’ve got… Quite a few bottles of Minutemaid there”, he commented, laughing a bit. He had a cute laugh.

“Oh. I just love the stuff! Tasty and healthy”, I replied.

I managed to take a glance at his Ipod touch on his hand as he began touching it. I got shocked when I saw what he was listening to.

No way! He listened to Blankside too? It thought I was the only one! This was a great band, but they weren’t popular here. Their music was really good though, probably the best.

“No way! You listen to Blankside?” I asked him, excitement coloring my voice.

I was just so thrilled to meet another fan.

“Er… Yeah. They’re my favorite band”, he replied and grinned. He looked delighted.

“I know they’re not that popular here but their music blows me away”.

“I know! They’re just crazy”.

“Best band ever. You’re cool. I’m Kyle Mattley by the way”, he said as he introduced himself. He held out his hand.

“I’m Anthea Stewart”, I replied, shaking his hand.

This could be the start of a really good friendship. I can’t believe it. I met another Blankside fan!

Suddenly, I remembered I had to go. It was getting near lunch time.

“Oh. I have to dash now”, I told him.

“Er… Sure. Wait. Where do you go to school to?” he asked.

I hesitated. Is it okay to tell him? But he did look like a nice guy.

“Orangeberry Academy”, I replied.

“Okay. Can I visit you tomorrow? You know, we could chat about Blankside. It’s just… I don’t really meet a lot of fans”.
I paused and smiled. “Sure. Why don't you come around 4? I'm off by that time. I'd love to chat".

I finally finished paying for the groceries and went home. I was really happy that I got to meet another Blankside fan. That is really rare.

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All About You___ 17

Post  anika on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:32 am


The day swept by really fast. Today, Jessica accidentally cut her finger with a scalpel when we were dissecting a frog during Biology class. During lunch, Dougie really freaked out when he saw her cut finger.

“What?! You cut your finger?!” he asked violently and began wrapping his handkerchief around her finger.

“Eew Dougie!”, she protested, much to my surprise. Right about now, she should’ve been happy with Dougie’s sweet offer.

“What?” Dougie asked, a little hurt.

“I think you blew your nose with this”, she suddenly joked.

We all laughed. Dougie punched her gently on the shoulder.

“I was just kidding Dougie. Thanks a lot”, she said, finally serious.

Dougie smiled at her, looking at her with a lot of love in his eyes.

They were really, really sweet together.

The day finally ended. Jessica and I headed to our classmates.

Somehow, my mind was bugging me. It’s like I forgot something today. I know deep inside that I had plans for today, but I really can’t recall.

I followed Jessica to the lockers, a disturbed expression on my face. Something seriously bugged me. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was though.

I racked my brains for the ‘plan’ that I made, but I really can’t just remember.

“Hey, you okay?” Jessica asked as she piled her stuff into her locker. I guess she noticed my troubled expression.

“Oh. I just think I have plans today. I really can’t remember though”, I replied, snapping out of my dazed expression.

I decided to give up. There was no point in stressing out my brain. I was forgetful. I hardly believe I’ll be able to remember.

We walked back. I saw Harry and Danny playing soccer just a few meters away. I blushed when Harry waved and smiled at me.

“Hey, who’s that guy?” Jessica suddenly told me. She was pointing at someone.

I looked at her direction and saw the guy.

It finally hit me as I recognized the guy. I was supposed to meet up with Kyle today! So that’s what I forgot.

He was wearing a green shirt and a pair of pants. He had earphones plugged to his ears again.

He looked at my direction and grinned. He waved at me and I waved back.

Jessica looked surprised. “You know this guy?” she asked me.

“Er… Yeah. I bumped into him yesterday”, I explained.

Oh gosh. What was I going to do? Am I really gonna spend a whole afternoon with a total stranger? I probably should’ve said no.

Oh well. It might turn out okay. I should just give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, I could always say goodbye.

“Anthea, you sure about this?” Jessica asked. I could see that she seemed concerned.

“I’m okay. This won’t take long. He’s nice”, I replied, smiling. I approached Kyle as Jessica tagged along.

“Er… Hey Kyle. You came”, I greeted him.

“’Course I did. It’s very rare that I get to meet another Blankside fan”, he replied, grinning. “Oh. I’m Kyle by the way”. He stretched out his hand towards Jessica.

Jessica shook it and smiled. “Great. I’m Jessica”.

“Would it be alright for you if we go chat in a café that I know? I’ll pay for everything”, he offered, smiling expectantly.

Oh well. He seemed so excited. What’s the harm with it anyway? I guess I could go with him.


Suddenly, a soccer ball came flying towards Kyle. It hit him straight in the face.

Jessica and I gasped. Who the heck threw that ball? Judging by the force, it looked like it was no mere accident.

Danny and Harry came jogging towards us. Jessica was too busy asking Kyle if he was okay and Kyle was still in pain. I was the only one who saw the two grin evilly. It was only for a few seconds, but they were smiling like they loved what was happening.

Danny and Harry, they’re pretty childish. There was no reason to hit a soccer ball straight to Kyle’s face.

I sighed. I guess I should talk to them later on. I can’t have them beating Kyle up from time to time. Kyle might end up in a hospital.

“Oops. Sorry”, Danny said, I could tell that he didn’t really mean it.

“Er… Yeah. We didn’t mean it mate”, Harry added, trying his best to look sincere.

I narrowed my eyes at them. They only shrugged and grinned. Jessica was smiling a bit too.

Poor Kyle, he was still pinching his nose. I don’t think there was any blood, but he did seem in an awful deal of pain.

“Kyle, you okay?” I asked as I bent down near him.

“I’m fine. Besides, it was just an accident right?” he replied. He stood up and fixed his shirt. Thank God there weren’t any really serious injuries.

“Well Kyle. Let’s head off to the cafe”, I said cheerfully. Finally, I can actually chat about Blankside with someone.

“Yeah. I guess we’d better get going”, Kyle agreed.

Suddenly, Harry and Danny laughed.

“What’s funny?” I asked them. Oh please don’t hit Kyle again.

“Nothing. It’s just a really great coincidence”, Harry answered.

Coincidence? What coincidence?

“We were just about to go to a cafe too. We’ve been dying to get a cup of coffee”, Danny added, grinning widely.

Oh no. If I knew, this was no mere coincidence. They just wanted to come because they didn’t like Kyle… But I guess it wouldn’t hurt if they tagged along. They were really nice guys deep inside. They wouldn’t really go too far.

I guess they could come. But I’ll have to really keep an eye on these two.

“Er Kyle. Would it be okay if these two tag along? I promise they won’t make much trouble”, I asked him.

He agreed at once. “Okay. I guess it wouldn’t hurt”.

“Excellent”, Harry exclaimed, a huge smile stretching across his face.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go now”, Danny replied.

We waved goodbye to Jessica and began to walk towards a nearby coffee shop. So far, they haven’t tried anything on Kyle… Yet.

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Post  anika on Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:35 am

Wooah. hahaha. Thanks guys for the comments! Very Happy I feel more inspired now to keep on typing. Sorry for being pretty late. I thought I'd go home last Friday from Iloilo but I had to go to Capiz pala. Hindi ko alam may competition ako sa swimming. Nagulat nalang ako nung tumawag si mama. hahaha. XD
I've got a baaad sunburn now. haha. Oh well. I can't do anything about it now.
Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate it! Razz Don't worry, I'll post every week and I type everyday. Thanks guys! I love you

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  Kerstien on Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:39 am

I read it na! =)

Update ka na rin soon ha.. ^_^

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  kaisthelimit on Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:06 am

Oh my gosh.
this is so addictive!
i've never read something like this before!!!
can't wait for the next chap Very Happy

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All About You___ Take 17

Post  anika on Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:18 pm


“Here’s your order”, the waitress said as she began placing cups of coffee on our table. I stared at her with a piercing look. I didn’t like her. I could tell that she was trying to look cute in front of Harry.

Gosh that made me mad.

I was relieved when she finally went away. Good riddance. I seriously wanted to zap her!

“So, who’s your favorite band member of Blankside?” Kyle asked after sipping his cup of coffee.

“Oh. Hm… I love Alan! His voice is really amazing!” I gushed. I was really excited now. I never knew I’d meet another Blankside fan! This was a really great opportunity.

“Really? That’s a shocker. Most girls would go for Seth”, he chuckled.

“Well, yeah. I have to admit, Seth is really handsome and he’s got a pretty nice voice. But for me, Alan’s voice is way better”, I replied.

Our conversation was going so well and so smoothly. However, our nice little conversation was suddenly interrupted.

“COFFEE!!” Danny and Harry yelled.

What? It’s only been about two minutes and they’ve already drained their cups of coffee?

“You guys are really done?” I asked them.

“Yup”, Danny replied and showed me his cup. Okay. It was already drained.

“Me too” Harry added and also showed me his cup. There was nothing in it anymore.

“But you guys finished it so fast!” I exclaimed.

They both shrugged.

“We just love coffee”, Danny said, smiling.

“Yeah. We’re coffee addicts”, Harry nodded. If I knew, they did that to interrupt Kyle and me.

Finally, a waitress showed up to fill their cups once more. I scowled when I saw which waitress it was.

Darn it. It was that waitress who was flirting with Harry. I stared at her, a stone-cold expression on my face.

I felt like my blood was boiling inside me. Couldn’t I just make her disappear with one wave of my hand? I wondered if Evangeline could do that. If she did, I’d want to be her for now. It’s just for this moment, so I could zap this annoying waitress away.

“Okay boys. Here’s another round of coffee”, she said sweetly and poured coffee on their cups again.

I nearly slapped her for what she did to Harry. Oh no. She did not do that. I can’t believe she winked at Harry!

Thankfully, Harry didn’t care or even bother to entertain her.

“You need anything else darling?” she asked Harry.

I nearly stood up. That’s it! You don’t call Harry darling and get away with it. You’re going down sister!

“Actually, we don’t need anything else. You can go now”, I told her with a slightly snobbish tone to my voice. She was really getting on my nerves.

She looked irritated and tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder. “Excuse me miss, but I was asking this handsome fellow over here. Not you”.

What the-?? How dare her!! I seriously wanted to strangle her now.

“Sheesh. Just do what you’re told okay?” Danny shot back at her.

I looked at Danny in disbelief. Woah. That was really cool.

“Yeah. I pretty much don’t need anything” Harry piped in.

“You sure honey? Well, can I ask you one favor?” she asked, a sugary-sweet tone layering her voice.

Harry shrugged. “What is it?”

She pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil from her pocket. “You’re a cute one, so can I ask for your number sweetie?”

I felt like a volcano just erupted inside of me, and it was spewing lava and ash in all directions. How dare she do that?! She is such a flirt! I saw about to stand up and slap her when Harry spoke up.

“Miss! How dare you insult my girlfriend right in front of me?” he exclaimed and pointed at me.

I suddenly felt like a rock hit my head. Hard. Did Harry just call me his girlfriend?

“What?? This potato is your girlfriend?” the waitress asked, apparently not believing Harry’s story. Jeez. I am so not a potato you dimwit!

“Yeah! Right honeybunch?” he said to me and winked.

I guess I’ll have to go along with this if it makes the waitress go away.

“Yeah. We’ve been… Going out for some time now” I added, laughing nervously. Danny was laughing a bit too. Only Kyle seemed clueless among us. He was staring at me with a puzzled and confused expression on his face.

The waitress was stunned into silence. Hah. Serves her right for being a flirty snob.

Thank God she bought out story.

“Hmph! Fine”, she huffed as she turned her back, walking in furious strides.

Harry and I stared at each other for a while before we both erupted into laughter.

The situation was funny, but I really wished that all of this was real.

Kyle had a dumbfounded expression on his face. “Wait. You guys are a couple?”

We both laughed again. Harry shook his head. “Nah. We were just pretending to get that annoying waitress off our hands”, he explained.

“Oh. I see”, Kyle nodded, finally understanding. We continued drinking our cups of coffee.

Suddenly, the speakers around the walls of the café began to come to life as an announcement began to air.

“All right. Today’s Random Karaoke Afternoon. Sooo…. You folks know what that means!” a guy in a suit announced over the microphone. He was at the center of the place, on the small stage.

Suddenly, everyone in the café grew excited and began to clap their hands. Kyle looked pretty excited too.

Wait a second. Just what the heck is ‘Random Karaoke Afternoon’?

“Kyle, just what the heck is going on?” I asked Kyle.

“Oh. The café holds this activity twice a week. You don’t know exactly when though, they just surprise you. It could happen on a Monday, Tuesday, etcetera. Then they pick someone from the crowd, and that person sings in the middle over there at the stage. It’s really fun”, Kyle explained and pointed to the small and round wooden stage in the middle that the announcer was just standing on.

“So, how do you pick the singer?” Danny asked him, intrigued by the unusual activity.

“Just watch” Kyle smiled at him.

Suddenly, a kid came up to the front. She was wearing a red dress and her blonde hair was wonderfully braided. She began roaming around the place, a playful smile on her angelic face. She began searching for the singer of the day, scanning the place carefully.

Oh. So she was going to pick.

I suddenly began to feel the jitters.

I was hoping… No. Scratch that; wishing that she wouldn’t pick me.

She was getting closer now, and I was getting more nervous by the second.

She went near to our table. Heck no. Please oh please don’t pick me. My legs felt like they were turning to jelly. I cannot sing in front of this audience.

She smiled when she saw us. She was definitely going to our table. I crossed my fingers. Please don’t be me.

To my relief, she picked Danny. She tapped his shoulder and smiled. “I choose him”, she announced enthusiastically in a tiny voice.

Danny looked shocked. He was so unprepared for this. However, he decided to just go through with it. He grinned at me as he began to stand up and go on stage.

“Go Danny!” Harry, Kyle and I cheered as he got on the stage. He grinned at us.

He was finally on stage, and all eyes were on him. Knowing Danny, I knew he’d do a spectacular job. He had such a wonderful voice that simply blows my socks off.

“Alright. So what’re you gonna sing, sonny?” the announcer asked him.

“Oh. I’m… Gonna sing an original song of mine which I wrote with my friends”, he replied, grinning widely. His teeth looked so perfect.

Everyone applauded. “Okay. Here’s your guitar” the guy with him said and handed him an acoustic guitar. Danny thanked him, sat on the chair in the middle and began strumming a bit.

“I’m ready”, Danny said after practicing a bit. I was getting excited. I can’t believe I’ll get to hear him sing soon.

“Okay. Go now”.

Danny closed his eyes first. Then he opened them again. He turned to look at my direction, and smiled very sweetly and gently at me.

At that moment, my heart melted. There was something in Danny’s eyes that made me feel so warm inside. The feeling was really overwhelming.

“1,2,3,4”, he began to say. Then he strummed his guitar and began to sing:
“Do ya, do ya, do ya love me?
Do you need a little time?
Do ya, do ya, do ya want me?
Oh to hold you when you cry?
Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya love me?
Don’t wanna hear you say maybe
Won’t you tell me do you love me?
Coz I wanna know
I making a list of things that I miss
Whenever we’re far apart.
The way that you kiss, the taste of your lips
I'm telling you from the heart.
Coz baby, I just wanna know.
Do ya, do ya, do ya love me?
Do you feel it in your bones?
Do ya, do ya dream about me?
Oh, when you’re sleeping on your own?
Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya love me?
Don’t wanna hear you say maybe.
Won’t you tell me do ya love me?
Do you really love me?
So tell me do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya love me,
Coz I wanna know”.

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All About You___ Take 18

Post  anika on Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:19 pm

Throughout the song, Danny would glance at me from time to time. Then he would smile so sweetly. It even felt like he was singing to me.

I loved listening to his smooth and beautiful voice. I’d love his voice to be the soundtrack on my Ipod. He was really amazing, like he was born to sing.

I couldn’t help but develop a small crush on him at that moment. In fact, maybe it wasn’t even small. How could I not? I was remembering all the moments that I spent with him that were really sweet.

I knew that I had sweet moments with Harry too, but the feeling was different from what I felt when I was with Danny.

I really don’t know how I feel anymore. I hope I can figure out my feelings soon without anyone getting hurt.

Danny finally finished the song.

The café was dead silent. Suddenly, a clap emerged from the crowd and the rest followed suit. Everyone stood up and clapped their hands.

Woah. Danny actually got a standing ovation.

I stood up and applauded too. He really did a great job. I was so proud of him now.

Danny was really blushing now. Aw… He was so cute.

Suddenly, a group of girls approached him, holding up pieces of paper and ball pens. They were asking for his autograph. A girl even squealed when Danny began signing her paper.

I also saw some taking pictures of him. Wow. He was like a celebrity now.

We all laughed in the table. Aw… Danny must feel really embarrassed now.

When things started to calm down, Danny came back to our table. He was as red as a tomato.

“So, how was the limelight?” Harry asked, smiling at him.

“Er… It’s okay I guess”, Danny replied, still feeling embarrassed.

“You were good man. Seriously”, Kyle complimented him.

Thank God he told that to Danny. Maybe things would get less hostile from now on.

Danny grinned at him. “Sure. Thanks a lot”.

“Whatever. I could do better”, Harry joked and we all laughed. Danny poked Harry.

We all chatted for a while. Danny and Harry began to be a bit nicer to Kyle. They were friendlier now. I loved chatting with Kyle, at least I found out a lot about my favorite band from him.

We all decided to head for home after being in the café for a while. We were walking in the streets. We were all pretty happy. However, we didn’t know an awful incident would happen; and in that incident, someone was going to get really hurt.

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All About You__ Take 19

Post  anika on Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:28 pm


We continued walking down the streets. Kyle decided to go to the grocery store, so we waved goodbye to him.

“You know, he’s not really that bad”, Harry admitted, kicking a pebble on the pavement.

“Yeah. I kinda feel sorry that we kicked the ball straight to his face”, Danny chuckled.

So they did kick that ball.

“See guys? He totally came through” I said. Thank goodness things were fine.

The two exchanged expressions and laughed. Then they shook their heads. What? I thought they were already on friendly terms with Kyle.

“Nah. I still don’t trust him” Danny shrugged.

“Yeah. Me too. I’m still keeping an eye on him”, Harry added.

I sighed. Oh well. Sooner or later they’d probably have the heart to be friends with Kyle.

We passed by a playground. I saw a water fountain, and I began to feel really thirsty.

“Wait up guys”, I told them and they stopped in their tracks. “I’m just going to drink from the water fountain over there.”

They both nodded. I hurried to the water fountain. I was jumping for joy deep inside. I could finally quench my thirst that’s been burning my throat.

I bent down, pressed a button and began drinking the water coming from it. It really was refreshing.

Suddenly, I could see that my shadow in front of me grew bigger. That’s weird. I could swear it was quite smaller the last time I saw it.

Then the unexpected happened: someone grabbed my arms from behind me. The person pulled my hair and he placed something hard against my throat.

I heard a clicking sound, and realized that the person had placed a gun against my throat.

I screamed but then the person covered my mouth with a handkerchief.

“Shut up, will you? Jeez. Can’t I get a victim that doesn’t scream?” he said in a gruff voice.

Oh no. I was being held up. My whole person was shaking by the unpleasant turn of events. Danny and Harry began to run towards me, but they backed off when the man pointed the gun towards them.

“Back off! Or else I fire this thing!” the man snarled at them.

Danny and Harry’s eyes were burning with pure rage. They couldn’t take their eyes off us.

“I’ll just get her money and leave”, the man said slowly. He was still pointing the gun to my throat. Then, a menacing smile played on his lips. “Then again, she’s a pretty one. Maybe I’ll have a little fun”.

“You get off her you creep!!” Harry bellowed at him.

The man pointed the gun towards Harry. “Hey, slow down. I just might fire this at you”.

Tears began pouring down my cheeks. I was scared to death now. What’s going to happen to me? I began to wish that all of this was just a sick nightmare. I was wishing with all my might that I would wake up from all of this.

I looked at Danny. He was watching me with such a sad expression. He looked like he was being tortured inside.

“You’ll be fine… I swear”, he mouthed to me.

When he said this, I tried to calm down. Despite being trapped in a scary and twisted situation, this was no time to cry. I should clear my head and find a way to escape. I can’t just keep on sobbing. Darn it. What should I do to get free?

The man began playing with my hair. Goose pimples began breaking throughout my skin. Danny looked absolutely outraged.

“Keep your filthy hands away from her!!” he yelled. The man only laughed. What a jerk!!

I couldn’t take this anymore. I lifted my right foot and quickly kicked the guy in the crotch.

He howled in pain as I slapped his wrapped arms around me. I fell to the ground. Yes! I was free now!

At least that’s what I thought.

Suddenly, the man got up and hit my head with the gun hard. When it hit me, everything seemed so hazy… Then it turned dark. A sharp pain began spreading throughout my body and my head hurt the most. I felt dizzy, and my vision became blurry. My whole body was giving up now. I held the back of my head and saw blood on my hand. After that, I fell unconscious.

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All About You__ Take 20

Post  anika on Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:31 pm


I finally woke up from my sleep, but my eyes were still closed. I didn’t want to open them just yet. I could still feel the throbbing in my head. Ouch. That was gonna leave a mark on my memory as one of the most painful things I had to go through.

The events of the afternoon began replaying in my mind: the creep, Danny and Harry looking angry, me kicking the creep in the crotch and then falling into utter unconsciousness.

I suddenly heard a familiar voice sobbing beside me.

Oh my gosh. It was my mom.

I immediately opened my eyes and slowly sat up. I was in a hospital room and a bandage was wrapped around my head. Sure enough, my mom was sitting on a chair next to me. Her long black hair was tied neatly. She was dabbing a handkerchief on her red, swollen eyes.

Oh man. I felt so sorry for my mom. She doesn’t deserve to be so worried and depressed.

“M-Mom?” I said slowly. She gasped and turned to my. She broke into tears once again.

“Oh darling!” she exclaimed and flung her arms at me, locking me into a tight embrace.

“You okay now dear?” she gently asked me.

I nodded, crying a bit. “I’m fine mom. I’m just really scared”.

I heard the door knock and my mom slowly let me go. She wiped her tears and finally started to smile a bit.

A familiar face entered the room. It was a man with short brown hair, blue eyes and a familiar yellow Livestrong wristband on his left hand.

It was my dad.

He sighed and hugged me tightly. He looked so relieved to see me finally awake. “You’re fine now. No one’s going to hurt you”, he said quietly.

I was finally calm now. My family was the best cure for any sad and scared feeling that I had. The door clicked open again, and I saw Kristoph slowly enter the room.

He gasped when he saw me, then he broke into tears and ran towards me. My dad let go of me, allowing my baby brother to hug me.

“I… I thought you were dead… You wouldn’t wake up… I was s-s-so sad”, he sniffed.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry for making you worry”, I said gently to him while stroking his brown hair. He let go of me after a few minutes.

“By the way, how long was I out?” I asked.

“You were out for about three hours now. We panicked when we saw blood on your head. Thankfully, it wasn’t that serious. It was just a little blood loss, that’s all”, my dad answered.

Wait. Oh. So that’s what happened. The jerk hit my head. But what happened to Danny and Harry?

“Dad, are Danny and Harry okay?” I asked him.

“They’re fine but Danny’s nose bled”, he replied.

“What?? Why?? What happened to him??”

“He tried to pull off that scoundrel from you when he hit your head. His nose got punched in the process”.

“Aw… Oh my… How about Harry?”

“He’s fine. Just a sprained ankle”.

“What?? How come?”

“Don’t get mad okay? I’m going to tell you the truth”.

“Okay dad”.

“Well, you see… He tried to carry you when the ambulance came. But I guess you were too heavy. He tried his best to carry you, but he lost his balance due to your weight. So he got his ankle sprained. Don’t worry, they’re both in better condition now”.

I felt like really crying now. Danny and Harry got hurt because of me… I know it’s not really my fault, but I wouldn’t want these two to ever get hurt.

Suddenly, the creep came back to my mind. I nearly forgot about him.

“What happened to the guy who hit me?” I asked him.

“He’s in police custody now. You guys are lucky Tom’s bodyguards came”.

“Yes. You were still unconscious. Tom was just driving pass you and he happened to see the incident. He came in time too, the guy was about to fire his gun”.

Oh my gosh… I definitely have to thank Tom, he’s done so much for me.

Suddenly, the door opened again and a nurse came in.

“Excuse me. Dr. Stewart? Your patient is ready for his check-up now. He’s waiting upstairs. Mrs. Stewart, you’re called to report to the Emergency Room. A mother’s giving birth”, she reported.

My parents immediately stood up and nodded. The nurse went away.

“Well honey, we have to go now. Come on Kristoph, come with mommy. We’ll come back later. Sleep for a while”, my mom told me after kissing my forehead gently. Kristoph smiled at me and waved goodbye.

“Rest okay? You need it”, my dad said, smiling as well. I nodded, smiling back.

When they left, I closed my eyes and began to breathe slowly. After that, I fell asleep.

Suddenly, I heard someone laugh a bit. What’s funny? Then, something weird was going on. Someone was pinching my cheeks.

“Dougie! Stop it for Pete’s sake. She’s sleeping”, I heard Jessica say.

“Aw Jess. Come on. She looks really funny. You can’t deny that she looks funny”, Dougie explained. The pinching finally stopped. Thank God.

”Wait… You’re right. Let me have a go”, Jessica suddenly said, and began pinching my cheeks as well. She began chuckling.

“I’ll get a camera!” Dougie snickered.

Okay. Time to wake up. I wasn’t about to let them take a goofy picture of me.

I sat up. I narrowed my eyes at the two. They only laughed.

“Aw… Why’d you have to wake up?” Dougie whined, chuckling a bit.

“Duh. I wasn’t about to let you guys make a fool out of me”, I replied, smiling.

These two were really whacky, but I’m glad that they’re here anyway. At least my day would seem a whole lot brighter despite what’s happened.

The door opened again to reveal three figures coming in. I gasped when I saw them.

Danny’s nose had a bandage on it. Harry was wearing shorts that were a few inches below his knee and he wore slippers I could see that a bandage was wrapped around his left ankle. Tom was also hear, smiling a bit at me.

“Hey, you’re up”, Danny exclaimed, looking positively cheerful despite his nose injury.

“Yeah. Glad to see that you’re fine now”, Harry added, trying to look enthusiastic even if his leg was killing him.

I couldn’t take this. This was too much. They were trying so hard to be cheerful, even if the pain was too much.

Before I could stop myself, my eyes were already brimming with tears.

Danny and Harry rushed to me, looking worried once more. I saw Harry wince a bit when he started to walk, but he just shrugged it off.

“Aw Anthea… Don’t cry. Don’t cry”, Danny comforted me. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe the tears from my eyes.

“It’s alright. It’s not your fault, really”, Harry said as he held my hand.

“I… I… I just can’t… Aw. I feel like it’s my fault that you guys hurt”, I sobbed a bit.

They suddenly laughed out loud.

“Really Anthea, this is nothing. We’ve been through worse”, Harry assured me.

“Yeah. You don’t need to worry, seriously. And we’d do anything to keep you safe. All you have to worry about now is your health”, Danny added, smiling.

I sniffed and tried to control my tears. I guess crying wouldn’t do anything. I finally calmed down, and the tears finally stopped.

I rubbed my eye and smiled a bit. Danny and Harry were beaming at me. I’m glad I finally calmed down, at least I felt so much better now.

Suddenly, I hiccupped. Everyone was silent. Dougie was silently snickering at me.

“Hic-hic! Oh man. I have the hiccups. Hic-hic”, I said in between hiccups. Tom handed me a bottle of water.

“Thanks Tom. Thanks Tom, for everything. You really saved my neck. I really owe you one”, I said to him, my voice filled with gratitude.

“It’s okay Anthea. Anything for you”, he replied sweetly.

I drained the whole bottle in a few gulps. That managed to cure my hiccups. They were all smiling at me. I loved this feeling. Nothing was better than this.

A rapping noise suddenly came from the window. I was so shocked that I fell from my bed.

I didn’t fall to the ground though, because Danny managed to catch me before I could hit the floor.

I looked at him, he was chuckling at me. His blue eyes looked so enchanting right now. My heart felt like it was sprinting.

Whenever I really looked into Danny’s eyes, I couldn’t help but feel so warm and safe. With him, I felt like I shouldn’t be so scared now.

“Slow down. It’s just a robin”, he grinned. I looked at the window. Oh yeah, there was a robin pecking at the window. I guess I was just really jumpy.

Danny carried me back to the bed, gently lowering me down.

“Thanks Danny”, I told him.

The door opened again. Who could it be this time?

This time, my mom entered the room. Everyone moved away, making way for her to come to me.

“Hey dear. Your dad and I were just talking. It’s just not safe anymore. We’re already going to pick you up from school. We’re also going to drive you there. But we’re busy sometimes. We were wondering, do you know someone who could walk you to school?” she asked.

I thought about it. I guess it was a good idea. No way was I letting that incident happen again. Maybe Danny would walk me to school.

The next thing that happened shocked me though.

“I’ll walk her to school Mrs. Stewart”, a voice said, raising his hand.

We all turned to see who it was. I was so surprised. Dougie was the one who volunteered.

“Dougie? Really?” I asked in disbelief. If I knew, he grabbed this opportunity to bug me everyday. Well, what could I do? At least someone was with me whenever I go to school.

“Yeah. Really. I’d be more than happy to”, he replied, grinning widely.
“Thanks Dougie. Well, I have to dash. Bye now. Anthea, I’ll come back for you” my mom said and bade me goodbye.

After that, the rest of them had to go too. They all waved goodbye. Dougie winked at me as he left, I only grinned.

Danny was the last to leave the room.

“Danny, you’re still here?” I asked him.

“Well… I suddenly thought of something. I still have to treat you to a sundae”, he answered.

Oh yeah. I nearly forgot about that.

“So… Just tell me when okay? It’s not like it’s going to be a date or anything. I lost a bet. And… It could be fun”, he said, blushing a bit.

How could I say no? It was Danny after all.

“Sure Danny. I’d love to”, I replied, smiling warmly.

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All About You___ Take 21

Post  anika on Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:34 pm


I finally came out of the hospital after a few days. There wasn’t anything serious about my injuries anyway.

I had to be absent from school for the whole week. Danny stopped by every afternoon to tell me the homework and the lessons. He was really patient with me. My parents definitely liked him a lot. Even Kristoph liked him. The two were always playing.

Everything was pretty much back to normal. Kyle, Evangeline and Jenny also visited me once in a while. They were so worried when they heard about what happened to me. But I assured them that I was perfectly fine.

Today was a sunny Saturday morning. I was combing my hair in front of the mirror.

I looked at my outfit. It seemed perfectly fine to me. I was wearing a brown and a pair of jeans. I began powdering my face.

Danny and I decided to go out for sundae today. I was definitely craving for the stuff right about now.

I was finally satisfied with my appearance. I decided to go down stairs.

Kristoph was in the living room, lying on his belly. He was watching tv.

My parents were in the dining room, reading newspapers.

I sat down on the sofa, waiting for Danny.

Finally, there was a knocking on the door. I opened it to see a Danny grinning outside.

He was wearing a blue shirt and a pair of loose jeans. He looked quite handsome today.

“You ready to go?” he asked me.

“Totally. Bye mom! Bye dad! Bye Kristoph!” I called before we went away. They all waved goodbye to me.

We walked along pavement. I just realized now that I haven’t been riding on buses or taxis. I guess I got used to walking.

“By the way Danny, where exactly are we going to eat?” I asked him.

I was really curious. After all, I was pretty hungry now.

“Oh. We’re going to eat in Ice Cream Monster”, he replied.

I suddenly began to jump and skip happily.

“Oh my gosh! Really? Ice Cream Monster? Oh my gosh Danny! You picked the perfect place!” I exclaimed to him. I was so happy, I really wanted to eat in that joint. I just never had the chance.

My day was so much brighter now. it seemed super perfect.

“Hey, slow down. You really love ice cream that much?” Danny chuckled.

“Sorry. I just miss the stuff so much”, I replied, grinning.

“Haha. Oh my gosh. You’ve got something on your nose”, he chuckled.

Oh man. Not again. I can’t believe I got ice cream on my nose once again.

I wiped it with a tissue on the table and grinned widely at him.

We were at the mall already eating at the Ice Cream Monster.

Danny had barely touched his sundae but I was already pigging out.

He finally dug a spoon onto his sundae and began eating his ice cream.

“Wait. Watch this”, he said. He got the cherry from his sundae popped it into his mouth. He began to move the cherry inside his mouth.

Oh. I get it now. He was trying to tie a knot with the cherry. I don’t know if he could manage it though.

Much to my surprise, he stuck out his tongue and there lay the cherry in a perfect knot.

“Oh my gosh Danny! You tied that in less than a minute!” I said. That was really impressive.

Now I know another fact about Danny. He was a great kisser.

“Nah. Not really”, he replied, a bit embarrassed.

We finally finished eating our sundae. I was really full now.

“You wanna roam around a bit?” he asked me.

I nodded.

We roamed around the mall. Danny seemed to love being in the record bar. I guess he just loved music so much.

We were eating corn by now. All of a sudden a guy in a pink shirt began fussing in front of us.

“Where are the models?!?! Carrie!! Carrie!! What happened to Jill and Tyler??” he was yelling over the phone.

We both stared at him.

“Someone’s not in a good mood today”, Danny whispered to me.

The guy began to yell again. Gosh he was really in distress now. I kind of pitied him. He seems so stressed out. I managed to figure out that his models haven’t showed yet.

He sighed and put the phone in his pocket. He turned around to face us. After that, his eyes began to widen and sparkle.

“You two!! You’re perfect!!!” he exclaimed all of a sudden.

Danny and I exchanged expressions. Was he pointing at us?

“You talking to us?” Danny asked him.

“Yes!! Yes!! You two! Come with me!” the man replied, dragging us by holding our hands.

“Wait! What’re we going to do?” I asked the man. Okay. What was going on? Why were we being dragged away?

“Keep quiet! Monique! The models are here! Well… Not real models, but they’ll be perfect. It’s time to fix them up!” he said to his phone again.

Oh dear. What’s happening? Just what exactly were we going to wear? We’re going to be models?

I sat on the chair, looking at my poofy dress.

I can’t believe I’m wearing a wedding gown.

It turns out that this guy was a designer for wedding wardrobes. There was supposed to be a photo shoot for his designs today. But the models never showed up. No wonder he was panicking.

So, Danny and I were the replacements. I personally didn’t mind at all. I’ve always envied the brides walking down the aisle, wearing their gorgeous gowns as the eyes of the crowd were on them.

Danny was still being fixed up in the other room. We were in a photo studio. The man promised to pay us when all of this was over. I wasn’t after the money. I just loved getting the chance to wear a lovely gown like this.

Finally, someone entered the room. It was a girl.

“It’s time to go now”, she told me.

I nodded and stood up. It was really lucky that the gown perfectly fit me.

It was a rather cute though simple gown. It was a tube with a ribbon tied around my waist. The material was really soft and the color of white was impeccable.

I haven’t seen myself in the mirror, but judging by the gown, I knew I looked pretty good. Well, all credits go to the gown.

I got out of the powdering room and into the photo studio. There were lights, props and a lot of chairs. There were a few photographers in the room. It was a pretty big and nice studio. I saw a door to my left. I think that’s where Danny freshened up.

The door to my left opened, and revealed a breath-taking sight.

Danny was wearing a really nice suit. The color of black was sleek and very appropriate. The suit fit his body perfectly. In fact, it managed to make him look so fit.

I saw his face, and he was really handsome. His bangs were nowhere to be found. I guess they combed it away. He seemed different, but extremely handsome. I could now see his blue eyes without his bangs in the way. Gosh I loved his eyes!

He suddenly looked at me and grinned, showing his perfect teeth.

I was probably melting inside. Danny looked positively charming. My heart skipped a beat.

He walked over to me.

“You look really beautiful in that gown. It suits you”, he complimented me.

“You don’t look so bad yourself. You look amazing”, I replied. I was blushing a bit after his compliment. He was simply too sweet.

Finally, the designer entered the room.

“Okay! Okay! Let’s start people!” he called to the people on the set. The crew nodded and began going to their places. He looked at us, and smiled widely.

“Oh my! You two look heavenly. You’re just like a married couple!” he exclaimed.

Danny and I exchanged expressions and blushed.

“Okay! Let’s start!” the designer announced.

The photo shoot went okay. The designer seemed really happy with our poses, even if we never had any experience in modeling. He said that we were naturals.

“Okay, okay. You two are absolutely fabulous! I just need one really sweet picture. You boy! Yes, you! Kiss the bride on the cheek!” he commanded Danny.

At first Danny looked surprised, but he decided to obey instead. After all, there was nothing he could do.

So, he went near me. He bent his head and kissed my right cheek.

The photographers began snapping shots with their ultra-cool cameras.

I was really red now. Danny’s kiss on my cheek was so soft and gentle. It also made me feel weightless.

“Perfect! The bride is doing well too! Keep on blushing!” the designer said excitedly.

Oh man. I was that red?

After a couple more shots, the photo shoot was over.

Danny smiled at me when it was all over. He seemed a tad bit red too.

We decided to change back into our clothes. I headed for the changing room.

The gown was hard to get off, but I managed in the end after constant struggles.

I put on my tee and pair of jeans again. Someone knocked on the door. I carefully placed the gown on a rack. I wasn’t about to have it torn, even in the slightest bit.

“Come in” I finally said.

A woman with curly brown hair wearing a blue blouse and skirt came in. I recognized her. She was one of the persons who were on the set a while ago.

“You okay now dear? We’d just like to thank you for filling in for our models. We’re terribly sorry though that we had to interrupt your date with your boyfriend”, she said to me.

Woah. They thought that Danny was my boyfriend?

I laughed a bit.

“Oh no. He’s not my boyfriend. We’re just really good friends”, I explained hurriedly.

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All About You___ Take 22 chapter 25 part 2

Post  anika on Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:36 pm

The woman looked shocked, as if the whole world had turned upside down. “Really?? But you guys look perfect together! Aw… That’s a shame. But seriously, you guys really do look like a married couple”.

I really blushed now. I never thought that Danny and I actually looked good together. Jessica once told me, but I didn’t believe her.

But now, I’m not so sure anymore. I thought I really liked Harry, but I’m feeling something for Danny too. And it’s surprisingly different from what I feel for Harry.

“Oh yes. Before I forget, Paul wants to see you guys”, she told me.

“Okay. Who’s Paul?” I asked her.

“The designer of course”.

We met up with Paul. Danny had already changed back to his normal clothes. Paul was thanking us so much. He was actually a nice guy once he calmed down. He gave us fifty dollars each.

He also remarked on how Danny and I looked so good together. Danny and I could only blush. He was also quite surprised to find out that we were just friends.

“You two are just perfect together. I’m shocked you aren’t together”, he gushed.

We only laughed, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Suddenly, a woman gave a long brown envelope to Paul. He thanked the woman and pulled out the contents of the envelope. They were the photos of our shoot.

Paul examined the photos and smiled brightly. “These are perfect! My gowns and suits are sure to sell. Thank you guys so much. What’s your name?” he turned to me.

“I’m Anthea Stewart”, I answered politely.

“How about you?” he asked Danny.

“I’m Danny Jones” Danny replied.

“Oh okay. Anyway, Danny, Anthea, to show you my immense gratitude, I’m going to give each of you some photos. I have enough anyway”, Paul told us and handed us each the same photograph.

Danny took his and carefully held it so I could see it as well.

The picture shocked me a bit.

It was the shot when Danny kissed my cheek. I had to admit, it did really look like a sweet picture.

I could feel my cheeks burning.

“Not so bad, it’s pretty nice” Danny remarked, grinning at me.

I smiled too. “I guess so. I’ll definitely keep this”. I looked at my copy as well.

“Thanks” Danny told Paul.

“And if you guys need me for designing, here’s my card. I owe you guys one” Paul said handing me a card.

“Thanks a lot Paul” I told him.

“No biggie. I have to go now. Bye”, Paul said and walked out of the studio.

Danny and I exited the studio. We eventually got out of the mall too. This time, we took a taxi going home. We were pretty tired from the shoot.

“The pictures don’t look so bad you know”, Danny told me.

“Yup. You make a handsome groom Danny”, I complimented him.

“Thanks, and you make a really charming bride”, Danny replied.

We finally arrived at my house. Danny insisted on paying for the cab. I thanked him, it was a sweet gesture. I went up to my room and placed the photograph in a frame. That was a picture I was definitely going to keep.

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  kaisthelimit on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:16 pm

this is really sweet.
danny oh my gosh. 8D

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  Kerstien on Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:16 pm

awww.... that was really cute!

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  maia 8D on Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:35 pm


I WANNA GET MARRIED TO DANNY TOO! RAWR. Anthea gets all the luck. Neutral

Wow. Through out the whole story, i felt like i was anthea. But now I'm back to reality. Rawr. I wanna go back. Sad

Suddenly, Danny stopped walking. He turned to me. I looked at him. He hugged me. I gasped, but relaxed. I hugged him back. He began stroking my hair gently.

“Aw Anthea. You shouldn’t be scared. No one’s going to hurt you as long as I’m here. I promise to keep you safe”.

*DEAD* dead

“He’s in police custody now. You guys are lucky Tom’s bodyguards came”.

Haha. I can imagine Tom standing in front of two huge guys in black suits with black shades, and Tom snapping, making the dudes in black walk past him and to the creep. XDD

Much to my surprise, he stuck out his tongue and there lay the cherry in a perfect knot.

Haha. When I read that line, I was just 'OHHHH. So he's a great kisser, no?' XDDD
maia 8D

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All About You___ Take 23

Post  anika on Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:57 am


“Dougie, give me back my fountain pen”, I whined, tugging on Dougie’s shirt.

He laughed and stuck out his tongue. “Nope. Dance first”.

I kept on tugging his shirt. He really wouldn’t budge. He absolutely thinks that teasing me is such an enjoyable hobby.

An idea suddenly came into my mind. Maybe he might give my pen back if I do this.

“Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Douggiieeee”, I pleaded him, tugging on his shirt violently.

“Okay! Just quit tugging on my shirt!” he finally gave in and handed back my fountain pen.

I grinned widely when he gave it back. It worked. The best way to get back your stuff from someone is to bug him until he gives it back. It’s very effective. With Dougie, it works like a charm.

Today, I was going back to school. My parents couldn’t drive me to school today, so Dougie had to walk me there. I asked Jessica if she was bothered by the fact that Dougie was going to walk me to school practically all the time now.

She laughed, as if I said that pigs could fly.

“Really Anthea, I don’t mind. Good luck with Dougie though, he might bother you all the time” she warned me, laughing a bit on the phone as I talked to her the other day.

Well, Dougie was acting really childish now. I don’t mind though. At least I wasn’t bored. He made my morning pretty fun.

“You know, Danny’s Irish cousins are coming over today”, Dougie suddenly said.

What? Danny’s Irish cousins are coming over? This is fantastic!

“Really? That’s great! I’d love to meet them!” I said excitedly.

Danny was pretty much a sweetheart, so I guess that his cousins were going to be just as sweet as he is.

“The cousins of Danny, are they boys?” I asked Dougie.

I wondered how that would look like, a few mini Dannys. Aw… That would be a really sweet sight.

“Nope. They’re two girls. They’re Nicole and Pamela”, he answered.

Oh. Girls. I bet they’ll be sugary sweet and cute.

“Do they come here often?” I inquired.

“Yeah. Loads of times. They’re just our age. They come here every year since Danny was in the second grade”, he replied.

“Oh. I see. They’re nice right?”

“Kinda. Pamela’s the really sweet one. Nicole’s nice but she can be mean if she hates the person”.

“Really? That’s weird”.

“Haha. Well, I thought you might think that. After all, Danny is a pretty nice guy”.

Yup. I had to agree. Danny was the sweetest guy around.

Nevertheless, I still felt excited to meet Danny’s cousins; especially Pamela. Dougie seemed so excited when he described her.

We finally reached school. I thanked Dougie when we had to go to our respective classrooms.

Our first period for today was English. Mrs. Hopkins said that we were going to discuss our project today. I wonder what it was though.

“Okay class. For your class project, you will all present the play ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in front of the grade school children of Orangeberry Academy” Mrs. Hopkins announced.

Woah. So this was our class project: a play.

“Danny, do you guys usually do this?” I asked Danny.

“Yup. It’s pretty normal. Last year we did ‘Cinderella’”, he answered.

I nodded. “So what was your part?”

“The Prince”.

“Really Danny? That’s amazing! I would’ve loved to see you! I bet you looked really dashing. Wow. Danny played a Prince. I wish I could’ve seen him.

Danny blushed a bit.

“Nah. Not really”, he replied, pretty embarrassed.

“This year, Danny’s the Prince. Again”, Mrs. Hopkins announced.

The whole class smiled. I guess they weren’t that surprised. I was excited to see who the Princess would be.

“And for the role of Princess Aurora… A lot of teachers recommended… You Anthea”, Mrs. Hopkins grinned at me.

The world suddenly felt like it crashed down on me.

I was going to play Princess Aurora?? I was only new here. Can I really handle a big role like this?

“OH!! No… No… No… I can’t do this” I protested.

I was so not going to act in front of a massive audience.

“Come on Anthea. Why not? You were great when we did a mini-play of Romeo and Juliet. You were a fantastic Juliet” Mrs. Hopkins insisted.

The whole class began to join in.

“Yeah Anthea. You’d be perfect”.

“Come on Anthea, you’ll do fine”.

“It would be a waste if you didn’t”.

Everyone was insisting that I play the role. Anthea, Anthea, Anthea. The voices were all messing up in my head.

“Okay. Fine”, I finally gave in. when everyone was insisting so hard, I just had to give in. Well, it’s okay I guess. It IS for the benefit of the class after all. This was no time to be selfish. Besides, I guess they wouldn’t insist so much if they didn’t trust me.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt. I was with Danny after all for rehearsals.

“Alright. That’s settled. You and Danny start rehearsing tomorrow. Jessica? You’re done with the script?” Mrs. Hopkins asked. Jessica stood up from her seat, holding a script.

“Jessica? You write? I whispered to her as she passed by.

“Yup I do”, she whispered back, grinning.

She handed the script to Mrs. Hopkins.

“Thank you Jessica. I’ll have this checked. Now, we proceed to our lesson”, Mrs. Hopkins continued.

The day flew by quickly as always. Everything seemed so fast. Harry, Tom and Harry seemed so happy when they found out that I got the lead role. They were so supportive.

I still couldn’t believe that I was going to play the role of Princess Aurora. I don’t know if I’m going to like it.

I’ll just see how things turn out tomorrow.

“Danny, your cousins are coming over here later?” I asked Danny as we walked around school a bit. Classes were over, so we were going home now.

“Yup. Who told you that?” he asked.

“Dougie told me”, I said, pointing to Dougie who was just behind us.

“I can’t wait to meet Nicole again”, Tom said excitedly while walking alongside us.

Danny snorted. “Really? I thought you said she could be pretty mean at times”.

Tom shrugged. “That was before. We chatted on the internet last week. She was nice for a change.”

“Well, I really wanna see Pamela. She’s really nice and fun”, Dougie joined in.

“Aw… Pamela. She’s an unforgettable one”, Harry said as he walked beside Tom.

We were all walking towards home. I was pretty excited to meet Danny’s cousins. I’m a little scared of Nicole but hopefully, she’ll be nice to me.

While we were walking towards the gates, I saw two red-haired ladies just outside. They both had green eyes and full lips. One wore a yellow shirt and jeans and the other wore a pink tee and a skirt. They looked exactly the same. I guess they were twins. They both looked really pretty.

Suddenly, the one in the pink shirt began to look excited. She whispered something to her twin and began entering our school.

Then the one in the pink outfit began running towards our direction.

Oh no. What the heck is this girl doing anyway? Why’s she running towards us?

I turned to look at Danny, and saw that he was surprised. Then he grinned and ran towards the girl too.

Danny hugged the girl when they met. The girl was grinning so widely. She was even giggling.

Who was she?

“Danny! It’s so nice to meet you cousin!!” the girl exclaimed happily.

Oh my gosh! It was one of Danny’s Irish cousins! I guess this was Pamela.

“It’s great to see you too Pamela”, Danny replied warmly as Pamela let go of him.

Aw… They looked so cute together.

The other cousin, Nicole, approached them. She didn’t hug Danny, she only smiled warmly.

“Hey Danny”, Nicole greeted him.

“Hi Nicole. It’s great seeing you”, Danny replied.

Danny was grinning widely when he turned to me. He seemed so happy now.

“Anthea, these are my cousins Nicole and Pamela”, Danny introduced them to me.

“Hi guys. I’m glad I can finally see you”, I told them enthusiastically. This was all so lovely.

To my surprise, Pamela hugged me tightly. Gosh she was so friendly.

“Oh my gosh!! You’re Anthea?? I’m super duper happy to meet you! Danny talks about you all the time!!” she gushed.

I could see Danny turn a bit red. I laughed. I never knew he actually talked about me.

“Sorry, my sister’s pretty perky. I’m Nicole by the way”, Nicole said, smiling at me. I grinned back.

Nicole wasn’t so bad. I don’t know why they were saying that she was mean. She seemed so sweet.

“Pameellaaaaaaaa!!!” Dougie called.

Pamela turned and grinned widely. She ran to Dougie and hugged him tightly.

“Dougie!! It’s so nice to see you!!” she exclaimed.

“It’s great to see you too!” Dougie replied, grinning.

The two looked so cute. They looked like they were really close friends.

After that, Tom and Harry came as well. It was obvious that everyone loved Pamela. She was friendly after all. Tom seemed to really like Nicole too.

After chatting a bit, we all went home. Pamela hugged me tightly again and Nicole waved goodbye.

This time, Danny walked me back home. Dougie wanted to walk Pamela home. He probably missed her so much.

“Danny, your cousins are nice you know”, I told him as we walked home.

“Yeah. I really like them”, Danny replied, laughing.

“I’m pretty nervous about rehearsals tomorrow. I’ll probably mess up”.

“You’ll do fine. Besides, you’ll be with me. No one’s really going to watch us rehearse together. It’s going to be private.”

I sighed, very relieved. That was good. I was only going to be with Danny.

“I can’t believe you’re the Prince Danny! I’d have loved to see you onstage”, I exclaimed.

I really wish I could’ve seen him. He looked handsome in a suit, so he must look dashing in a prince costume.

“Nah. Not really”, Danny blushed, turning very red.

“Danny, don’t be so humble. I know you looked charming”, I grinned.

He kept on blushing, but he grinned.

We finally reached home and I said goodbye to Danny.

I opened the door to my house. As always, Kristoph greeted me. He hugged me tightly. I patted him on the head.

I went to the kitchen to say hello to my parents. I saw that my mom was clutching a bouquet of flowers.

That was sweet. I guess that dad gave those to her. It was very like him.

“Oh Anthea. Perfect timing. These came just for you. Young lady, I didn’t know you had a suitor”, my mom teased.

A suitor? What did she mean?

She gave the bouquet of flowers. They were quite nice actually. Roses, tulips, and cosmos. There was a small note attached to the bouquet. I read what it said:

“Love, Kyle”

I was shocked. Why would Kyle do this? I decided to just go up my room and not think so much about this bizarre twist of events. I placed the flowers on a flower vase on the desk beside my bed.

Maybe it was just a present. Yeah. I just came from the hospital after all. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean anything.

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  kaisthelimit on Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:44 pm

so excited for the play!!!

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  Kerstien on Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:20 pm

So the play would be like Prince Danny kissing Princess Aurora for her to wake up!
PMS! I'm lovin' it!

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  maia 8D on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:31 pm

ahhhhhhh. exciting. Very Happy

irish. cool. Razz

oooooh. the plot thickens!

keep up the good work. Very Happy Approve! clap Rock On!
maia 8D

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  anika on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:35 pm

maia <3 wrote:ahhhhhhh. exciting. Very Happy

irish. cool. Razz

oooooh. the plot thickens!

keep up the good work. Very Happy Approve! clap Rock On!

Thanks! haha. I'm pretty excited to type the next few chapters. The next few are one of my favorite ones. Very Happy

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  anika on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:39 pm

Kerstien wrote:OMG!
So the play would be like Prince Danny kissing Princess Aurora for her to wake up!
PMS! I'm lovin' it!

haha. Ooh. The play would be like that? Um... I dunno. Maybe? haha. Just wait and see. Laughing Laughing

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  maia 8D on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:40 pm

anika wrote:
maia <3 wrote:ahhhhhhh. exciting. Very Happy

irish. cool. Razz

oooooh. the plot thickens!

keep up the good work. Very Happy Approve! clap Rock On!

Thanks! haha. I'm pretty excited to type the next few chapters. The next few are one of my favorite ones. Very Happy

oooooh. sounds promising. Razz YAY.
maia 8D

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

Post  anika on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:46 pm

haha. Thanks thanks. I've always wanted Irish cousins. One's perky and one's calm. hahaha. Actually, Pamela and Nicole are real people. They're my classmates and they forced me to put them in my fan fic. That's why they're there. haha. Pamela's really perky in real life. Very Happy

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Re: All About You____ :] Updated again April 11 FINISHED =)

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