Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 20, 2009 1:38 am

^ hahaha. sure, sure. I'm still loyal. OOPS. someone called mcfly a busted wannabe. mouth taped mouth taped

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 20, 2009 7:00 pm


I will strangle the one who signed me up for the Dance Club. I couldn’t wait to wring that person’s neck!

I do not dance!

Do I look like a dancer? Certainly not!

I finally arrived at the classroom, fuming. Trisha and Marie told me that they had no idea who signed me up for that club.

No worries. I’ll ask Miss Pilly who did the crime. She was bound to know.

Then I will seriously suffocate that person.

I was sitting at my desk now. Trisha and Marie had to go to their own classrooms now since we weren’t classmates. I held my pencil, twirling it in my fingers. A frown was on my face.

Finally, Miss Pilly arrived. I could tell since I could hear her bangles which sounded like bells whenever she walked.

I sighed and took a deep breath. I made a beeline for her. I needed to find out who signed me up.

“Miss Pilly, who signed me up for the…?” I asked her, trying to keep a polite smile. Deep inside, I was boiling like a kettle.

I gulped.

“Dance Club?” I continued.

“Oh. Good morning Kyleen. Good that you’re well now. I’m sorry dear but we have no more slots for other clubs. It was such a peculiar choice for you. I never thought you’d ever choose it but it must be a refreshing change,” she smiled as she rearranged her books on the table.

I spotted one entitled ‘How to Boost Your Self-Esteem When the World Is Hating on You.’ Jeez that was plain weird. But now, back to more pressing matters.

“I’m… aware of that. I just wanted to know who signed me up,” I replied, trying my best to pry my eyes away from the book.

“Oh. You must have forgotten with that terrible headache and all. It was Harry. Nice chap, really,” she replied.

My jaw dropped.

Harry? Harry did this?

I could feel my body shake.

I knew it… He signed me up to make fun of me… Everyone knows I can’t dance… He and Danny planned all of this. It was a conspiracy after all. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I trusted him. I thought he was cool for Pete’s sake!

“Um… Thanks Miss Pilly,” I said and turned around.

As I turned around, I came face to face with Harry.

I nearly jumped. Speaking of the devil.

“Hey,” Harry grinned at me.

I frowned at him and went to my desk. He chased after me, his hand was on my shoulder.

“Hey! What did I do?” he asked.

I was really angry now. Was he really playing dumb?

“Wow. Thanks for making fun of me. I’ll be sure to look like a fool at the Dance Club. Thanks a lot Harry,” I said, feeling hurt.

And I did feel hurt. I really thought that he was different. But he’s actually bent on humiliating me.

And to think I thought he was cool.

“But… But…” Harry began to say but he floundered in the end.

I sighed and waved my hand dismissively. “Forget it Harry. I don’t want to talk.”

He wanted to say something but he decided not to. He looked so confused that it seemed very convincing. But it wasn’t convincing enough for me. The look on my face said that I definitely didn’t want to talk to him.

We went back to our seats. I avoided his gaze from time to time and I was upset the whole morning. I never looked at him, and he couldn’t get near me.

I was sitting on the floor now. I still couldn’t believe I was here. I was like an alien here. But if I were one, I definitely didn’t want to stay here. I wanted out.

I was at the Dance Club now, which was a studio on the second floor. Long mirrors lined the walls and bars were everywhere. A large stereo had been set up on one corner. While the rest were chatting with each other, I was busy figuring out a Trigonometry exercise in my head.

Was that sine? Or cosine?

Gosh I’m confused.

Maybe I should ask…

Nah. I’m never going to go back running to him.

He was here too. I would’ve chatted with him too if he hadn’t stabbed me in the back. No doubt he signed up here to see me fall down and look like the little ugly duckling in the fairytale.

I am one hundred percent sure that I would hate this session.

I never did like dancing.

Harry looked at me, an apologetic expression on his face. For a while, I nearly softened. But when I remembered what he did, I stopped myself. I wasn’t about to show mercy now.

Instead, I looked away and pretended that something caught my attention.

The door opened and a woman in a bright (almost blinding) yellow dress entered. She had orange hair and a few freckles dotted her face. She was middle-aged, I supposed. She had a cheerful expression on her face.

I looked at her a bit more carefully. Why did she look so familiar? And why were my memories rewinding way back to my childhood?

She looked around the room, and then she saw my face. A wider smile was on her face.
“Kyleen! I never thought I’d see you here!” she said in an all too familiar voice that rang in my ears.

Everyone looked at me, curious as to what relation I had with this woman.

I suddenly remembered who she was… and it wasn’t good at all…

Oh my gosh!

She was my ballet teacher when I was eight!


Now I hate this session even before it’s started.

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  kaisthelimit on Tue May 26, 2009 10:38 pm

Woohooo another fic!!!
LOL at Danny for being a genius =))
This. This is goooooood. I'm lovin' it (:

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 12:45 pm

kai(: wrote:Woohooo another fic!!!
LOL at Danny for being a genius =))
This. This is goooooood. I'm lovin' it (:

Oh Hi kai! Glad to see you back! Razz
Thanks a lot for reading! Really appreciate it! clap

I've always wanted Danny to be a genius. hahaha. Razz

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 12:47 pm


Mrs. Jasmine was a really sweet lady. But she was just so obsessed about me! It gets kind of freaky at times. She’d always pinch me and say gibberish to me.

It’s okay if I was still a kid, but I probably couldn’t bear the humiliation if she started treating me like a kid.

“You know her, Mrs. Jasmine?” a boy with orange hair asked.

She nodded. “She was my favourite ballerina before. And she was the best in my class!”

Everyone gasped. They were all shocked. Jeez. I was hoping that I’d avoid this.

I turned red.

No one ever knew that I was a ballerina. It was probably the only feminine thing that I did when I was young. I used to love dancing so much. But I’ve buried that memory a long time ago. Only Trisha and Marie knew.

And now Mrs. Jasmine’s dug it up, and in front of a whole class too.

Great. Simply great.

A few were even laughing at me. I only rolled my eyes. Whatever. At least I’m not a flunk-out in ever subject. Stupid blonds. I predict that their group has an eight percent chance of getting into a good college.

Okay. Maybe that was harsh.

Make that eight point five.

“Here! I have a picture of her! Gorgeous little angel,” Mrs. Jasmine said and pulled out a photograph of from her oversized bag.

I froze and my skin pricked.

Oh no!!!! Not that picture!!!

But I was too late, and she pulled out the picture. I felt like I would die of embarrassment.

She flashed an old picture of me in a tutu and a tiara. My hair was curled and I was beaming as the photograph was taken.

Oh dear… I think my nerve cells have just died.

I bowed my head, my cheeks feeling hot.

For a while, I expected everyone to laugh. After all, the picture was so unlike me.

Instead, a few nodded. Some were looking from me to the picture, comparing how different I am now. A few guys seemed transfixed by the picture, especially Harry.

“Well, now that that’s over with, find a partner,” Mrs. Jasmine said as she placed the picture back in her bag.

I was shocked. I didn’t expect them to remain silent. I was waiting for the loud chorus of jeers. Even the mean blonds didn’t say anything.

Wow. I am so lucky.

The whole place was a bit chaotic now as everyone searched for their partner. I leaned against a wall, waiting for the crowd to disperse.

I guess I’ll be paired up with the pairless.

To my surprise, Harry approached me. He was inching slowly towards me. “I’ll be your partner.”

I moved away. I wasn’t in the mood. “Sorry Harry… I really don’t want to talk.”

He suddenly smiled. “Oh yes you will.”

He pulled out something from his pocket and I gasped as I saw it.

Oh my gosh!! He got my Superman keychain!

“Now will you dance with me?” he asked as the keychain dangled from his finger.

Oooh… I couldn’t do anything! That was my precious keychain! I’ve had that for eight years now!

Uuurggh…. He’s a sly one.

“Fine,” I resigned, holding up my arms.

Mrs. Jasmine made us do the waltz. I felt a bit uncomfortable as Harry placed his hand on my waist. But he was nice and he asked me if I was okay with it.

“You looked pretty in the photo you know,” Harry smiled.

“Really?” I asked.

I thought that I just looked plain odd. I never thought that I looked pretty. My cheeks flushed a bit. I wasn’t used to receiving compliments from boys.

Was that why everyone was silent?

I suddenly began to feel my old love for dancing.

Okay. So I lied.

I used to love dancing. But I gave up on it.

Now I don’t know why I abandoned it. I feel like a fool.

After the session was done, I felt pretty much good. In fact, I’ve even forgiven Harry. I felt like I was eight again, and it’s a wonderful feeling. And it’s hard to believe, but I missed slipping on that tutu and those ballet shoes. It felt wonderful to free my caged body and just let it bend to the music.

We were about to go home now. I picked up my bag, slung it over my shoulder and walked outside. I passed by Harry. He was still fixing his bag. I poked him and laughed. He looked up.

“Thanks for signing me up,” I grinned and walked away.

‘She’s cute’, Harry thought as Kyleen was outside.

He tied his shoes and got his bag. He realized he still held the Superman keychain hostage.

Oh well. He’ll have other uses for it.

After seeing her ballet picture, he was more determined now than ever to start changing her back into a girl. It was a shame. She was very pretty.

He kind of felt annoyed though why he cared so much about her. Was it love? Nah. He’s just concerned.

Or at least, that’s what he thought.

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 12:47 pm


I was at the laundry now, waiting to claim my clothes. My fingers drummed the desk while my other hand was propped under my chin. I could hear the mechanical sounds of the machines and a few kids protesting. Well, this wasn’t exactly the best hang-out for kids. Even I wouldn’t go here. It’s just so dreadfully boring.

I let out a yawn.

Oh gosh. I shouldn’t have stayed up all night. But that was for a good, educational purpose. Excellent documentaries about Egypt don’t come very often.

The lady at the counter was taking an awful time getting my laundry… Nothing. I just noticed.

“Here’s your laundry,” she said, hauling my pants in a blue plastic and placing it on the counter.

Thank God! She took an eternity for a two-minute task!

I grabbed the laundry and headed out when I bumped into Harry. He blinked as he saw me. He was holding his laundry in his hands as well.

“Oh. Hi Harry!” I said, feeling a bit surprised.

Who would have thought we’d bump into each other at the laundry?

“Hey. What’re you doing here?” he grinned at me.

I chuckled and hit him with my laundry. “Getting my laundry of course!”


“But… Those aren’t your size…” he said as he peered into my plastic bag.

“Well… I never liked tight pants. So I got these from the men’s section,” I replied.

“Let me see the size.”

He looked at the tags of one of my pants. His eyes widened.

“Jeez! These are only two sizes smaller than mine!” Harry exclaimed.

I shrugged. “Well, it’s comfy. I use a belt. Thank God I got these. These are the only pants that I have. I usually wear walking shorts, you know?”

“Oh. Those are your only pants?”


“I see…”

I eyed him. Something was going on in his head.

“Why don’t you get new pants? Pants that actually fit you?” Harry asked.

I made a face. “Eeew! No way Jose!”

“Well, didn’t your mom buy you any set of pants that fit you?”

“I chucked those out.”


“Yup. Then I got my cousin Ralph’s pants.”

“Jeez Kyleen. You’re a weird one.”

I chuckled. “Well… That’s it. Plus I insisted my mom that the only time she’ll buy me new clothes is when I run out of my old ones. Which’ll never happen because these are still good.” I waved the plastic bag at him.

He nodded. “Oh… I see.”

I smiled.

All of a sudden, I felt the urge to run to the comfort room. I wanted to pee so badly. Darn it. I knew I shouldn’t have drunk all of those Minute Maid bottles this morning.

I placed my laundry on the floor. “Harry, I need to go pee. I’ll… leave this here. And… I really need to go.”

I practically ran at record time as I searched for the comfort room. If I couldn’t let it out, I’d probably pee on the spot.

When nature calls, I needed to act fast.

Harry was laughing as he saw me zoom away. I looked so funny to him. He even thought that I was more entertaining than his Ipod.

I don’t know if I could ever take that as an insult or as a compliment.

Harry looked at the plastic bag beside him. The whirring of machines was practically bouncing off the walls now.

He had never met anyone like Kyleen before. What kind of girl wears oversized pants?

Make that pretty girl too.

He began to set himself deep in thoughts. Certainly these are no clothes for a girl, for any girl.

She should be wearing skirts. And her hair should be cut shorter. Maybe a bit of make-up would do her good as well. Some spray would do nice as well.

Harry stopped in his thoughts and slapped his head, feeling silly.

‘Jeez. I’m like her mother,’ he thought.

But still, new and proper clothes would do her a great deal of good.

These are her only pairs of pants… So…

He counted the number of pants in her laundry.


That’s the exact number of pants that he had in his own set of laundry.

He looked at his own set of pants. They were practically the same as Kyleen’s. No doubt that they had bought it from the same section.

He suddenly had an idea. He was lucky today. It might be risky, but he hoped that he’d get the results that he wanted.

Slowly, very slowly, he switched their laundry. The plastic bags were the same, so it would not have made any difference.


If this doesn’t compel her to buy new clothes, he didn’t know what would.

Maybe his simple dream of seeing her in a skirt would actually come true. It’s not like he was perverted or anything, he just thought that she would look positively lovely in one.

No one seemed to notice what he did. The lady at the counter was too bored to be totally aware of the place. Jeez. The place bores even the employees who work here.

Good. Things might actually work out for him.

I went out of the comfort room, feeling oh so relieved.

Never will I drink that much Minute Maid ever again. I might slowly kill my kidneys and I could never see my future children grow up.

In fact, it’s taken me about twenty minutes in that comfort room. The tissue was jammed and I had to practically bang on the dispenser to get it. That consumed most of my time.

Or at least I think that’s the main factor.

As I entered the place, I saw Harry humming a tune to himself.

“Harry!” I grinned as I approached him.

He turned around and smiled. “Oh. Hey. You took your time.”

“Tissue was jammed. I had to destroy the dispenser.”

He chuckled. “Really?”

“Yes! Really!”

“Oh… Cool I guess?”

He gave off a nervous laugh. I raised an eyebrow. He was acting weird.

He beamed. “Well, I’ve got to get going now. See you.” He picked up his set of laundry, waved at me, and walked away.

I smiled. “Bye Harry. See you tomorrow at the tutoring center.”

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 12:48 pm


I pulled my pants which were constantly slipping down. I slid the belt on and fastened it.

Please pull up.

I straightened my pose, waiting for my pants to hold up. For a few seconds, it did. All of a sudden, it slowly slid down once more and I pulled them up.

Oh gosh. These certainly weren’t wearable at all. My underwear would be exposed if I went around marauding these.

For some reason, all of my pants that I got yesterday have enlarged. Sure I already had baggy pants before, but at least a belt could hold them. But now, the belt was rendered useless. It was just too loose.

And this was already the last pair that I had.

Were they really the ones that I got from the laundry yesterday? I got the six back. They looked the same… I knew I had the right one. I just knew I did.

But they’ve magically grown.

Maybe a dwarf snuck in last night… or a fairy decided to stir about some mischief and I was unfortunate enough to be the victim…

Uugh! I’m making conclusions based on fantasy.

I guess the machines did this. Jeez. It’s caused so much trouble.

I don’t have any other pants left…

All that was left were my skirts… so that means…

I gulped. I cringed at the thought.

Oh no. Not those skirts. Never. Nuh-uh. No way.

Mom knocked on the door, nearly making me jump. “Honey, everything okay?”

“Moom… My pants are too loose…” I moaned, sitting on my bed.

The door clicked open and mom entered my room. She was wearing an apron and I saw a few stains on it. Maybe strawberry jam. She sat down beside me and held a pair of pants before her. They were nearly as big as my curtains, I realized.

“This is big. You should really get new clothes,” she frowned but I could tell that she was happy inside. She’s been dying to get me new clothes. I know. Last week, she gave me different magazines that showcased the latest trends. Maybe she hoped that I’d get interested. Then I’d come up to her and say ‘Mom! Let’s buy me a new dress!’

Unfortunately, I turned all of those magazines into my papier-mache model for the solar system.

Except for one part. I cut out the picture of Kyle Bismarck.

I sighed. I guess I had to admit defeat. I did need a new set of clothes.

“Okay mom. I’ll go shopping later,” I resigned, feeling that I’ve been doomed.

“Oh! Good! Here!” she said and extracted a huge wad of bills from her pocket.

“Mom!” I started to protest when she stood up.

“Dear, buy a lot. You need a totally new wardrobe,” she smiled and went back to the kitchen.

Dear old mom.

I sighed as I pulled out my skirt. Oooh. This was simply horrendous.

Still, I had no choice.

Who would’ve thought that I’d be wearing a skirt? And for the public to see!

My Converse shoes practically lolloped against the pavement as I walked in my skirt.

I felt so awkward. I didn’t know how I should walk. Maybe if I figure this whole thing out, I’ll write a book that says ‘How to Walk in Skirts for Dummies.’

If a book like that existed now, I’d definitely want a copy.

I finally reached the review center. The woman at the reception seemed a bit shocked to see me clad in a skirt and a not too loose shirt instead of my usual oversized shirt and men’s pants. I proceeded to the room where Harry was waiting for me.

I finally reached the room. I pulled down my skirt a bit. Gosh why did it have to be a few inches above the knee?

I reached for the doorknob, twisted it, and entered the place. Harry was sitting on the chair, flicking through the pages of an ancient Trigonometry book. He was wearing a pair of glasses.

He looked up and has a surprised expression on his face. His glasses went a bit lopsided. “Oh. Hi… Kyleen.”

He had never seen me in a skirt, nor did he expect to feel this surprised. In fact, he was nearly blown away.

‘Wow’ he thought.

I walked towards the chair and sat down. I carefully swept my skirt under my butt and sat down. I placed my legs together. I had to have proper posture now that I was wearing a skirt.

But to tell you the truth, it feels a tad bit nice to be in a skirt. Surprisingly, it was more comfortable than pants. At least it wasn’t as short as our shorts at school. I never did try before, so I never knew.

But only a tad bit nice.

Only a small bit.

Probably the size of a colloidal particle.

It was just bearable.

Harry began lecturing me on Trigonometry. It was easy since he knew which lessons we should study. At least he was better than Danny at Trigonometry. That was a very comforting thought.

It was weird, but Harry kept on throwing glances at me while I wrote my answers on my piece of paper. And whenever I’d look up, he’d be pretending that he was looking at the window.


But I let him be. Maybe it was a mannerism of his. And besides, I did look quite unusual today.

I didn’t know though that my look was getting to him. He seemed really surprised.

In Chemistry, there were two ways on how a particle could be absorbed. One was absorption, and the other was adsorption.

Adsorption is when it would only be absorbed by the surface. Absorption, on the other hand, went on to penetrating the surface.

Harry felt the same way with me; the absorption pat. Slowly, I was getting to his thoughts. At first he’d only think I was cute.

Now however, I’ve broken through the barrier.

He was developing a crush on me.

And I didn’t know.

In fact, if I only dressed like any normal girl, he would’ve courted me already. Instead though, he just thought of me like a guy friend. Except I had a pretty face and was stuck inside a girl’s body.

Now though, he thought differently.

I was actually his type.

He wasn’t about to let me know though.

At least not yet.

Duh. I’d obviously freak out. My slow conversion to being a girl was freaky enough for me. It’s a whole new world for me, and I was still scared to venture out.

Hopefully, I’d be able to embrace all of this soon.

Finally, we were already finished. I felt relieved. I learned pretty much a lot today. I’m glad Harry was here to help me out.

“So, you going anywhere?’ he asked me.

I carefully placed my things in my bag. Wow. I was slowly getting tidier now.

“I dunno. I’m gonna buy new clothes I guess. My pants have magically swelled up,” I smiled at him.

“Oh,” he nodded. But inside he was smiling. His plan had worked.

‘Aw… She’s about to go now…’ Harry thought, feeling miserable. He still wanted to spend time with me; especially now that I looked absolutely adorable in my skirt.

Suddenly, an idea struck him.

My hand was already on the doorknob when he suddenly tugged on my sleeve. I turned and looked at him. I chuckled, thinking he was like a kid.

“What’s wrong Harry?” I beamed at him, my hands slowly withdrawing from the doorknob and falling to my sides.

He grinned at me. “Can I tag along?”

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 12:48 pm


We were at the mall now. Crowds passed by and the sound of footsteps filled my ears. A few shops actually had some pretty good items on sale. Finally, something nice that was actually affordable.

I saw a poster of the louche actress Leona Brey. Sure she was pretty, but I wouldn’t want to be like her. A person who goes out for late night drinking isn’t my type of role model.

We finally reached the department store. Harry surveyed the area, his blue eyes twinkling and his smile widening.

I had to admit, he was pretty cute. And he was nice too.

Oh jeez! I’m thinking like a girl!

Stop! Stop!

I am a boy.

I will not give in to girly thoughts!

Jeez. I have got to stop this. I don’t know why I’m slowly turning into a girly girl.

I’ll go back to reading my Superman and Batman comics again later.

We finally reached the clothes section. I immediately went to the men’s section.

Seriously, the men’s section had uber cool shirt designs. Maybe I’ll buy one with the Ramones on it. Then I’ll buy some more baggy pants. The one with holes in it.

I felt excitement grip me.

Oh why did I ever think skirts were better?

I already began reaching for a pair of faded jeans when Harry placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Hey, shouldn’t you be at the girls’ section?” he asked.

I pouted. “The clothes here are so much cooler. And I have the money. So there.”

Hah. That showed him.

“Oh? But I have this,” he said and showed me my Superman keychain.

Oh crud!!

My eyes widened and I shot him daggers.

I forgot to take that back!

I made a grab for it but Harry pulled it away.

“Buy girl clothes,” he said.

“Oh fine,” I resigned.

I guess I had no choice.

Rats. I should’ve been more careful of my stuff.

Okay. To the Pit of Doom disguised as the women’s section.

I’ve tried on a couple of stuff now:

Two skirts (one was pink)

some jeans that fitted me perfectly (not as comfortable as loose jeans but I guess they were okay)

a shirt with a v-neck

a dress with puffed sleeves (kind of cute really… EEW! Stop thinking like a girl!)

I’d go out of changing room and ask Harry how I looked like. He picked the clothes out for me. They all seemed pretty nice. I had no clue as to how I’d pick the perfect outfit. So I assigned the gruelling task to Harry.

He had good taste. I was going to but the whole lot that he picked out for me.

Finally, I tried on the last outfit. It was a nice white dress with some stones on it. It was very elegant.

And I picked it.

It was the only one that I picked out. It just stood out to me. So I thought that I should give it a shot.

Well, time to test my fashion sense.

I was at the changing room for the sixth time now. I carefully slipped on the immaculate dress. It fit like a glove.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Apart from the messy hair, I actually looked pretty good. I twirled around for a few times before being satisfied.

Okay. Time to show Harry.

I opened the curtains and beamed at Harry. “How do I look?”

He looked up. At first, he was silent and seemed lost for words.


Did I look bad?

“Um… do I look awful?” I asked.

Maybe I should’ve stuck with my boyish look. Maybe I actually looked ugly in girly clothes.

He finally came to and shook his head. “No. You look really great.”

I gave out a huge sigh of relief. “I don’t look like the Hulk?”

He chuckled. “Nah. You look pretty. But fix your hair.”

I began fixing my hair that was sticking out but it was awfully stubborn.

“Here, let me fix that,” Harry said as he approached me.

All of a sudden, he tripped on a box and came crashing towards me.

“Harry!” I cried out.

Finally, his arms landed on my shoulder. He finally regained his balance. His face was inches from mine.

He opened his eyes.

He looked into me for quite a long lapse of time. His eyes seemed different for some reason. Duh they were still the same color but they didn’t feel the same. His cheeks flushed a bit.

I didn’t know that his heart was throbbing, now that we were this close.

Finally, I broke into a smile. “You’re so clumsy Harry.”

He finally went out of his spaced out state. “Oh. Sorry about that.”

He suddenly tucked a hair behind my ear. “Jeez. Fix your hair.”

I laughed. “Oops.”

After debating about my hair for approximately five minutes, I paid for the clothes and went home. I waved goodbye to Harry and thanked him for coming with me. He was really patient and I took an awful lot of time putting the clothes on.

As I left, I didn’t know that Harry’s feelings were confirmed now.

He was in love with me.

Mom was pretty pleased at my choices. So was my dad. They were happy to finally see me in clothes that were usually a huge no-no to me.

They weren’t bad, really.

I reached my room and placed my shopping bags beside me bed. I felt like kind of pooped out now. Maybe a nice book would give me some relief.

I was about to reach for ‘Princess Diaries’ when my eyes fell upon my Superman comics. My hand recoiled.

Oooh. I did miss Superman.

I gave in to my boyish ways and began reading the Superman comics.

Nah. Being a boy was still better.

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  meah XD on Wed May 27, 2009 7:22 pm

An update!! XD

LOL. Harry blackmails Kyleen. That's so evil. I like it. Smile)

meah XD

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 7:27 pm

^ Hi meah! awww. Thanks a lot for reading! Very Happy Very Happy haha. Yup. He does the black mail thing! Typical of Harry. Twisted Evil
Sure. I'll be posting tomorrow I guess. haha. Very Happy

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 7:30 pm



The lights flicked open as a boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes entered his room. The place was full of cluttered papers and he resolved to pick them up. He placed the pile of papers into a trash bin, adding to the mountain of trash already in it. He didn’t need those anymore. They were merely his doodles.

‘It’ll take time for the photographs to dry up,’ he thought as he came face to face with his computer. The screen was emanating a light glow.

He opened his mail.

He had about fifty new messages.

All from girls.

He began deleting each mail. He didn’t even bother reading them. It would contain the usual ‘blah-blah-blah’ which he so often received from girls.

When would they ever leave him alone?

His other accounts on FaceBook and MySpace were the same. Comments from girls. He decided to leave it.

Finally, when he cleared out all of the junk from his accounts, he decided to check the photographs he had left to dry in his studio.

He entered the studio, red light covering the place. He began observing one of the photographs clipped on a wire. It was funny, this hobby of his. From time to time, he’d snap pictures of random people. It’s as if his hands were moving of their own accord whenever he clasped a camera.

One picture caught his eye. He looked at it carefully.

Where was this taken? Oh yes. At the mall. He nearly forgot.

He looked carefully at the girl who was in the picture.

She had dark brown hair, a bit messy, but she still looked decent. She was wearing a cute skirt and a nice blouse.

‘Hey, she’s cute,’ the guy thought as he observed the picture. She definitely had some features going.

“Lance!” a voice called from above.

He immediately clipped back the picture upon hearing his name. ‘Then again, she might be like all those girls.’

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 7:31 pm


“You’re improving,” Harry smiled at me as I showed him my work.

I grinned, satisfied with my progress as well. “I know. It’s all thanks to you.”

I was at Harry’s house. The review center had to be shut for a while so I went to his house to study. This was better than having my boring old teacher (no offense to Miss Pilly but she does have a knack for stultifying her students).

Suddenly, Harry wrinkled his nose. “Jeez. You’re wearing your old baggy pants again.”

“It’s all thanks to cousin Ernie,” I grinned.

My cousin Ernie just visited last week. I was very lucky. I was just moseying around the house when I saw him take out a few pair of pants. A problematic expression crossed his face, so I asked him what was up. He explained that his pants didn’t fit him anymore and he had no idea how to get rid of them.

I immediately lunged after his pants and begged him to give them to me. They were really a cool pair of dark jeans and holes. He said that I could have them then, if they fit me.

And guess what? They did.

So I was back to my usual get-up again. The skirts were starting to kill me anyway. The girly outfits inside my closet were copious anyway. My mom thought that I had been converted into a full-fledged woman. So she began buying me a LOT of new clothes, some were even for coquettish women.

Hm… Maybe I’ll donate those kind of clothes to the health center.

Yes. Yes.

Giving is loving.

Harry shook his head, almost disapprovingly. “Suit yourself.”

I went back to solving my Trigonometry mumbo jumbo. It wasn’t that bad at all. In fact, I’m starting to like the subject.

Eew… Did I actually just think that?

Slowly, not only my clothes are changing, but the way I think is slowly altering as well.

I wondered what changed me.

After a while, I got a bit bored with my Trig work. Plus, I was getting hungry and I felt like there were savage wolves in the pits of my stomach.

“Harry, I’m hungry. You got any food?” I asked him, setting aside my Trig work for a while.

“Oh. I’ve got some fruits in the fridge. Orange, banana, apple,” he said.

I stood up. “Apples then.”

I loved apples. I’d definitely eat those any day.

I strolled my way towards the kitchen and opened the fridge. It was filled with a lot of stuff. Fruits, yogurt, Cheetos, marmalade, low fat milk, low calorie butter…

I took a shiny red apple from the fridge, the chill from the fridge seeped through my fingers. I took out a knife from the table and began peeling the fruit slowly.

Careful… Careful now…

“Harry! Dude!” I suddenly heard Danny’s voice.

I got so surprised that I lost control of the knife. The blade managed to make a small cut on my thumb. Blood was oozing out of it. I yelped a bit.

Jeez. Danny keeps on shocking me. I didn’t expect him to come.

What’ll I do? It’s not like we were exactly on good terms.

My thumb felt a jolt of pain shoot through it.

Okay. I need a band-aid now.

“Harry?” I called.

“Ooh! Harry! You got yourself a girlfriend?” Danny teased.

“N-No!! Jeez Danny!! It’s only Kyleen!! She’s here for tutoring!” Harry snapped back.

Hm… He sounds so embarrassed. Seriously, he didn’t need to. I mean, I’m only here for tutoring after all. He didn’t need to stammer.

I looked at my thumb again.


“Harry?” I called once more.

Finally, he appeared. He seemed a bit pink in the cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

I winced and showed him my thumb. “This.”

He suddenly had a panicked expression on his face.

“Jeez… What the heck did you do?” he asked as he saw me injury.

“Well! It’s not my fault that Danny surprised me,” I cried. “Ouch!”

Gosh the bleeding’s getting pretty worse now.

“Here,” Harry said patiently and began dabbing his handkerchief on my injury.

The bleeding managed to stop now. Finally, it didn’t feel so painful anymore.

“You hate Danny a lot, don’t you?” Harry asked.

“Um… To be honest, not really. I only hate him because he’s better than me at Trig,” I replied.

“Why don’t you make friends with him?”

“I dunno… Maybe he hates me too. He’s always teasing me.”.

He chuckled. “Don’t be silly. Danny doesn’t hate you. He just likes teasing you because you get angry at once.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

He nodded. “Yup. Seriously, he’s nice. He’s confused about why you hate him so much. But he says he you’re fine and he just wishes that you two could’ve been friends.”

I paused. I never thought about it that way. He really didn’t hate me? I always thought that he kept voodoo dolls of me and stuck pins on them.

But judging by Harry’s tone, he seemed honest.

I exhaled. Maybe it was time I opened up to Danny.

“Okay. I’ll give it a shot,” I said and went outside.

Danny was at the couch, reading a magazine. I recognized it as the comic series ‘Night Stalker’.

“Ooh! You read that too?” I gushed as I approached him. I just loved the series!

He chuckled. “Yup! My fave’s Lady Velay!”

“Oh? I loved her when she stabbed the Horned-beast with the… with the… What was that again?”

“Sword of… Sword of… Oh jeez…”

We paused for a while before finally speaking up at the same time. “Sword of Fealty!”

We chuckled at the same time as well. Wow. Danny was actually a great guy to hang around with. I wished I’d given him a chance earlier. I’m glad Harry’s managed to convince me.

We chatted for a bit more. I never had a really good time like this. Danny was actually a fellow comic geek.

In the end, I had to do a favour for him. He liked my friend Dominique, so I’ll be digging up some information for him.

“You should really get a band-aid for that,” Danny said, pointing to my injury.

“I think there are some in my room. Just go get those on the top of my desk,” Harry said.

I nodded and proceeded to Harry’s room that was just on the second floor.

My feet swiftly went up the flight of stairs as I went to Harry’s room.

I finally found it and twisted the doorknob.

Harry’s room was painted a cerulean blue. His room was surprisingly clean and orderly.

My eyes fell upon a small stuffed toy on Harry’s desk. It was so tiny; it could fit into my pocket. It was a small teddy bear. I grabbed it and began playing with it, making it dance.

Okaaay. To the band-aids now.

I stuffed the toy in my pocket. A small lump appeared on my jeans.

I finally found the band-aid and grabbed it. I peeled it and wrapped it around my finger.

I smiled. That was better.

As I got downstairs, we all chatted for a bit more. Pretty soon, I had to leave. I thanked Harry and Danny.

I was on my bed now, feeling a bit pooped out. It was Trig information overload. Oh well, at least I performed better now.

I placed my hand in my pocket. I suddenly felt something soft.

Wait… I placed something here?

Puzzled, I pulled out whatever was inside was in my pocket. I gasped.

Oh no!! I brought Harry’s stuffed toy!

I stared at it in disbelief.

Oh jeez. But I’m no kleptomaniac! I didn’t steal it… No… I did not steal it… I merely took it. It just looked so cute…

I sighed.

In any case, I’ll give it back to him.


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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Wed May 27, 2009 7:31 pm


Okay. It’s about…

I checked my watch as it glowed.

Nine o’ clock now.

Was that still a reasonable time to go knocking on someone’s door? Well, in any case, I have to give it back pronto. Before Harry realizes that it’s gone missing.

The wind was a bit chilly. Thank God I wore a jacket. I easily catch colds and a lot of other diseases.

I’m not scared of needles anymore. I always get vaccine shots most of the time. I’ve grown used to the pain. At first, it seems unbearable and I used to wriggle out of my chair. But as time goes on, the pain isn’t that… Well… painful anymore.

Anyway, I have to take good care of myself. Lest I catch an unwanted disease.

I slowly crept towards the front door. Thank goodness Harry’s house wasn’t that far from ours. It was only about a ten-minute stroll.

The neighbourhood had an eerie atmosphere about it when night starts to enshroud the place. Nevertheless, I should give this back.

I pulled out the stuffed toy form my pocket. It dangled limply form my fingers.

Jeez. For a small thing, it’s caused me quite the hassle.

I was about to rap on the door when a thought struck me.


What if Harry gets angry?

Easy. Explain.

What if he doesn’t buy my explanation? What if he accuses me of being a kleptomaniac?

What if he calls for the cops? Then I’d be brought down to the station where I’ll encounter interrogations for the whole night? Then I’d go through another interrogation with heavy-lidded eyes and an exhausted body?

Then I’d be found guilty… And my parents wouldn’t bail me out and even say that I deserved it?

How will I get into Oxford? Brown? Princeton? Cambridge? Yale? Harvard?

Heck. Would any university even accept me who already had a besmirched name?

I felt sick.

Good thing I stopped myself.

Okay. I think the best way to go about this is to sneak in quietly.

Yes. That way, I’d be able to place ‘Reaper’ back, and Harry would think he misplaced it.

Perfect! It’s a win-win situation.

Okay. So I named the toy ‘Reaper’. It’s a cute name. It’s totally fitting for the bear.

I looked around, trying to find a way to sneak in. Suddenly, I saw that there was a terrace above.

Hm… Maybe I could place Reaper there. Then Harry might say he accidentally placed it there.

Perfect. Now how do I get up there?

I looked around once again. The wind blew and dead leaves began to roll. Finally, I saw my ticket to fixing all of this.

A really tall ladder.

I began to approach the ladder and carefully carried it until it leaned against the terrace. It was high enough for me to get inside the terrace.

I stuffed Reaper back into my pocket and began climbing the ladder carefully. I wouldn’t want to fall down, get my spine broken, and get caught by Harry and be turned over to local authorities.

I finally reached the top and I carefully got inside. I landed lightly on the terrace.

Oooh. This feels like a spy movie. Or a Nancy Drew scene.

I looked around, wary of any possible person who might stumble across me. I was silent for about thirty seconds.

Finally, when the coast was clear, I placed the bear by the sliding glass door.

“Bye Reaper,” I whispered and waved goodbye to Reaper.

As I turned around, I suddenly heard the flapping of wings. I turned around and to my horror see that a bird has been pecking Reaper.

“Shoo! Stupid bird!” I hissed and waved my arms about.

The bird continued pecking Reaper. I narrowed my eyes at it.

Oh fine. You want it that way, eh?

I ran towards the bird and shrieked a bit.

The bird flew away and it hit the glass door. It squawked loudly and flew away.

I laughed so hard. That was so funny! I just couldn’t resist!!

All of a sudden, I heard the glass door slide open. I froze, my eruptions of laughter finally stopping.

I turned around and saw Harry rubbing his eyes. He was in a pair of pajamas. He looked at me in disbelief.

“Kyleen?” he yawned.

I was completely rooted to the spot and I stared at him stupidly.

Stupid bird!!

Now I had only two words in my mind:

Oh crud.

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  meah XD on Wed May 27, 2009 8:00 pm

YAY! You posted more! Joy!

Wow. Kyleen is so weird. XD I mean, she wouldn't go to jail just because she accidentally placed reaper in her pocket. Smile)

Haha. Harry in pajamas. =))

post more! XD
meah XD

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 1:32 pm

meah XD wrote:YAY! You posted more! Joy!

Wow. Kyleen is so weird. XD I mean, she wouldn't go to jail just because she accidentally placed reaper in her pocket. Smile)

Haha. Harry in pajamas. =))

post more! XD

hahaha. She's overly paranoid. Very Happy
Ooh I know! I'd like to see Harry in pajamas before my very eyes.
haha. glad you like it. Thanks a lot for reading! Razz

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  meah XD on Thu May 28, 2009 3:44 pm

haha. yeah. really paranoid. XD
I know! But that's gonna be weird. Unless we sneak in his house!! lol. Smile)
No prob~ Post more! Very Happy
meah XD

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 4:24 pm

meah XD wrote:haha. yeah. really paranoid. XD
I know! But that's gonna be weird. Unless we sneak in his house!! lol. Smile)
No prob~ Post more! Very Happy

hahaha. I wanna do that! Twisted Evil
sure. I'll be posting in a few minutes. Very Happy

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 4:25 pm


Oh crud. Oh crud. Oh crud. Oh crud. Oh crud. Oh crud. Oh crud.

OH CRUD!!!!!!

Why on Earth did that stupid bird have to fly by??? I swear I will shoot that bird and stuff it into a pie!!

Jeez! Okay. Calm down.

Breathe in… Breathe out… Don’t panic. Think of this as a Geometry problem. Find a way out.

Okay. Solution number one: explain things calmly.

“Um… H-Harry… Haha. I know I look weird but I can explain. Really. I’m not a psycho or anything,” I began to say.

Gosh my voice sounds pathetic. There was no conviction and it was all shaky. Heck, it wouldn’t even convince a two-year-old.

To my surprise, Harry only yawned and smiled. “Really Kyleen. Don’t be scared, tell me. I’m just wondering how you got here. I’m not gonna gobble you up or anything.”

I gave out a sigh. Point taken. Harry was nice. He’d understand.

“Well, why don’t we sit down? This might take a while,” I began to say and sat down on the floor, my legs crossed.

He sat down too and propped a hand under his chin. Despite looking a bit sleepy, he seemed eager to listen.

“Okay. Fire away,” he urged.

I sighed. “Here goes.”

“Really? You’ve christened it… ‘Reaper’?” he said slowly, chuckling.

I pouted at him. “What? It’s a cute name?”

He laughed. “Whatever. Jeez. You didn’t have to go through all the trouble. If you just knocked, I would’ve come down.”

I turned a bit pink. True. True.

Jeez. I was so paranoid. But still, it was that stupid bird’s fault.

“So… where’d you get Reaper?” I asked him, holding Reaper by the hands and making it dance.

“Oh. I made it myself,” he replied.

I looked at him dubiously. No way. “Really?”

“Well, the clothes were made by my sister Amy. But I kept the bear. It was my first handi-craft.”

“Well, it’s an ugly one,” I joked.

He made a face and punched me on the shoulder.

“Ow!” I snapped back and laughed.

I punched him and he punched me back.

“Hey! That actually hurt!” I protested although I was laughing a bit.

All of a sudden, I sneezed. “Achoo!”

I sniffed. Oh dear. I think I’m feeling a bit cold.

Harry looked at me, concerned. “Hey. You’re getting really cold. Maybe I should fix you a nice cup of hot chocolate.”

I sniffed. “Nah. I’m fine.”

Okay. I have the mind of a boy. So I should be tough. No matter how tempting a cup of hot chocolate sounded like…

With the rich, sweet smell… The soft and yummy marshmallows…

Ugh! Snap out of it!

I can’t show weakness! Okay. Be tough. Be tough. Be tough.

Harry smiled a bit one brow raised. “You do know it’s rude to reject an offer.”

I blinked and finally gave in. “Oh fine. Bring me the hot chocolate.”

He smiled, satisfied with my answer. He went downstairs. I waited on the terrace, sniffing.

Okay. Maybe I do need a nice cup of chocolate.

Suddenly, I heard a song playing from a radio inside the house. I smiled as I heard it.

“Got to believe in magic,” I smiled and began humming the tune of the music. Very soon, I was actually singing the words.

Oh gosh. I just loved this song!

“Boo!” someone said into my ear and I jumped.

I swivelled around and saw that it was Harry. He was carrying two mugs of hot chocolate. One was pink and the other was blue.

I reached for the blue mug but Harry pulled it away.

“Hey!” I protested.

“Get the pink one,” he said.

“Oh fine.”

I got the pink mug and sipped on it. Mm… That was really yummy.

“But you know Harry, blue’s not only limited to guys,” I smiled at him, trying to make a point.

He paused and then smiled. “Point taken. You’re right. Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be.”

“I heard you singing. You actually know that song?”

I chuckled. “Who doesn’t? My parents used to play that all the time.”


I smiled. “Why are you kind of surprised?”

He grinned back. “Nothing. I just never took you as a girl who likes old songs.”

I shrugged. “Well, I love those songs. I know a lot are listening to what’s modern, hip or cool. But just because everyone’s into that, it doesn’t mean I have to.”

I chuckled and sipped on my mug.

For a minute, Harry stared at me. I didn’t know that I just gave him another reason to love me.

I felt so calm here. It felt nice to look at the night sky.

“I like it here Harry. Thanks for the chocolate,” I giggled.

He grinned, turning bit red. “Oh. I’m glad you do.”

I looked at my watch. 9:30.

“Harry, thanks a lot. I’ve gotta go now. I had a good time. Goodnight,” I smiled at him.

He grinned. “Sure.”

Suddenly, his head moved closer to mine. I froze. He kissed me gently on the cheek.

“Goodnight too,” he smiled at me.

My cheeks suddenly flushed. I certainly didn’t expect that.

But why am I blushing?

I managed to compose myself. “Well, bye Harry.”

I made my way down the ladder and hurriedly went back home.

I got inside my room and lay in my bed. My heart was throbbing now and I couldn’t understand it. I pulled my window closer to me, hugging it tightly.

Why was I feeling this way?

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 4:26 pm


“Kyleen, I’m going to play with them for a while okay?” my little sister Amanda tugged on my shirt.

I smiled. “Sure Amanda. Go on.”

She giggled as she went to play with her friends, her pigtails bouncing.

I was sitting on a chair, still in my loose shirt and pants. In fact, I even had a cap on my head. A few people seriously thought that I was a boy.

Oh well. After all, I always did want to be a boy.

But last night… What was up with that? Why did I react that way? I’ve never felt that before. I didn’t know why I had trouble sleeping last night when I usually went straight to sleep whenever my body was in contact with my bed.

I didn’t know how I felt. I was so confused and I seriously don’t know what I should do.

Anyway, I should just forget about it. That way, things won’t be so awkward between Harry and me.

I was at a party now. Children’s party to be specific. I’m supposed to be Amanda’s chaperone. So I was stuck here. I didn’t mind though. I had nothing better to do anyway. I found this more constructive.

So far, the kids were enjoying. I seemed to be the only teenager here. All the rest were little kids.

All of a sudden, I heard a female voice come from the speakers.

A plump woman had grabbed the microphone and was beaming at the children. I knew her. She was Sarah Gelly. I used to play in her house when I was small.

“Children! Come along! Now it’s time for the game. It’s the piñata game!” she announced.

The children squealed and rushed to the place where a piñata in the shape of a cow was hanging. It was colourful and it made any kid want to burst it open.

But hang on…

I squinted, in case I saw it wrong.

Doesn’t that seem a little too high up? I began estimating the height of it.

These kids are about three feet tall. And the piñata is over five feet from the ground. Even with a bat, it seemed too far.

How on earth was a kid supposed to crack that open? And who the heck set that up?

A stick was given to a small boy with red hair. I believe his name was Todd and he was the celebrant. He looked eager to break the piñata and send the candies pummelling to the ground.

He began swinging the stick, but it always came short. It was obvious that none of them could reach the piñata.

Todd began to groan, and it was followed by a louder groan from the children surrounding him. Poor things. And they were so excited too.

“Oh dear… We’ll need someone taller. Let’s see..” Sarah began to say as she surveyed the area.

“Ahh! Kyleen!”

I looked up. I had a feeling she was going to say my name.

“Kyleen, would you be a dear and help the kiddies break the piñata?” she smiled at me.

All the kids were looking at me expectantly, as if they were going to cause a huge pandemonium if I were to say no. Some were even doing the puppy dog eyes.

Well, what else was I supposed to say?

If I said no, they’d probably make me the piñata instead.

I stood up and nodded. “Sure, sure.”

The kids all broke into an applause.

“Whew. If she said no I’d beat her to a pulp,” I heard one kid say.

Okaaay. Then I’m glad I spared myself of that fate.

Wow. It’s like I’m some Greek hero and I’ve just brought them the head of a Gorgon monster.

Todd excitedly handed the stick to me. Sarah wrapped a blindfold around my eyes.

Jeez. I felt like I was eight again.

Finally, I was ready to smash the piñata. The kids were already cheering for me, chanting my name.

Okay. Now to the piñata.

I held on to my stick tightly.

Suddenly, a problem occurred to me.

Um… Where exactly was the piñata again?



For sure it’s above.

Hm… I’ll have to make a wild guess.

“Forward!” I heard Amanda cheer.

Ah! Forward it is then!

I advanced forward and swung my stick.

I heard the crowd gasp and Amanda saying ‘I was kidding sis!’

“Hey!” a voice protested.

My cap suddenly fell to the ground, my hair falling loose.

Shoot! My cap! Where is it? I began to crawl on the ground and feel it with my hands but I still couldn’t find it.

Ugh! Stupid blindfold!

I decided to take my blindfold off. It’d save me a whole lot of hassle.

I finally saw it on the ground. I picked it up. I looked up, trying to see who I nearly hit.

It was a boy with brown hair and equally brown eyes. He looked at me, a little transfixed.

“Oh. Sorry ‘bout that dude,” I apologized.

“You’re the girl from the photograph,” he said.

“I beg your pardon?”

He suddenly snapped back to reality. “Oh. Nothing.”

I eyed him curiously but I had to smash the piñata before the kids make a riot and flatten me.

I grabbed my blindfold but then stopped.

This is a huge obstacle. I should just get rid of this so I’ll be done faster. Besides, all the kids want is candy.

I swung the stick at the piñata and it broke. Candies scattered to the floor and the children made a dash for it.

Wow. They were such candyholics. Even I wasn’t like that before.

I proceeded to my seat after accomplishing my task.

Throughout the rest of the party, brown-haired dude kept on staring at me. But he’d look away whenever I looked at him. I found him very odd.

What did he mean ‘girl from the photograph?’

Oh well. I should just forget it.

All the guests went home now. Even Kyleen. She was holding Amanda’s hand as they trotted outside.

Lance was observing them. He never expected to meet the girl from the photograph this soon. In fact, he never thought he’d get a chance to meet her.

He had to admit, even though she dressed like a boy (why on earth was she wearing that anyway?), she was very pretty. She could knock a guy off his feet.

He felt intrigued by her. She was different. She was definitely something new. Plus she looked so lovely.

If only she dressed like a girl.

Oh well. He was still impressed anyway.

He chuckled to himself. “She looks even prettier in real life.”

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 4:26 pm


“Boo!” a zombie appeared from the cupboard.

A blond-haired girl behind me screamed and clung to her boyfriend. For me, that wasn’t much help since her boyfriend seemed just as scared as she was.

The darkness was very thick now and the only thing guiding our group was the faint glow of candles that were placed along the walls. The candles flickered feebly, as if they would die out soon.

A robot bat swung overhead and my whole group screamed. I think I even heard someone behind me scream like a banshee.

I wasn’t scared though. This certainly wasn’t effective. For one thing, I knew that these were all fake. Totally harmless. Just look at the zombie a while ago. It was nothing more than a person with fake gashes and red food coloring dripping from his mouth.

Nope. Nothing scared me.

“Scared?” Harry asked me.

I shook my head. “Nope. It’s all fake.”

Finally, we reached the end of the maze. The door swung open and we were finally basking in sunlight. A lot of people seemed relieved. They were about to wet their pants back there.

“Wanna go get some ice cream?” Harry asked me.

I smiled. “Sure Harry.”

Harry asked me out to go to the theme park this Saturday. I don’t know what popped into his mind but he said he had something important to tell me. I needed to come, or else he’d go bonkers.

I laughed on the phone, saying ‘Of course you idiot.’

So here we were at the theme park. The first thing we went to was that ‘Horror House’. Really, it wasn’t that scary.

Harry and I bought some ice cream and began roaming the park.

A lot of people were here; kids mostly. The mascots started coming in so the kids were now flocking to them, eager to take a picture.

It was pretty sunny today. A few clouds dotted the sky and there was no chance that it’d rain today. It was the perfect weather.

I looked at Harry. He was busy licking his ice cream.

I wondered what he wanted to tell me. He seemed pretty serious on the phone.

I suddenly held his hand and squeezed it very tightly. He flinched and laughed at me.

“What was that for?” he asked, chuckling.

“Noooothhhiinng,” I grinned.

He rolled his eyes. “Whatever Kyleen.”

I pouted. “Don’t call me Kyleen. My name’s Kyle, remember?”

I honestly had no complaints about my name. But if I were a boy, my name should’ve been Kyle. So I wanted to be called Kyle.

“Nah. Kyleen suits you perfectly,” Harry smiled at me, still holding my hand.

I let go of his hand, laughing. “Fine. If we keep this up, people might think we’re a couple.”

He grinned at me. “Yeah.”

He didn’t mind though. In fact, he wished that the two of us were a couple. He really liked me, and he found me fun. All he had to do was make me embrace my feminine side.

I was a hard one though. For instance, I was still wearing loose pants and though my shirt wasn’t that loose, it was far from fitting.

Suddenly, Harry stopped. He looked up.

I looked at him curiously. “What’s up Harry?”

He smiled. “Wanna go to the Ferris Wheel?”

I looked up at the enormous rotating wheel. It seemed very high up. Very, very high up.

My knees started to wobble.

‘Get a grip on yourself!’ I scolded myself.

Jeez. Be tough. Come on. It’s only a Ferris Wheel. Heck, haunted houses and slasher films didn’t scare me. And this was a kiddie ride.


It sure is high up.

Harry noticed me expression. “Hey, if you don’t want to, we can skip that.”

I snapped back to reality and grinned at him. “Don’t be silly Harry. Of course I want to go!”

I yanked him and dragged him to the line.

I am not scared. I can do this!



My mind was practically screaming as I looked down. The people from below looked nothing more like mere ants now and we were definitely far from the ground.

My hand gripped the metal railings hard. I was afraid that there might be a freak accident, then I’d fall down, then I’d be spaghettified.

Okay. So I lied. Something did scare me. I was afraid of heights.

Give me haunted houses, give me violent films, give me insects; I don’t care.

But when it comes to heights…

I am dead scared.

Of course, I acted tough around Harry; as if heights never bothered me at all.

But gosh was it hard to keep this up.

I seriously want to cry.

But no. Boys don’t cry. Yes. I have to be strong. I should not be some whiny girl and start sobbing on Harry’s shirt.

Harry looked very calm. He was gazing outside, looking at the view. He seemed to be enjoying a lot.

I felt the total opposite. I wanted to get out of this hell hole.

He suddenly turned to me, a serious expression on his face. “Kyleen… I’ve got to tell you something.”

“Y-Yes?” I croaked out.

“Wait… Are you sure you’re okay?”

I nodded. “Don’t be ridiculous Harry. Of course. Go on.”

“Well… If you’re sure,” he eyed me suspiciously but continued. “You see… I’ve been meaning to tell you this… I…”

All of a sudden, I heard a scream from the other compartment.

THAT’S IT!!!!!!

I lunged towards Harry and hugged him very tightly.

“Harry… Don’t let me go…” I said, my head against his chest.

He looked very surprised. “Kyleen… What’s wrong?”

“I’m… scared…”

“Scared of heights?”


I started crying on his chest. I’ve wanted to get out of here so badly. But my pride wouldn’t let me.

Well whoopdidoo. Look where it’s gotten me now.

“Aw… You should’ve said something,” Harry said as he stroked my hair.

“I’m sorry… I’m just scared… Harry, promise me you won’t let me go?” I sniffed.

He smiled at me. “Of course Kyleen.”

I hugged him more tightly. I was just so scared. Thank God Harry was here. At least I had someone to hold on to.

“Aw… Come here…” Harry said.

I looked up. He was smiling at me; and his eyes seemed to sparkle.


Oh dear. There goes my heart again!

Why am I feeling this way?

He wiped my tears with the tip of his finer. “It’s alright to say you’re scared. I don’t mind. Something’s bound to scare you. But I’ll be here if you need me. You can tell me you’re scared and I’ll try to comfort you.”

I looked up at him and grinned. “Your shirt’s wet… Sorry.”

He laughed. “No worries.”

I smiled at him. “Thanks though Harry. Really.”

He smiled. “Sure thing Kyleen.”

I hugged him once more, feeling secure.

I never thought I’d whine like this. I was so at myself with Harry.

But it felt nice… Having someone to hold on to. Even though I whined like a pathetic girl, I’m glad I did it in front of Harry.

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  meah XD on Thu May 28, 2009 4:47 pm


WOW. Harry made "Reaper" :O THAT'S SO COOL. XD I wish he'd make me one~ Very Happy
Lance. Lol. nice name! Smile)
She's scared of heights~ aww... how cute. ^^ and Harry's so sweet~ :3
Post more again! xDD
meah XD

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  MEG on Thu May 28, 2009 6:33 pm

affraid Catching up! Still on page one. what a shame.... haha.
Loving it though!!!

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 8:42 pm

MEG wrote:affraid Catching up! Still on page one. what a shame.... haha.
Loving it though!!!

Oh baboy! You're back! hahaha. It's okay. Very Happy

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 8:46 pm

meah XD wrote:YAYz~!

WOW. Harry made "Reaper" :O THAT'S SO COOL. XD I wish he'd make me one~ Very Happy
Lance. Lol. nice name! Smile)
She's scared of heights~ aww... how cute. ^^ and Harry's so sweet~ :3
Post more again! xDD

haha. Thanks a lot! Yup. He made it. He is good at arts right? I think he got an A on the subject. haha.
She is. And she's trying her best to hide it. haha. Very Happy
Thanks! I'll be posting soon! Smile

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

Post  anika on Thu May 28, 2009 8:47 pm


I was at the comedy section at the DVD store. I’ve been trying to find a good movie to watch, but it seems that I haven’t decided yet.

I certainly wasn’t going for those icky romantic chick flicks.

I wanted a film that could make me laugh. I was already tired of horror films. I don’t even feel as much as an ounce of terror. Heck, being in the Ferris Wheel was way scarier than any horror film.

Good thing Harry was…

I paused. I shook my head and breathed in deeply.

I began looking at the comedy section once more, hoping I’d spot a good movie.

Aha. I saw a pretty cute movie:

She’s the Man.

Yup. I’m definitely borrowing that. In a way, I could relate myself with Amanda Bynes in the film. I didn’t want to go to archaic debutante parties and wear tight dresses. We were both so much alike.

But… would a guy come sweep me off my feet like the way Channing Tatum did with Amanda Bynes?

I don’t know what it feels like to be in love. I mean, I’m in love with Kyle the celebrity; but I’ve never been in love with a guy who’s just near me. Someone I actually had a chance with; someone’s who’s not impossible for me to meet. I’ve never experienced that.

And I don’t think I ever will…

But… what about that funny feeling with Harry?

Well… That’s just it. It’s a funny feeling. Nothing more than that.

All of a sudden, a guy from the other side caught my eye. He quickly averted his gaze from me and hurriedly walked away.

My eyes followed him.

Hey. He looked familiar. I racked my brains to figure out who he was.

Finally, it hit me.

He was the guy from the party! The one I mistook as a piñata!

What’s he doing here?

Is he-


Was he stalking me?

Ooh. Maybe I should just let it go. I mean, he hasn’t done anything to me…


Plus, I was bothered.

How did he know me? Why did he run away when I saw him? His behaviour only made him appear fishy to me.

And I certainly did not like it.

I grabbed the movie from the shelf and paid for it at the counter.

I think the stranger wasn’t here anymore. He seems to have disappeared.

I sighed in relief and looked out the glass doors.

At least he wasn’t here to make me feel unnerved. At least I didn’t feel threatened in any way. At least…

Suddenly, I squinted, trying to get a better view of the place through the glass doors. Something had attracted my attention.

Hang on…


He’s still here?

There he was outside, looking at me. He looked away at once though and began walking.

That was it! I needed to figure things out!

I quickly scrabbled for my borrowed DVD and hurriedly pushed the glass doors open. I was outside now. The creep was only a few meters away. He was brisk-walking now.

Okay. Time to solve things once and for all.

I immediately broke into a sprint. He stopped his brisk-walking and began running now too.

‘Jeez! Slow down will you pal??’ I thought furiously as I chased after him, my feet loudly slapping the pavement.

“Hey!!! Get back here!!!” I yelled after him. I nearly bumped into an orange stand but I managed to avoid it. I think the old man managing it roared after me.

Sorry. This was just more important!

My lungs were burning now. But I didn’t slow down my speed. In fact, I only got faster now.

He was speeding up as well. We were both determined not to slow down even for a fraction of a second.

Okaaay. Time to show him what you’re made of Kyleen.

I was once on the track and field team. Maybe all those arduous training has done me good now.

I really stepped up my game and finally caught up with him. He looked panicked as he saw me closing in on him.

Finally, I was only inches away from him. I jumped at him, letting out a roar. Or more like a battle cry. We both toppled to the ground.

I don’t think he had a scratch or anything but he did look hurt.

Hah. He deserves it.

I was on top of him, my butt on his chest. I pinned down his right arm with my right hand and my other fist was clenched. He was staring at me in disbelief.

“What the bloody hell are you doing??” he asked, panting. A bead of sweat trickled from his forehead.

“Well! I know you’re stalking me! Don’t deny it!! I’m not stupid! What do you want from me? Money? My stuff? My bag? My wallet? My credit card?” I yelled at him.

I paused for a moment.

Whoops. I had no credit card. I guess I got carried away. Anywho.

“What??” he demanded, wriggling to get free but I pinned him to the ground.

“I don’t have a credit card!” I snapped back, still not getting off him.

“Who bloody cares if you don’t????”

“Okay! Fine! Jeez! Anyway, that’s not the point. Why on earth were you following me?”

“Who do you think you are? A celebrity?”

“Yes!! I mean… No! Uugh! Stop asking me questions because I can’t think straight! I know you’ve been following me! I’m not daft! I know-“

All of a sudden, my stomach grumbled loudly. He looked at me, totally confused now.

Rats! I knew I should’ve eaten more breakfast. But I was in a hurry to go around.

“Um… Um…” I started, feeling too embarrassed to say anything. I felt my cheeks flush pink.

He rolled his eyes. “Honestly, you shouldn’t starve yourself.”

“I… I know! I just…”

Hm… Maybe I should eat first. I think there’s a nearby cake shop here. I think it’s just around the corner.

“Right! Let’s eat first!” I said, getting off him.

Now he looked pole axed. Well, it must be weird to have a girl pounce on you and suddenly ask you to eat with her.

Oh well. My stomach’s wish was my command. I had to satiate it once more with ATPs.

“I don’t understand you,” he sighed as he sat up, brushing some dirt off his jeans.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m worse than Greek. Come on, criminal. Let’s eat before I start interrogating you,” I said and helped him up by holding his hand.

“Hey! I’m not a criminal!” he protested.

I held his hand tightly. He might escape. “Whatever. Invasion of privacy is a crime. Anyway, hurry up. I’m hungry scoundrel.”

He rolled his eyes but agreed to go with me peacefully.

He was really confused now. He simply could not figure me out. I seemed totally unpredictable to him. Even weird.

But the strange thing was…

He found that cute about me.

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Re: Born The Other Way Around (the fic) FINISHED

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