Twisted Fairytale // new fic =)

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Twisted Fairytale // new fic =)

Post  nicoleaika on Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:39 pm

Title: Twisted Fairytale
Author: Yours truly Very Happy nicole aika
Characters: Amber, Dougie, and more! (Yeah. Finally. A Dougie-on-the-lead fanfic!)
Disclaimer: I don't own everyone. And it's pure fiction.
Summary: Amber Adams, a very snotty and hateful lass wishes to get a job inside her father's company. But first she must undergo an interview... and second, she must follow the guidance of someone her father hired... oh geez, just go with the flow! XD

Chapter 1

典here were people around me who called me snotty. Some call me ambitious. And others call me stupid. But I know all of them are wrong. I知 the Queen Bee of this city. I知 popular, glamorous, and obviously, blond. I知 so different from other people. I知 a VIP, superstar (I want to be, but I知 not considering myself as a wannabe because the word wannabe is ack), and a princess (though I知 not a Royal Princess, or a girl with the name Princess).

Oh, before I forgot, my name is Marie Amber Adams. You can call me Amber for short

I remember that ambitious, based to my low-profile classmates, introduction of myself to the class, back in Elementary. I didn稚 think it痴 ambitious. I found it brave and confident.

By the way, back to that introduction, I thought I can use it when I知 going to a very high-class company, which is owned by my Father. Yeah, my father, I know you池e thinking that 鍍hat痴 why you call it high-class because your father owned it--I know, I know that.

It痴 already 7 o団lock in the morning. And I need to get ready properly for the interview. Aahh I know again what you are going to say. Yes, yes, yes, I need to be interview even though the company was owned by my father. You don稚 know my father, do you? He is a strict, rich, determined to reach his goals, business-mind father. That痴 why I知 not really close to him, because he痴 boring. The term is not that right because yet he is my father but UGH! He is really boring. If you told him you want to hang out with him, he will reply one of the following:

鉄ure, what do you want, golf or casino? (Yeah, MY FATHER asked ME if I want to go to a CASINO. It痴 not that bad though, since I知 already 19 years old. But still, it痴 a CASINO.)

的 can稚. My business partners will meet me this 3 o団lock in the afternoon. (Yeah, again, 3 o団lock in the afternoon, the time he ALWAYS give to me. Three o団lock in the afternoon. Hmm)

添our mother is in the bedroom, why not ask her? (He also told me that even in his office, which is super unbelievable since mum痴 at home)

徹kay, presentation making. You should only use 3 slides. If you make it, we will hang out (What? What?! WHAT?! He痴 kidding, 3 slides aren稚 enough, mostly if it痴 all about your favourite actors and actresses in Hollywood or favourite bands or artists葉wo topics he ALWAYS give me)

And the most common of all:

的知 Busy

It痴 common and a truth since he痴 business-minded. But, duh! I, his daughter, just want to hang out with him, my father.
Okay, okay, forget my father; let痴 move to the present

敵ood morning Amber. Make sure to eat your breakfast so that you have enough energy for your interview

典hanks Mama, I really appreciate it a lot

Aww Mama is so sweet. No, she痴 not my mother. Mama is my grandmother. My mother痴 still inside the bedroom, dreaming. By the way, Grandmother is so caring and loving. I called her Mama because my parents called her so.

And I finished eating and ready to go

敵ood luck with your interview, Amber

典hanks Mama good luck to you too


敵ood luck on waking up mum, you know, maybe this time she will finally kick you.

的t is okay, Amber. If she kicked me, I will eat her breakfast. And Mama laughs. She痴 really lovely. I知 so glad I have a grandmother like her. I told her goodbye and she also told me goodbye. And I went to the company

Oh gosh, it痴 so boring in here. The walls are so plain and dull. Everyone痴 busy. I got no one to talk to but even there is someone I can talk to, I知 sure it痴 going to be just a waste of time oh gosh, why it痴 taking so long?! I知 getting impatient. I really hate the fact that I still need to undergo an interview; even my father痴 already the CEO of this company

滴ello are you an applicant too?

I almost fall from where I知 sitting when someone suddenly sat beside me and asked me that question It痴 a guy

填h, yeah, is it obvious? I answered while raising my right cheek.

徹h, I知 sorry, I thought you池e already an employee here because you look so neat and professional欄

鄭w, it痴 okay because I know I am really going to be an employee here

滴uh, yeah, base on your looks, but with that attitude様et it go He smiled while standing and walks away. GGGRRR! What he wants to point out?! That I知 not going to win the job?! I hate him. I SWEAR! HMMP! I should致e know his name, anyway, because he痴 kinda cute and his eyes are so lovely謡hat the, what痴 going on, Amber?! You hate him, right? UGH!

滴ow痴 the interview? Dad asked me while writing something on a paper. His office is, way, duller than the offices outside. It痴 so *yawns* boring

的t痴 good. The interviewer wears a very solid red lipstick. And the interview room is the same as yours, it痴 just yours are duller欄

釘efore the interview, did you meet a guy? I was totally shocked when Dad asked me that. I mean, how did he find out?!

鄭h y-yeah h-how did欄

的 guess I知 not going to fully accept you to be an employee in this company I decided that I will just hire someone to train you and improve your skills before I fully accept you so I asked Poynter to help you欄

撤oynter? Uh who痴 Poynter?

典he guy you talked to before the interview. Dad stops writing. 泥on稚 tell me you guys didn稚 have a proper conversation?

填h欄 Oh gosh, this is a disaster. I never get embarrass on things but this one really humiliates me様ike I don稚 want to show my face on that Poynter guy again謡ho is really cute, but I hate him. Dad sighs.

哲ow I know why he told me he doesn稚 want to help you I gulp. The way he said that is scary, scarier than I ever heard 釘ut I have no choice and I insist he must help you so I arranged a dinner for the both of you Here Dad handed me a small card that includes the address of the place and time. Oh gosh, I don稚 want to meet him again. Hmmp, maybe I will just go party around. Haha.

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Re: Twisted Fairytale // new fic =)

Post  nicoleaika on Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:40 pm

Chapter 2

滴ey Amber, you池e going out for a dinner, right? Your dad mentioned it to me on the phone My always-drunken Mum asked me.

添eah, wanna come with me? I知 not serious with that, kay? I don稚 want mum to come with me幼oz I知 not really going to that dinner! I知 just going to party around which is way more fun and happier oh wait, dad mentioned it to her on the phone?! Surprising. Mum and dad didn稚 really talk to each other for a long time since dad痴 busy on work and mum is, well, kinda hate to say this, kinda crazy

添ou know I don稚 want to go out of the house, right? Right. She really acts as a house-wife, a wife who just stays at home. 鄭nd by the way, I thought you池e going to a dinner, why are you wearing欄

鼎知on, it痴 okay. I snort and mum gives me a very curious look like she痴 thinking of the question are you crazy?. 典eenager! I cheer while going out of the house.

This is cool, sneaking into a party to avoid seeing a very cute guy葉hat I hate擁n a very formal restaurant. I feel so (Pause) independent! Oh wow, there are lots of cute guys here傭ut that Poynter dude is way, WAAAY, cuter than them謡hy am I thinking about that guy?! Okay Amber, it is party time, forget about that guy and dance till the sun shows up!

I知 dancing in the middle of the crowd inside the club when someone suddenly grabs my hand. I can稚 really see the face of that person because the light inside the club is flickering so fast. The person grabs me all the way to the fire exit of the club.

徹h gosh, where痴 the light? Where痴 the sound? Where are we? Where痴 the drinks?! I said in a very drunken way

滴ey, look at yourself, you Brat. You went to a club and brush aside an important dinner with me which was arranged by your father to give you a bright future!

滴uh?! What?! Dinner with you?! I don稚 even know you!

的知 Dougie, Dougie Poynter. Your dad asked me to help you with your work under his company. I nearly throw up when I heard the name Poynter. Oh no, does it mean that the guy who currently sermons me is the cute guy I met last time whom I also hate?!

添ou池e遥ou池e Dougie Poynter?! I exclaimed in a nearly normal way.

填h yeah I知 so surprise to hear that. But this is more humiliating than I ever thought! I throw up涌N HIM! Oh no, this is really embarrassing and unmemorable.

敵eez I知 so欄 I didn稚 finish apologizing and quickly run away from him. I hate everything that痴 happening right now. I failed to get a job悠 didn稚 really failed but it痴 like that, I sneaked into a party, and I threw up on a very cute guy痴 cloth. Can anything good happen to my life right now, huh? I slow down a little bit so that I can wipe the remaining vomit remains on my mouth


Oh no, it痴 him again. It痴 Dougie again預nyway, the name Dougie is so cute. I try to run again but he grabs my arm again softly.

鏑ook, I need some rest. I want to go home now. I don稚 want to cost anymore havoc today. I told him, so that I can go home now and get over this humiliation happening to me lately. He sighs and he stares at me sympathetically. His hand that grabbed my arm slowly took off of my arm

釘ut you can稚 go home like that. Your father will surely find out that you go to a club.

徹h you池e right. I grinned, as well as him. Wow. It痴 magical. What痴 currently happening is magical; his eyes, his cute vivid blue eyes; his smile, those lips that look so soft; and everything else on him, magical, very magical. Well, I should say, almost magical when I unexpectedly throw up again, on him, again. Bad timing. He gasps.


添es. I know. I知 sorry. I didn稚 expect it will come out

的 need to change. I can稚 meet your father with this look.

徹kay, go. I知 sorry again. He leisurely turned around and just before he starts walking away from me, he stops

展ait! Uhm what痴 your name again?


鄭h! Okay. Amber, where are you going now, anyway?

的 will go欄 Oops. Yeah Amber, where are you going? I put my hand on the back of my neck, rubbing it softly預 thing I never do on past, while thinking of a good place. 的悠 don稚 know

填hm do you want to come to my place? If only you want to

My jaw drops a little. I don稚 know. I just don稚 feel anything good will going to happen if I come but I sort of want to

的f you don稚 want, it痴 okay; just wait for me there and欄


滴uh? He stops talking. I really don稚 know what痴 with me right now. This Amber is definitely not Amber.

的 said, sure Sure as in as in I will come to your place now with you I said anxiously while facing downwards. I never really do this thing before遥ou know, talking to some cute guy while facing downward, I never do that, until now That痴 why everything feels so weird

鄭hh He said while nodding. 鉄o様et痴 go?

鉄ure! WHOA! This is crazy, Amber. Minutes ago I threw up on this cute guy and then suddenly I知 going to his home It痴 not that bad though, because he doesn稚 have any bad intentions悠 think傭ut still! This is crazy! I知 becoming another person right now Is it bad? Well I think擁t is good.

btw, i just want to ask if i can put a slash standalone here... -_- i have one.. i'm not sure though if i can..

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