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Post  anika on Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:33 pm

So... McFly's been entered into the contest Song of the Decade. And here are the oh-so-pleasant results:

The countdown has finally completed.
Here are McFly songs (and covers) that made it into the chart and the positions:
46. Ultraviolet-The Ballad of Paul K
42. Room on The 3rd Floor
39. Don’t Stop Me Now
37. I Wanna Hold You
35. That Girl
34. Sorry’s Not Good Enough
33. I’ll Be OK
31. Obviously
29. Do Ya – Stay With Me
26. One For The Radio
21. Baby’s Coming Back – Transylvania
18. The Heart Never Lies
16. Star Girl
14. Lies
12. All About You – You’ve Got A Friend
7. 5 Colours in Her Hair

McFly have a whopping 16 songs in the top 50 Song of The Decade poll!
Absolute Radio have been running a nationwide poll to find the Song Of The Decade. The results have been published and McFly scored an incredible 16 songs inside the top 50 – that’s 32% of the top 50 songs belong to McFly !!! Although they weren’t lucky enough to get the No.1 song of the decade (That went to the Killers for Mr Brightside), their highest scoring song was at an impressive No.7 for their debut single ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’.

and they are currently collaborating with the artist Dallas in their new album. The blog is here:

Well, I’m awake now. Wheeew, long night! I had the most amazing session last night; well, this morning, considering I went to bed at 10am. Me & the guys from MCFLYD (I added a ‘D’ because I am the newest member, D.) We have made some fuckin’ amazing music this week! It is so good to be in the studio with talented musicians as well as a group of really close friends. The spirit of creativity can only prevail at its greatest when everyone allows it, and that’s what we did!! If you haven’t seen MCFLY on YouTube, you should take a look. It’s funny.

Pretty exciting, eh? Very Happy Very Happy

Also, they're working with Taio Cruz. The blog is here:

As McFly revealed, they’re working with Taio Cruz for their new album.
Taio Cruz, who recently worked with Kylie Minogue, talked in an interview about working with McFly.

And it’s not just solo pop acts Taio has been helping out, he also revealed he’s been writing with McFly.

“I was in the studio with them last week and they play their instruments very well. They are really talented and it was easy to come up with a song together.”

More and more exciting now. Very Happy

And if you're a huge fan of Glee, be happy to know that one of the cast, Kevin McHale is a huge McFly fan.

He tweeted: "woo. caught up on sleep, I might watch mcfly live at wembley dvd now haha.. oo i need to eat, il do that first.. that was a crap tweet, sorry".
and: " i a mcfly fan? since '5 colours' five years ago.. hell yes!"

spoken like a true mcfly fan. haha.

anyway, that's it for now. I'll try posting more news when there's more. Very Happy

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