Who's David?

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Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Wed May 21, 2008 3:06 pm

TITLE: Who's David?


CHARACTERS: McFLY, Sarah, Lisa + others...

DISCLAIMER: (copied from my fic community on livejournal) I do not own McFLY, nor am I affiliated with the band, their management, etc. The stories that I write here are strictly fiction, and only fiction; none of it is real. The influence I get from these fics are mostly from songs that I listen to and other various things. I hope for the most part no one takes these fics seriously as they all are just characters from another world ...

SUMMARY: Two of the youngest members of McFLY were involved in a two-car accident. If I tell you the rest then that'll spoil everything else. Razz & oh, I'm no good with summaries..

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I finished this in ten days. This was written almost a year and a half ago, so excuse any weird grammar errors & whatnot. &, of course, this is especially edited for this forum, since there are a few bad words.

& I have to warn you -- I love leaving cliffhangers... bounce & oh Comments make me the happiest girl in the world. Very Happy



He yelled in pain as he was stuck on the left side of the car, which was greatly dented against him near his left side. His best friend was unconscious on his other side, the driver’s side, with a line of blood rolling down from his forehead, along with cuts on his face. His friend was badly injured and with that, his lips began to quiver. He cried and hoped his friend was still alive. Luckily he wasn’t hurt as much as him; just cuts and bruises were all. He just couldn’t move considering the car was smashed into a wall.

He whimpered when finally the door was opened by a paramedic. After five minutes of staying in this brutal scene, they finally arrived.

“Alright mate, I’ve got you…” The paramedic said, cautiously pulling him out of the car. He screamed with his eyes shut as he winced from the pain of his left leg. So he was badly hurt after all. The paramedic and another carried him to the stretcher. “What’s your name?”

“Dougie,” He groaned softly, still in tears. He noticed the other car that hit his friend’s was brutal as well, with the passengers inside already gone.

“What happened?” The paramedic asked.

It all happened so fast. One minute Dougie and his friend were arguing and the next thing they knew, they were hit into a wall. He was still shaken up by it so much he couldn’t figure out how to explain to them.

The paramedics understood his feelings and lied him down on the stretcher. As they strapped Dougie in and placed an oxygen mask to cover his nose and mouth, they quickly pushed him to the ambulance. He immediately panicked.

“It’s alright, lad,” The paramedic assured him again and again, and finally lifted him into the ambulance. “Your mate will be alright.”

Dougie was worried, very worried. He was mostly terrified, especially since his friend was injured the most. Finally, he was taken to the local hospital.

When Dougie got to the Acton Hospital, he was, of course, taken into emergency. Immediately he went into surgery for his leg, which they had him sleep through, and then about an hour later, he was transferred to a private room. He slowly woke up with his leg wrapped in a white cast hanging on a sling, his right hand wrapped around since he had a cut, and looking to his right from the mirror, he noticed a small cut next to his nose, under his eye and a bruise on his cheek. He also had wires and such that were mostly all over his body to a machine beside him. He wasn’t much of a mess, but it was still a horrible situation.

He was alone with a TV above him. There was a glass window that let him watch doctors pass by back and forth. Some were rushing, some were calmly walking. He continued to watch them until he noticed three familiar faces rushing to his door with the doctor following them closely as if they weren’t supposed to come in yet. Two friends, one gal; all who he loved dearly.

“Oh my God, Dougie!” The young girl cried, quickly going to him for a hug, but she was pulled back.

“No, it's not safe yet!” said one of his friends.

Dougie chuckled. It was definitely obvious he was hurt, but he was very happy to see them. He had his arms wide open for the girl, who happened to be his girlfriend, Lisa. “Come here.”

His girlfriend was bawling. She went into his arms, with her face buried in his dress gown. For some reason he’s forgotten why he was there. The doctor stood near them, with his two friends who had red eyes since they were crying.

“I’m Dr. Drake,” The doctor began to tell him, “I’ll be…”

“Danny,” Dougie looked up at the doctor, as he smoothed his girlfriend’s long reddish brown hair with his painless cast hand. “Wh-what happened to Danny?”

“He’s still in surgery, Mr. Poynter…” Dr. Drake said, “Once he’s out, I’ll keep track for you, I promise. I know that…” She glanced at the two boys and back to him. “You lot are in a band, I understand. We are doing everything that we can, alright?”

Dougie stared up at her. His eyes formed tears again. Dr. Drake just gave him a light nod.

“I’ll let you have alone time for now. After visiting hours are over I’ll go over what’s going on with you, okay?”

Dougie nodded and watched her leave. Lisa looked up at him, all red eyes from crying. She sniffled, “Thank God you’re all right.”

“What the hell happened, Doug?” Dougie looked at his two friends, Tom and Harry, who were both eager to know what happened with him and Danny earlier tonight. Dougie chewed on his bottom lip and reminisced what happened. He went into deep thought, when suddenly his lips trembled in fear. He began to cry again.

“Oh God, don’t ask now, Harry,” Lisa rested her forehead against Dougie's temple and watched her boyfriend cry quietly with his eyes closed. He was definitely not ready to tell anyone what happened. “I’m here, baby. I am…” She stroked his cheek softly and cried with him.

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Re: Who's David?

Post  carmzy_sweetness on Wed May 21, 2008 3:35 pm

This is deffo good.

Danny's dead!!! :lol! :lol! lol! kidding.

So am I going to keep falling FOREVER?


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Re: Who's David?

Post  antoinette on Wed May 21, 2008 10:18 pm

Great fic! Update soon!! =))

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Re: Who's David?

Post  bear eyes on Sat May 24, 2008 12:17 pm

ahh! what's next? what's next? *looks around and starts panicking*

cool fic. Very Happy i hope nothing bad happens to danny! O_o. update... lol!
bear eyes

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Sat May 24, 2008 3:14 pm


Visiting hours were already over, but Tom and Harry still stuck around, while they waited in the waiting room for more news about Danny. Lisa stayed in with Dougie. So far there nothing.

While Lisa was out to grab some small snacks from the hospital cafeteria, Dr. Drake came back to explain what was wrong with Dougie. She was wore thick black glasses with her caramel colored hair back halfway in a ponytail, with her white doctor uniform. She explained the obvious: broken leg, bruises and cuts, which were nothing major. He was able to leave the hospital after one stay. Dougie nodded and understood his minor problems. Then he thought of Danny.

The thought of Danny made Dougie’s throat clench. He looked up at Dr. Drake as she looked through his papers on her clipboard. “…Is there anything new with Danny?”

She sighed heavily and sympathetically. “I’m afraid not, Mr. Poynter.” Dougie turned to look away, down to his lap. “He’s in critical condition. We’re expecting things in the morning, so by the time you’re out of here you will be able to visit him.”

“Alright,” Dougie said, softly. “Thank you.”

Dr. Drake nodded and placed a hand on his shoulder. “You need your rest. You’ve been through a lot tonight.”

Dougie didn’t want to think about it. He wanted to go back in time when everything was okay. As soon as Dr. Drake left, Lisa came back in and in her hands were a Styrofoam cup of water and a blueberry muffin. She and Dougie has been dating for almost half a year now, basically because Dougie needed someone like her; fun, spontaneous, and, of course, beautiful. She smiled softly, and sat back carefully by his side. “Are you hungry?”

Dougie shook his head. He watched her put the plate of the muffin on the table next to them.

“Thirsty?” She moved the cup towards his lips to let Dougie have a drink. He gulped twice, and then pushed the cup away.

“I love you, Lisa,” Dougie said to her with honesty and meaning, which were also the first words he said all night.

“I love you too, Doug…” Lisa smiled as Dougie scooted to the farther side of the bed, so she could sit down next to him. She held Dougie’s left hand and laced her fingers with his. “I’m so grateful to have you in my life.”

Dougie sighed deeply and rested his cast hand over his face, closing his eyes. “It’s all my fault.”

“Dougie, don’t blame yourself…you were in a car accident. Both of you were hurt…”

“I shouldn’t have said anything. I shouldn’t have argued with him with where we were going and such. If I didn’t, none of this shit would’ve happened.”

“Dougie…” Lisa used her free hand and moved some of his ginger blonde bangs to the side of his face. She said softly, “What exactly happened?”

Dougie turned his head to look at her, already with tears forming in his eyes. “We were arguing because we were lost and it was dark so I told Danny to pull aside so we could figure out where the hell we were going…and he claimed he knew where we were going, but I recognized the street and I told him we were going the wrong way…” He then sniffled with his voice breaking up a bit, “I said some pretty harsh words when he just decided to hit me with his hands off the wheel…” His voice became softer and his lips began to tremble again, “That was when it happened.”

Lisa’s eyes were getting watery too. She squeezed Dougie’s hand a little tighter. Who knew an idiotic argument could get into something horrible?

“It happened so fast, you know?” Dougie chuckled just a tad and shook his head. He remembered the screams and shouts of him and Danny and the loud crash between Danny’s car and the other. “…We were a tad drunk like how we would be, just driving home from a night at the club.” He then cut himself off, looking directly at her. “…If…if Danny’s…if Danny’s gone.”

“Oh, Doug, he’s not going to…don’t think like that, please?” Lisa’s lips quivered with a tear falling from her right eye. She stared at Dougie and locked her blue green eyes with his deep blue with a frown.

“But if he is,” Dougie took a deep breath, “I’m never going to forgive myself.”

Lisa began to cry quietly, looking away. Danny wasn’t just one of Dougie’s best friends; he was also one of Lisa’s best family friends. Dougie was now into deep thought again and for the rest of the night, they sat there silently until Dougie wanted to lie down and rest.

“Danny?...Danny, if you can hear me…” A young girl sat near the bed and held Danny’s hand tightly. Her face streamed with tears, and her make up followed the tears trail. She watched Danny lying still in bed, sleeping peacefully, although the doctors had told her he was still unconscious. He had a white bandage wrapped around his head, along with one broken arm and a few broken ribs. Hopeless, the girl stared at him with her sad brown eyes, while she stroked the side of his freckled face with her free hand. It had a small bruise shown.

It was just the next morning and she, by the name of Alex, had been in that same position since last night. She watched her ex-boyfriend, Danny, lie still, as she waited for him to wake up. Ever since she heard about the accident, she immediately canceled her date with her new boyfriend, and rushed to see how Danny was doing. Still, nothing.

She chewed on her lips when she heard a soft knock from the door frame. Turning back she saw the figures of Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd, both whose eyes were puffy and red from crying so much last night. She frowned and let go of Danny’s hand, got up, and greeted them with hugs.

“Nothing yet?” Tom asked as he ruffled his own short bleached blonde hair after giving her a hug.

Alex sighed sadly, “No…” She gave a quick hug to Harry, who tucked a lock of her black hair behind her ear. “He’s breathing and that’s a good thing.”

Harry sighed in relief and rubbed his face with his hands. “God, this is such a mess…”

“I know it is,” Alex frowned. Harry looked at Danny with his piercing blue eyes with anxiousness inside of him. Hell, they all were. “Ho-How’s Dougie?”

“He’s released soon,” Tom said, “Lisa’s with him right now. He seems to be doing pretty well…”

“He’s traumatized, Tom,” Harry looked at him, “I’ve spoken with him early this morning…he feels guilty.”

“Well he shouldn’t, mate…he should be glad he’s all right.”

“I know, but…” Harry sighed, “He feels guilty because he thinks it was his fault for this to happen.”

“Oh.” Tom and Alex frowned at the thought, when they noticed Lisa with Dougie and crutches just as they entered.

“Hey Doug,” Alex smiled softly. She made an attempt to give him a hug. He was standing outside the hall.

“Go on in…” Dougie motioned them with his hand to Danny’s room. “I-I’ll…go in later.”

At that moment, Lisa was staring closely at Danny, slowly beginning to gasp. “Guys, look.”

And everyone did. Danny’s face was scrunching, his legs were moving slowly, and his fingers were bending.

“Oh my God…” Alex, Harry, and Tom went further to the bed. Lisa went to go grab a nearby doctor. Dougie leaned back on the see-through glass window, with his back faced away from the room. He wasn’t ready to face him yet. Instead, he listened in.

Danny’s eyes slowly fluttered open, with his icy blue eyes to the three. They smiled with joy, but he was utterly confused. He searched them with his eyes, unable to figure out who they were. He furrowed his eyebrows and breathed, “…Who are you?”

Harry said with a nervous chuckle, “Danny mate, it’s us…Harry, Tom, and Alex.”

He shook his head, and spoke slowly. “I don’t…know you.”

“Danny…” Alex began to worry; in fact they all began to worry.

“He’s awake?” Dr. Drake came in quickly with Lisa.

“Yes, but why is he con-confused? why does he look that way?” Tom asked very, very curiously. “Why is he acting like that?”

“Dr. Johnson never told you?” She looked at the three, who now had the same expression on Danny's face. She stared blankly at them and slowly took a deep breath. “…I don’t think you’re going to like this.”

“Just tell us.” Harry demanded with a sigh.

“His brain was slightly damaged during the accident. So...therefore...he has amnesia.”

Out in the hall, Dougie froze. He now felt more horrible than ever.

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Re: Who's David?

Post  carmzy_sweetness on Sat May 24, 2008 3:38 pm

Amnesia!!! Dang!!! How can he play the guitar then?!?

Well..at least that's better than dying.

Update soon! Very Happy

So am I going to keep falling FOREVER?


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Re: Who's David?

Post  bear eyes on Sat May 24, 2008 3:53 pm

*gasp* oh no, amnesia. Neutral

update soon. Joy!
bear eyes

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Re: Who's David?

Post  meah XD on Sat May 24, 2008 10:08 pm

danny has amnesia?! Does that mean he'll be smart? Razz Nooo... but as long as he can play the guitar... maybe it'll be fine. Approve!

UPDATE SOON!! Joy! Rock On!
meah XD

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Re: Who's David?

Post  bear eyes on Sat May 24, 2008 11:22 pm

meah XD wrote: Does that mean he'll be smart? Razz
lol! lol! lol!
bear eyes

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Re: Who's David?

Post  meah XD on Sun May 25, 2008 4:40 pm

Hahaha Joy! lol!

Ahhh!! I read the whole story in Live Journal!! It was soo...Great!! Approve! Rock On! clap

But I'm still gonna read it here. Even though I know what's gonna happen next. Razz

meah XD

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Sun May 25, 2008 4:42 pm

meah XD wrote:Hahaha Joy! lol!

Ahhh!! I read the whole story in Live Journal!! It was soo...Great!! Approve! Rock On! clap

But I'm still gonna read it here. Even though I know what's gonna happen next. Razz


haha; it's more updated/edited here. Razz

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Re: Who's David?

Post  meah XD on Sun May 25, 2008 4:44 pm

fictionette wrote:
meah XD wrote:Hahaha Joy! lol!

Ahhh!! I read the whole story in Live Journal!! It was soo...Great!! Approve! Rock On! clap

But I'm still gonna read it here. Even though I know what's gonna happen next. Razz


haha; it's more updated/edited here. Razz

really? okay. I'll read it again!! cheers Joy!
meah XD

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Wed May 28, 2008 4:05 pm


About an hour later, neither of the band mates of Danny Jones wanted to see Danny if he didn’t even remember who they were. These four boys are in a band called McFLY, and they are very massive in the UK. After last night’s incident, it felt as if they had gone downhill.

Dr. Drake walked out in the hall into the living room, where Dougie, Harry, and Tom waited for more details on Danny. Alex had gone home and Lisa didn’t want to leave Dougie’s side. They all turned their attention to Dr. Drake, in hope for some kind of miracle to happen.

“I’m afraid it’s mild,” Dr. Drake sighed heavily.

“Is there any cure for it?” Harry asked.

Dr. Drake shook her head, “There is never any cure for amnesia, although it’s something you lot would have to do.”

“Well, what do you mean?” Tom shook his head lightly with a squint in his eyes, a bit confused.

“…In a case like this, you’ll have to work together in order to get his memory back.”

That was when all their eyes lit up, except Dougie’s. “…There’s a way to get Danny back?”

“Yeah, it may take forever, but it’s worth a shot.”

Tom and Harry both sighed in relief and smiled at each other. Dougie managed a small smile.

“Now, my advice is to bring Mr. Jones back to where he came from. Then, you work your way until he finally remembers his life. You’ve got to act quickly.”

“Right, thank you.” Tom got up, shook Dr. Drake’s hand, and watched her leave. Tom sighed and turned to look at Dougie and Harry.

“Mate…what’re we going to do about the band?” Harry wondered out loud, “Our…music. We’re nearly going to put out our third album.”

Tom stared. What were they going to do? Dougie’s injured and Danny’s with amnesia. He sighed deeply, “Well, we can’t just have you and I on guitar and drums.”

“…Maybe we need a break.” Dougie added. “As harsh as it sounds, we can’t find replacements for the band, hell no. Danny’s one of our main people in the band and…we can’t. It will take a while and we might just lose Danny anyway.”

“You’re right, we can’t do that…” Tom stroked his chin softly with his two fingers in deep thought. “…We’ve got to tell Fletch, though. He's not going to be happy.”

“And what will we tell the press?” Harry looked up at him.

“No way.” Tom immediately said, “We can’t let them know our big dilemma. Even if they do know, we’re going to stay quiet about it. We’re just going to get our Danny back.”

“I miss him already…” Lisa butted him with a soft sigh.

Dougie wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. He just watched Lisa wrap her arms around him with her head rested on his shoulder. He frowned.

A nurse wearing teal pants and a flowery blouse came by and told them all that they could come and see Danny. They all hesitated.

“It’s now or never.” Tom said, “We gotta act quickly, remember?”

“Yeah, well…” Dougie began to get up slowly, with the help of Lisa. “I just wanna go home.”

“Wait, you’re not gonna see Danny?”

Dougie rested his underarms on the top of the crutches, sighing. “I don’t think I’m ready to face him yet…”

“But Doug, he’s—”

“No, no…it’s alright, Tom.” Harry cut Tom off and nodded. “Let him…”

“I’ll go home with you,” Lisa offered. She stood up next to him. “Yours and Danny’s families are barely arriving at your place right now, so…you should be expecting them.”

They both head to the elevator, while it was now only Tom and Harry who went over to see Danny, even if it was hard for them. Even if he doesn’t remember, they have to face that fact and try their best to get their best mate back.

The nurse led them back into Danny’s room. Danny winced as he slowly shifted his position into sitting and looked at the two. The nurse informed them that Danny claimed his name was different and that they should start over by introducing themselves. Later in the progress, they could start with his life at home and life with the band.

Tom and Harry both understood while they stared at Danny as the nurse left them alone. Danny stared back and started with a slow smile after he moved his eyes back and forth with them. “Hello…do I know you?”

“Um, yea-” Tom began to say. But Harry elbowed him softly in the arm. He reminded him to start over. “Oh, right…I’m Tom.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Tom.” Danny lifted up his hand for Tom to shake. “I’m David.”

“Ah, Harry.” Harry shook Danny’s hand next, as he glanced quickly back to Tom. “Nice to meet you too…David.”

Tom watched as David and Harry continue to have a small conversation. Dr. Drake was right; just a mild amnesia. But still, it was complicated and already stressful for them to take: he, Harry, and Dougie have to talk with their manager, Fletch, get Danny back home, and try to get his memory back. All of this seemed not too bad, but really, it was something huge to deal with.


David woke up in an unfamiliar room at an unfamiliar house the next morning. He figured they must have switched him from the hospital to another place after he had gone to sleep. Slowly, he moved cautiously to sit up by one arm since his right one was in a cast on a sling. He groaned softly and felt some pain that spread around his body. Luckily he can move his legs, but he wondered how long it will get him to heal.

He looked around the room more and found posters and framed pictures that nearly covered up the blue-colored wall, a lot of which he doesn’t recognize. They all intrigued him so much, he wanted to know so much more about what these pictures meant, especially picture above the opened door. He looked above the poster with four smiling young men dressed in a black suit, white collared shirt and a black tie. Below were the words: “McFLY.”

He then realized he felt something slightly heavy lying on his lap. He looked down to it and found a type of photo album that says ‘Daniel Alan David Jones’ with a picture that looks like him above those words. Furrowing his eyebrows, he took his free hand, and picked up the album that was light-weighted to him now, and studied it hard. So this was Danny, the person everyone says he claimed to be. If only he could remember who he truly was, but at the moment he was blank.

As he placed the album back on his lap and pushed the hardcover to flip it over to the other side, he heard footsteps climb up the stairs. Looking up straight ahead down the small hall, he noticed a young girl his age coming forward while she fidgeted with her fingers in front of her. He took a good look at her slimming figure; her nearly pale colored skin that matches her solid dark purple v-neck shirt and dark denim blue jeans. Her watery brown eyes stared at his direction while she bit her bottom rosy colored lips. Her shoulder-length brunette colored wide curly hair was all over, but all that mattered to him was that she was beautiful.

She was crying as she walked closer to David to the left side. She knew crying wouldn’t help him heal, but she couldn’t help it. David turned his head to his left and said, “Hi.”

She managed to smile and covered her mouth. She was just happy to hear his voice, but was still saddened that he doesn’t remember their recent past. She tried to keep a serious face, considering he’s definitely out of the loop. “…I’m Sarah.”

“Sarah?” David repeated, “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

Sarah’s cheeks were turning bright pink, smiling softly. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do.”

Sarah was in awe, staring down to him. She was now fidgeting with the black pick necklace she had around her neck. David moved his eyes down to it, tilting his head slightly. She followed his direction, noticing his stare with the plectrum.

“What you got there?” David asked.

“A plectrum that…someone special gave me.” Sarah explained.

“Oh. How special is he?”

“V-Very. He’s…he’s well ill at the moment, so I-I…I keep it on me to pray for him.”

“I see. Well, I hope he gets better soon.”

“I hope so, too.”

“Sarah,” Sarah and David heard a woman’s voice at the door. They both turned and found two women waiting nearby. One of them was a nurse, who happens to be Sarah’s mum, and the other was Danny’s. Both were wearing casual clothes, smiling softly at her.

“Right…” Sarah sighed, looking back at David. She, for the first time, placed her hand on his cheek and stroked it softly with her thumb. “I’ll see you.”

David puts her hand over his gently, nodding softly. Slowly slipping her hand away from his, Sarah turned away, passing the women by. Her lips quivered, beginning to cry again as she walks down the stairs. She was met by the band and Lisa in the parlor, who all waited patiently on everyone who was going to see David.

“Oh Sarah…” Lisa frowned and got up as she gave Sarah a hug. She was also Sarah’s best friend, and the source from how she and Danny met. Why Sarah was affected with this as much as everyone else? She was Danny’s crush; one who he’d pester to take her out on a date, one who he hated at first, but ended up loving and never showed, until maybe now.

“I can’t explain…” Sarah shook her head, pouting. “He looks so helpless…”

“We’re going to try to get him back, all right?” Tom assured her. Harry took a deep breath and pressed his lips together while he looked at Dougie, who had his crutches leaned on the armrest of the couch as he was sitting next to it. He slouched and looked away carelessly at the scene he watched right in front of him.

“Doug,” Harry called out. After one slow blink, Dougie turned his head to look at him. “Why don’t you go pay a little visit to see Danny?”

“It’s David and no.” Dougie sighed and looked away again.

Harry stared at him. “You’re scared.”

Dougie continued to avoid eye contact with his fellow friends. His eyes began to get a little watery. He sensed Harry move over to sit next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Doug…he’s a brother to us. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?” Harry’s eyes began to get watery too. “You didn’t do anything. It was another car’s fault.”

“But we were bickering, Harry.” Dougie finally faced Harry; his face was streaming with tears. “I feel like that’s what caused it. I feel so guilty for making him have his eyes off the road and after suddenly we were hit…”

Harry frowned, “You’ll be able to apologize soon…”

“Now? Dude, he has amnesia. I can’t say things he doesn’t know.”

“Maybe if you’d try he’d understand,” Tom butted in, standing in front of them. “In spite of his memory loss he’ll realize how much he means to you, Doug…that’s basically our plan: try and get his memory back on track before it’s too late.”

Dougie pouted, but at the same time he liked the idea. Whatever they could all do to get their Danny back, he was up for it. It won’t be easy, but since he was the one who was with him during the accident, he decided to be the first to spend time with him, little by little, while each and everyone else would do the same thing. He just hoped that this wouldn’t take forever, considering how thick Danny is.

Danny’s mom came downstairs. Tom and Sarah went over to her and wondered why she was already all cried out.

“…We’ve just gone through his photo album…” She began to say, smiling to herself. “He was asking all these questions…”

“Anything?” Tom asked.

“He looked as if he was trying so hard to remember, although he still claimed to be ‘David’.” She sighed. Sarah’s mom came down afterwards and looked around the room.

“So…who’s next?”

Dougie raised his hand up slowly and looked at her. “Me.”

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Re: Who's David?

Post  kaisthelimit on Wed May 28, 2008 4:50 pm

this is gooood
me likey this fic Very Happy
danny having an amnesia?
how good is that?
and sad Sad
oh i mean DAVID Razz
more please
thank you Very Happy

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Re: Who's David?

Post  mcflyJBdarch on Wed May 28, 2008 6:49 pm

nice fic. :)cant wait for the nexxt part.. Smile

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Re: Who's David?

Post  meah XD on Wed May 28, 2008 9:39 pm

Amnesia... the only chance of Danny becoming smart. XD Hahaha lol!

UPDATE!! I wanna read the story again eh.. Approve! Rock On! PBJT! Joy!
meah XD

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Thu May 29, 2008 2:24 pm

five .

Dougie was helped by Sarah’s mum and Lisa climbing the stairs due to the fact that his leg was in a cast. When he reached Danny’s room, he found David looking through the photo album more carefully. He took a deep breath, moving slowly with his crutches. David looked as if he was trying really hard to remember that he was Danny Jones.

Dougie gulped, “Hey.”

David looked up, raising his eyebrows, “Oh, hey mate…I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

Dougie stared at him for a long time. He knew David wouldn’t know, but it felt as if Danny was upset with him and he’d pretend he didn’t know him. “I’m Dougie.”

David nodded, closed the book, and noticed the cast on his leg. “…You’ve hurt yourself, didn’t you?”

“Y-Yeah…” Dougie went forward, “…You were with me when it happened.”

“Was I? I’ve not a clue if I remembered.”

“It’s what led you to forgetting, David…” Dougie said slowly, looking down. “And it was my fault.”

“Oh…” David nodded, still looking at him.

Dougie pressed his lips together, beginning to turn away. It wasn’t working.

“Where you going, mate?”

“Danny, come back…” Dougie turned back, his lips beginning to tremble.

“Dougie…” Lisa and the nurse came forward to try and hold Dougie before he moved further.

“I’m serious…please? I’m sorry. I’m sorry for our stupid fights. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for the accident, okay?” Dougie’s eyes began to water. He raised his voice a little. “Don’t stay like this!”

“Doug, it’s going to take time!” Lisa cried softly and brought Dougie back with his crutches. At the same time David was confused, still not understanding it all. He just stared, feeling sympathy for him.

“Danny…” Dougie began to cry softly as Lisa and the nurse turned back on David, now headed back downstairs.

David frowned, watching them until he wasn’t able to see them anymore. He continued to examine the room, studying the pictures that were on the walls. There was one big poster of this beauty young blonde girl with her nose pierced. He tilted his head, squinting to see her name on the poster.

“Joss Stone…” David read aloud, raising his eyebrows. She was a real beauty. He wondered if he met her yet.

Continuously he searched around the room, and searched for more answers that he had so many questions to. So far his mind still seemed to be malfunctioning. He had not yet figured out who he was yet. But then again it was just the first day.

A few minutes later, food was brought to him in a tray by Harry and Tom, who he recognized from the hospital earlier. He did remember though, another pretty lady like Sarah (though not as much prettier than her) was with them.

“Where’s…” David began to say as they both sat between him, with the tray on his lap.

“Where’s…Dougie?” Harry asked, finishing his sentence.

“N-No, that girl…”


David shook his head.

“Lisa.” Tom jumped in, yet David still shook his head.

“Your mum?”

“No, no.” David still shook his head, “That girl who was with you lot at the hospital yesterday?”

“Oh, Alex.” Tom figured it out. “She’s…M.I.A…”


“Missing in action.”


“Why, did you want to see her?”

“No, I’ve just not seen her at all.”

“She’s, erm…busy…” Harry scratched the back of his head, looking down to David’s food. “Oh, well…your mum, Kathy, cooked you a meal today. Your favorite.”

“Yeah, home made cooking from yours truly.” Tom managed to smile, “Spag Bols.”

Harry stuck a fork on one piece, serving David. David took a bite, chewing with his mouth closed. He nodded, “Mm…this is good.”

“Mouth watering, isn’t it?” Harry chuckled, continuing to serve him the food. Tom served him water. He glanced at Harry, not wanting to think that it was hopeless. Harry frowned lightly with sad eyes, hoping that David could at least remember something by the end of the day.

Sarah came in with a couple of napkins. David was chewing on, with his attention on Sarah. Sarah smiled softly, biting her bottom lip. She was cooled off from crying and she could hopefully now get used to this for a while.

“You lot forgot these.” Sarah placed the napkins on the tray. David took in her scent as she was nearly inches from his face.

“You smell nice,” David watched her as she stood back.

Sarah blushed, “Thank you.” She felt as if that was a Danny side rather than a David side. She began to turn back to the door.

Harry was about to serve his last Spag Bol, when David said, “Can I ask you out?”

Sarah stopped in her tracks, turning to David again. She smiled, “Once you’re out of bed.”

“Oh, I’ll heal just in time for you.”

Sarah folded her arms. “Sounds like a plan.”

“You bet it is.” He grinned.

That grin, the one Danny always used whenever he teased her, was also the one that annoyed her. She managed to smile, tucking her hair behind her ear as she turns to leave.

“You like her mate?” Harry asked, finally serving David his last Spag Bol.

“I might sound crazy, but…” David looked at Harry as he was chewing his food. “I see her in my dreams. She’s like…the girl of my dreams or something.”

Harry blinked, looking over to Tom. Tom looked back, slowly with his mouth hanging. Both knew exactly the main goal to get Danny back.

“Do I know her?”

“She’s…” Tom paused, wondering if he should say it, but later he didn’t. “…The girl of your dreams?”

That got David to thinking. Harry stared at Tom oddly, but Harry figured out that David would have to figure it out for himself. Hopefully.

six .

“Are you sure you want to do this, Tom…Harry,” McFLY’s manager, Fletch asked backstage, before they headed on stage to a huge press conference waiting for them. They sensed flashes of cameras through the curtains and reporters all chatting amongst to themselves.

“Yeah, we’re sure…” Tom nodded, taking a deep breath. Harry patted Tom’s shoulder, signaling that he’s ready to face the press. It was already three days since Danny and Dougie were released from the hospital. Tom and Harry both spoke with Fletch just yesterday about the conditions with their two band mates and their whole band. Sadly, Fletch understood their decisions and whatever to come next, he supported them.

“Let’s do this,” Harry eyed Tom and vice versa, giving each other man hugs before going up on stage. Who knows if either one of them broke down. Tom was first to walk out, followed by Harry. It was just them two.

The room grew quiet as they walked in and were introduced through a microphone by Fletch. All they heard were cameras clicking as they flashed so quickly. Tom and Harry waved lightly as they made way towards two chairs behind a small long table.

“You may start now, Tom.” Fletch said.

“Right,” Tom said, “So the reason why we called this press conference was that due to recent events, the band have decided that we’re going on break. We don’t know how long it will be, but we’re going to try our best to figure out how we’re going to deal with ourselves for a while and…” He looked at Harry, who was signaling him to go on. “…Yeah, that’s it basically.”

Harry continued to look at Tom. Is that all Tom’s going to tell the press? He could tell that Tom just didn’t want the whole world how hurt he was to lose someone like a brother to him.

It was then when the press began to ask questions. Where was Dougie? Where was Danny? What happened to them? Were they the ones in the car accident? What’s going to happen to the band now? All of these questions Tom didn’t want to answer. He pulled himself from his seat and got up. Harry gulped and watched him, unable to do or say anything. But right when Tom moved away from his seat, Harry grabbed a hold of his wrist.

“Dougie and Danny were in the accident,” Harry began to say, “…Just a few days ago.”

Tom froze. He could feel himself shake. He didn’t think he could take this. He let Harry make him sit back down, facing the many reporters who were longing for some answers.

“They were hit by another car, which…collided with them as they crashed into the wall…” As Harry said those words, Tom was trying to fight back tears. So was Harry. “And…Dougie wasn’t…too bad, but Danny…Danny…”

At that moment, Harry turned away, closing his eyes. He was unable to finish his sentence.

“…Danny’s got amnesia.” Tom said, staring at the table as if he was in a daze. Many of the reporters and photographers were in shock. Flashes of cameras stopped flashing, reporters stopped asking questions, and the whole room grew dead silent. Harry just began to cry silently, looking at Tom with his eyes turning red around as if Tom had no expression on his face.

Dougie watched Tom and Harry on National Television in the parlor of the Jones’ house, at their emergency press conference. Oh if he’d give anything to be there right now, just be there with his mates. He had tears in his eyes too. It was still a hard time for them after nearly a week, even if they acted if they were still the happiest people. After that press conference, he knew that everyone will wonder if they will get their main pop star back.

At the same time, David was coming down the stairs, slowly. He had been progressing on healing with his broken ribs. The doctors said it wasn’t too major, and he’d be better in about a week and a half. So, he’d walk slowly around his room and sleep. It was all he had been doing for the past days, and of course…getting his memory back.

David was beginning to remember who the people in his posters were; Joss Stone, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, The Who—but he didn’t remember why he liked them yet. Daily, he’d been flipping through the photo album, trying to figure out who the people were in the pictures and what event was taken place. He still hasn’t finished looking through the room yet, but still—he was making progress.

But the one picture he kept staring into, the one with four boys and the boy that looked identical to him, though with straight hair; he was still trying to figure out why he knew those boys and how they were together. Seeing them now made him figure that they all must have been very close.

David slowly went into the room, watching Tom and Harry leave behind the curtain on TV. “Hey, isn’t that…”

Dougie was startled slightly in his seat. He knew David was behind him and sighed. He turned his head, looking at David, curious and clueless. That’s how Danny was, ironically.

“They’re—they’re announcing a break for our band.” Dougie couldn’t bring himself to finish that sentence, but he tried.

“Band?” David walked towards more slowly became of his ribs, wincing slightly and slowly sitting down on the couch next to Dougie.

“McFLY.” Dougie blinked with more tears escaping his eyes. Danny stared at him, surprised by the look of his face and his tears. “We…we’re like brothers. Me, Danny, Tom, and Harry. Nothing could stop us from being friends, nor break the band apart.”

“We must be rather close then,” David said with a soft chuckle.

The thought of ‘We’ made Dougie sniffle with a frown. Finally David was beginning to understand and learn who Danny was; himself.

David bit his inner lip, still looking at Dougie, “…I’m going to try, Dougie. It seems that I’m this ‘Danny Jones’, but I found myself to be called ‘David’. At least…that’s what I’ve seen in my dream…”

“Dream…” Dougie said to himself, hopeful of what this dream was about. “What kind of dream?”

“Oh it’s…” David waved his hand lightly in front of him. “It’s something…I still need to figure out. I-I’ll tell you when I’m ready. Alright, mate?”

Dougie gave him a slow nod, having curiousness inside of him. What was this dream he was on about? Did it happen to be relating to Danny, perhaps?

“David, now…what are you doing down here?” Sarah came in from the kitchen with her hands on her hips. Sarah was taking over for her mom, considering she was the house nurse that was to take care of David. Also, Sarah seemed to be getting used to taking care of David nowadays. Lately, David’s been flirting with her more and more, which made her reminisce those times Danny would do, making her sad. But in reality, he’s still there. She just had to get David to realize he’s really Danny Jones.

“I was just having a chat with Dougie, love.” David grinned at her as he helped carry him up, taking him back up to his room, “Oh…I’m out of bed.”

Sarah giggled softly, shaking her head. “Not yet, dear.”

Dougie chuckled, slightly amused at the scene that he had just saw. What he saw was nearly a Danny moment. It was slowly working, though he wished it was faster; faster than the speed of light so he and Danny could be idiots again.

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Thu May 29, 2008 2:24 pm

seven . [My favorite chapter Very Happy]

“Oh, you are lovely.” Sarah laughed, having a cup of tea with David. Surprisingly, David was all cleaned up, no cuts, no bruises—no broken arm!

“Not as lovely as you,” David wiggled his eyebrows, flashing his smile at her. Both were dressed up in some backyard surrounded by a garden of flowers. David was wearing a black suit while Sarah had a pink dress on, blushing at his remark.

“Boy, you are rather cheesy.” Sarah blushed, having white gloves on as she puts her hands on her face, smiling cutely at him.

“Only when it comes to you, beautiful,” David took her hand, kissing it lightly. Sarah blushed even more. He then slipped her glove off, slipping in a shiny ring on her left ring finger. Sarah gasped lightly as David let go of her hand, smiling at her.

“Danny…” Sarah said, and that was when David figured something wasn’t quite right in this scene.

“Marry me?...” David said with his voice trailing off as Sarah just burst out laughing, looking at David.

“In your dreams, love…”

Love, love, love…

David jolted awake, now in a different room, in a different bed. Just yesterday, they brought him to another unfamiliar house, which, of course, he hadn’t recognized, but since he was better with his ribs, they thought they had better get a move on for him to remember another place Danny lived in.

The room was almost as similar as to the one he’s slept in a couple of days before. The bright light shines down to him through the see-through curtains, making him squint his eyes and dodge his arm in front his face. He was wide awake.

Looking around the room, he first sees an acoustic guitar. Getting out of bed, he went over to it, crouching down and running his two free fingers down its fingerboard. Right when he touched it, a sudden flashback of screaming fans were screaming at him, playing the guitar and singing. He jumped away from the guitar, confused. No way was he a legend on that guitar…

Not wanting to think about that memory, he slowly got himself up, looking around more of the room. He didn’t even want to think about that dream he kept having with Sarah. Was it that Danny was in love with her? Was it that Sarah didn’t love him back? So many questions gone through his head, he just wants all of this mystery to be solved.

“Well you’re up early.” Sarah came into the room, just in her pajamas. She looked as if she barely combed her hair. This time, it was straight than curly. David looked at her and smiled.

“Yeah…couldn’t go back to bed.” David was now facing in front a big poster of McFLY, again seeing the image of himself; Danny. Next to the picture was a big CD, where the CD says it has gone platinum. “…Room on the Third Floor.”

“McFLY’s debut,” Sarah stood next to him, admiring it as well. “They were well amazing.”

“So Danny’s a musician.”

“You’re all musicians; hence that guitar over there. He’s amazing in that…” Sarah stared at the guitar and sighed. “Really amazing.”

“Has he ever written a song about you, love?”

“Who, Danny?”


Sarah looked up at him, shaking his head. “I wouldn’t doubt he has. He’s been in love with me for ages...I’ve just never gave him a chance.”

David figured who gave her the plectrum in her necklace. “Danny gave you that didn’t he? The plectrum.”

“Oh,” Sarah smiled to herself, starting to fidget with the plectrum with her hand. “Yeah, it’s the one he’d always take with him everyday.”

“But I’m confused…”

“Why are you confused?”

“If you never gave Danny a chance, yet you’ve got that pretty little thing round your neck.”

“He’s…” Sarah paused, trying to explain a better reason, “…It’s…it’s complicated.”

“But you love him.”

“Yes…more than I should, actually.”

“Would you give me a chance, then?”

“Maybe.” Sarah looked at him again. “You’ve got that Danny Jones in you that I first hated…”

“But I could be different.” David said, facing her.


“You’ll see.”

“Ooh, are you Mr. Secretive now?” Sarah raised her eyebrows, folding her arms.

“I can be. Just wait till our first date. I’ll knock your socks off.” David smirked, moving a little closer. “I am out of bed now, aren’t I?”

Sarah grinned with a giggle, covering her mouth at how David was slowly making his way to get to her, almost just like Danny would, but she’d refuse. This time, she’ll take it. She nodded, “You are indeed.”

David flashed that Danny smile, “Now…I’ve sadly not know any fancy place around…so, wherever you’d like, I’ll take you.”

eight .

Tom, Dougie, and Harry were all in Danny’s home studio, showing David around. Though David did remember how to use the computer and such, the boys were all in hope that Danny is coming back sooner than they think.

“Danny must seem wicked with this stuff,” David said, running his fingers along the computer keyboard, when another flashback came into his head; he and who he saw Dougie and Harry were dancing to music crazily. A camera was facing them, and they were pretending to be gangster. Quickly moving his hand away, he turned the chair to face the boys, who were all in confusion.

“You all right, mate?” Harry asked, concerned.

“Yeah, wicked…” David looked back at the keyboard, leaning forward and looking at it closely.

“Oh, we’ve got a song for you to listen to…” Tom began to say, “Danny wrote this a while back; think you could have some thoughts about it.”

“All right,” David nodded, watching Tom beginning to play the song on the radio. He, Dougie, and Harry watched closely.

A guitar intro came in the beginning. David was already impressed.

“Life’s getting harder, day by day
And I don’t know what to do or say
And my mind is growing weak every step I take
It’s uncontrollable, now they think I’m fake…”

David listened closely, his eyes squinting. It felt as if he’s heard this song before.

“Cause I’m not alone
No, no, no
But I’m not alone
No, no, no…

I’m not alone…

He suddenly went into deep thought. Another flashback came into his head: a continuation of what happened when he touched that guitar. He had a harmonica, and the guitar sitting in front of him, facing thousands of fans screaming at him, yet he can’t remember how the song goes. This had the boys all in hope.

Then a different thought came; the girl Alex came in the picture, just as he saw her in bed with another guy. He didn’t know how or why or when, but as soon as he shook it off his head, he got up and left the room, brushing past the three. Tom and Harry followed him after while Dougie slowly moved to the radio with a sigh, turning it off.

“David,” Tom said, watching David going back into Danny’s room, tucking himself in bed like a little boy.

“I’d like some time for myself, please?” David requested, and Tom and Harry just nods at him and left.

Meanwhile, while Harry closed the door to the corridor, Dougie was coming over with his crutches.

“Hey, what happened?” Dougie asked, “Did he remember?”

Harry shook his head, “He wouldn’t say.”

“He’s probably in some kind of mix of confusion right now, which happens at times…” Tom shrugged.

And David was. He listened to them through the door from the bed. Were they all supposed to come back all at once and confuse him even more? He got that he was a musician, but what about his love life? What about everything else?

Hearing the three boys cautiously going down the stairs, David got out of bed and stared at the guitar again. His arm was healing and for some reason he had the urge to play. He bit his lip and sat on the floor Indian style, taking a grip of the fingerboard and carefully putting it in position. He wondered if he could actually play, but what song would he start playing?

David leaned back on the side of the bed, strumming the guitar softly with his left hand. He held the fingerboard with his right fingers, furrowing his eyebrows at the familiar tune. He continued to play this melodic, calm lullaby-like tune, not knowing how he knew how to play it. He liked it.

“Such a long, long way to go…” He suddenly sang softly to himself, then stopped. What was he doing? Is this…Danny like?

He heard running steps coming up the stairs. Quickly, he put the guitar back, going on the bed and covering himself. Tom opened the door, looking around.

“I thought I…” Tom looked at David, who looked as if he was confused as well. “Never mind…sorry. I’ll let you go.”

Tom closed the door again, and David took a deep breath of relief. Pieces of the puzzle that he has been trying to solve in his mind were about to come clear, but there were just so many more that he still needs to figure out.

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Thu May 29, 2008 2:30 pm

nine .

David went to the local shopping mall with Sarah later that day. Sarah’s mom told her to take him to stores that Danny would lurk around. Although at times there were many girls who were giving David stares, David just stayed close with Sarah, taking her hand. Sarah smiled.

“They’re your fans, D.” Sarah told him, nodding to the girls by a big water fountain.

“Fans?” David looked at Sarah, “I thought they were trying to steal me from you.”

Sarah laughed, “Believe me, there are many girls you’d rather have than me.” Sarah went in a random women’s clothing store, and David followed.

“That’s not true.”

Sarah was looking at a nice white halter top, sighing. She looked at David, who looked obviously serious with that remark. “Danny would.”

“Well I say he wouldn’t now, because he’s right here,” David stared at her, “You’re all he wants.”

Sarah tilted her head, facing him. “…Danny?”

David then frowned. “I wish.”

“Ugh, don’t scare me like that.” Sarah turned her head away.

“But I’m serious,” David placed his hand on her face and moved it to face him. “…If he pestered you for ages, what would you think if he would just carry on with another bird?”

Sarah stared, for some reason her eyes beginning to water. She chuckled, “I just thought he’d be joking if he asked me out.”

“Well I doubt that. You’re just too amazing to not.”

This was such a Danny thing to say. Sarah wonders if Danny now was just being his silly self, having his memory back and pretending to still have amnesia. But then again, she knew Danny wasn’t good at keeping secrets, so she was probably fooling herself.

David smiled at her, stroking her soft face with his hand. “Are we still on for our date?”

“Yeah,” Sarah smiled back, taking his hand slowly. “I have the perfect place.”

“Niice,” David couldn’t help but continue to stare at her, which she didn’t seem to mind, because she was also staring at the face of Danny Jones. Sarah then fidgeted with her plectrum again, which David thought it was cute. Maybe it was something Danny liked too.

Then David noticed a familiar young woman walk in after Sarah looked away with a blush; one who he saw in his flashback earlier. Dyed auburn brown straight hair and brown eyes, with that same guy figure he saw with her. He glared. Sarah noticed, glaring as well.

“I think we should go…” Sarah took David’s hand. Alex noticed Danny as her eyes lit up and was walking to him and greet him.

“Dan—Dav…” Alex said.

“Don’t bother.” Sarah said as David pulled her close, walking out of the store. Alex scoffed, shaking her head.

They walked silently to Sarah’s car, ignoring more fans and sneaky reporters and photographers gathering round at the parking lot.

“Wow, even though you’ve lost memory they still tend to follow you,” Sarah laughed lightly, rolling her eyes.

“Was I really that popular?” David asked, getting in the car with her. With that, Sarah looked at him and smiled. She liked how he was referring ‘Danny’ to himself now.

“Well the Danny I know is always out,” Sarah smiled to herself. “We’d ‘magically’ bump into each other at clubs…”

“I was a stalker to you?”

“No, it just happens…” Sarah trailed off, starting the car and drove off before the paparazzi followed them again.

Dougie stayed in bed the rest of the afternoon; something he’d do before he even got into McFLY. He’d blast some Angels and Airwaves, keeping himself sane. He was still recovering from the accident. Though, it did make him feel better when Tom heard that David was playing guitar earlier. Danny was coming back. The question is, when?

Dougie heard a knock on the doorframe, finding Lisa with a plate of sugar cookies. He smiled.

“Thinking of your fourth boyfriend?” Lisa smirked, sitting down on the bed with him, placing the plate in between them.

Dougie chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully. “You know you’re my number one boyfriend.”

“I know, girlfriend.” Lisa grinned, taking a cookie and serving it for Dougie. He took a bite, closing his eyes as he chewed, “Mm, good, love. Very. Who is the fourth boyfriend?”

“Hmm, well,” Lisa moved closer with Dougie, now with the plate on his lap, and his arm around her. “Harry’s your second, Tom’s your third, Danny’s your fourth.”

Dougie looked at her, amused, “When did you think of this?”

“Sarah and I thought of it one night; obviously, I said Danny’s her first and she denied.”

“Look at her now,” Dougie chuckled. “They better hook up once Danny comes back.”

“They will, they will…” Lisa pecked his chin, then rests her head on his shoulder. “She’s one of our hopes in getting him back.”

“Yeah, I know…I’m still wondering about his dreams he’s been having.”

“Sarah’s told me about what David’s been telling her. But what I’m still wondering is why he’s called David.”

“Some kind of dream, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see, right?”

“Yeah, wait and seeee.” Lisa smiled, lifting her hand up for Dougie to take another bite, when she gently shoves it in his mouth. Quickly, Dougie stops her and makes her bite the other side. And she did, with Dougie making the sound of a dog, growling at her. After a while of chewing and biting that one cookie, it led them for a sweet kiss.

Dougie took another cookie, making her take a bite. “Agaain!”

ten .

Going into week three on a Friday, Sarah and David were going on their date. Between that event with Alex and now, David was secretly playing with the guitar, while everyone else was out, having the house to himself. He was even having thoughts for a specific song, which he didn’t know where it was coming from. But all he knows that it definitely had Sarah in mind. He was also familiarizing more with the music, as well as listening to McFLY’s music on the radio. Was it really him singing in most of the songs?

David was also getting to know Tom, Dougie, and Harry more, laughing at their random jokes, being their brotherly selves; it was almost as if he was Danny then, but he still hadn’t realized it yet.

Sarah has requested for David to wear a simple suit, something Danny would wear anyway, as she was taking them to where she and Danny first randomly met – the Garden restaurant. Sarah wore a black cocktail dress with shiny jewelry. Her silver necklace held a pink heart pendant; something her mom gave her before she passed away a while back, her earring and thin bracelet matching it. When they met up at the restaurant, David had lost his breath for words. She looked beautiful.

Sarah smiled, both of them greeting each other with kisses on the cheek, though David felt he wanted more at that moment. They linked arms, going in the restaurant, and sat in their reserved table for two. David stared endlessly at her after Sarah requested the waiter for two glasses of water. Sarah blushed, staring back. She remembered when she first met Danny; he’d compliment everything about her; her hair, her eyes, her dress, and how beautiful that pendant was. “Amazing on ya,” he said, “I’d call it jellybean.”

Chuckling softly, she placed her hands on her cheeks, looking down to her lap. Danny was a cheesy lad, that one…but in the end, she ended up loving him. If only…

“You look dazzling tonight, Sarah.” David said, not touching the menu.

“Pretty sharp, yourself, David.” Sarah looked back to him, “…Recognize this place?”

“Hmm?” David moved his eyes in his surroundings; the walls in designs of a garden, paintings of couples talking at a small round table, holding up small cups, which looked like tea…

Then he realized it; his dream. It was almost the exact setting as those paintings. He stared at the paintings.

“May I take your order?” The waiter had his notepad and pen ready. Sarah let David go off his little world while she orders for them both. She smiled softly at the waiter as he walked away, looking back at David.

“David, what’s on your mind?” Sarah tilts her head slightly sideways, curious.

“I’ve had dreams about you,” David looked back at her. “Dreams about marrying you, and you rejecting me…”

Sarah stared with a frown. She didn’t know what to say then.

“And then these…flashbacks…on stage, and then having fun with my mates…and that Alex girl in bed with some chap…”

Sarah gasped lightly, “Danny moments…do you remember how they happened?”

David stared back, thinking long and hard. He squints his eyes, refreshing the memories of the flashbacks. How did they happen? A minute later, he couldn’t think of them. He then frowned.

“No…” He said softly. Sarah sighed, leaning back in her seat. David ran his hand down his face, looking at Sarah. “…But I know I’ve seen you before.”

Sarah nodded slowly and silence grew in afterwards. Right when their food came, they had short conversations about other things not related to David’s flashbacks.

After dinner, they went back to Danny’s house because Sarah remembered she left something there before. For some reason, she couldn’t remember what she’d forgotten.

“Are you sure you left something here, Sarah?” David asked, leading her to the door, although he didn’t want her to leave.

“Mum left her jacket,” Sarah looked around, “Have you seen it?”

“No.” David followed closely with her as she climbed up the stairs to his room.

“Well, did you know her last place she’s been in?” Sarah switched the lights on as she reached Danny’s room.

“I don’t know, but I know she was here earlier…” David then closed his bedroom door behind him softly, switching the lights off.

Sarah gasped lightly, turning to David. He was moving closer quickly, leading him to kiss her. Ironically, he knew what she had in mind, knowing that she wasn’t really looking for something ‘misplaced’. David kissed her hard, with his hands moving to her sides. Sarah reached her hands to the nape of his neck, pulling him closer as their bodies touched. It began to become more heated with so much passion that David began to lift up her dress with his hand, with hers over his so she could finally pull off her dress. Once she tossed it off, chills ran down her spine as she was just in her undergarments, beginning to unbutton David’s shirt as he removes his jacket.

They moved onto the bed, with David hovering over her after kicking off his shoes. Sarah unbuckled his belt, pulling down his pants. Non-stop kissing, they were going to do it. Despite his memory loss slowly gaining back to normal, David knew he wanted it. He even knew before that he loved this girl more than life. Same with Sarah, although her thoughts were slightly different than David’s; she just wanted Danny back.


“That’s it for Danny’s Disco,” David heard himself say to the camera as Danny, “Same time next week...”

“That’s a wrap!” Harry exclaimed, putting back a shirt on. “Man that was ridiculous.”

“No way, we were wicked.” Dougie said with a laugh, “Next week’s DOUGIE’S DISCO!”

“Harry’s Disco’s gonna be the shit; I’m in a jungle in a toga with girls in Hawaii outfits…”

“In your dreams, mate,” Danny laughed, turning off his computer.

That same day, Danny was passing by the Gardens, where he caught up with Sarah.

“Marry me, Sarah love?”

“Bugger off, Daniel Alan David Jones.” Sarah smiled with a wink. “Go see your bird or something.”

Later that night, Danny went to visit Alex, his best friend of five years, and girlfriend at her apartment. He opened the door with the spare key, which Alex gave him, finding her with another guy. Danny was speechless and left.

A few weeks later, Danny was in a car with Dougie after a night at a club, drinking.

“Danny, we’re lost.” Dougie said with a laugh, “Are you sure you know where you’re going?”

“Yeah, mate. Bugger off and let me do the driving.”

“Shit, mate you’re going the wrong way.”

“Am not, let me drive!”

“Screw that, you’re shit when you drive.”

“Doug, I’m serious, shut the hell up.”

“You know everyone drives better than your thick self.”

Just then, Danny put his off the steering wheel, slapping Dougie in the face. Dougie tried to dodge, and bright, bright headlights were heading towards them.

“Fuck!...” Danny stared at the bright lights as it forcefully collided into Dougie’s side to his into the wall in less than a second.


David’s eyes opened wide after seeing that light. It was bright in the morning. His heart was racing. He was sweating. He sat up, immediately familiarizing with the room, looking down to his body. He was healed; he was okay. He looked to his right, finding a sleeping like a baby peacefully Sarah, smiling to himself. He then noticed her pendant, smiling even wider. He breathed. “Jellybean…”

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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Thu May 29, 2008 2:35 pm

last two chapters. THANKS FOR READING! HAHA.

eleven .

Sarah woke up, noticing a ring on her middle finger. Wide awake by this, she studied it, long and hard. It was a ring Danny used to wear all the time. But…why would she be wearing it now?

She looked to her left. David wasn’t next to her anymore, but a small paper with a little note in it. She read it, realizing why she had the ring in her finger. She even recognized the misspelling of words and such.


I love that your wearing that jellybean when I come back to life. Ha ha ha. Anyway no worries. I’m off to Doug’s for a bit. I’ll be back, my love. Promis.

<3 Danny”

“Danny’s…back?” Sarah placed a hand over her mouth, gasping softly. She had no words, what to say, what to think. Though the first thing she immediately thought was to go change and get Tom and Harry.


Dougie was cheerful with his cast on his leg being taken off. He was supposed to go to leg therapy later that day, but for now he’d been jumping on his bed with excitement.

Lisa was out with her friends for the day, so now Dougie was sitting in his room, doing nothing as usual. He heard a knock on the doorframe, thinking it was Lisa; it was David.

“Oh, hey…David.” Dougie said awkwardly, sitting up straight.

Danny took a step in. “Doug.”

“Doug…” Dougie looked directly at him. Usually David calls him by his full name. But, why not this time? “What brings you here?”


“What about…Danny?” Dougie said slowly, with his eyebrows raised.

Danny smirked lightly, amused at the confused look on Dougie’s face, how he didn’t have a clue that he’s truly back yet. “…He’s back.”

Dougie stared, blinking once. “You’re joking.”

“No.” Danny shook his head.

Dougie continued to stare with his eyes beginning to water. “You’re seriously joking.”

“If I was joking, then I wouldn’t remember what the hell happened when you said we were ‘lost’ going back home?”

“Oh God…” Dougie looked away, beginning to cry quietly.

“Mate, why are you being such a girl? Fucking idiot.” Danny said with a laugh.

Dougie’s lips curved into a smile, chuckling. “Piss off.” He looked at Danny again, “Is it really you?”

“Yes, it’s me! Don’t I get a little something?”

“No…” Dougie shook his head, getting up and cautiously walking over to him for a hug. Danny smiled, embracing his best friend a hug. With that, he felt his shirt smearing with tears. “I’m really, really sorry.”

“For what?” They were still hugging each other, with Dougie’s head buried in his chest.

“For the accident.”

“Mate, it’s okay…” Danny smiled softly. “It wasn’t your fault. The only thing that matters right now is that we’re both all right.”

“Dan?” They heard Tom and Harry came running in, finding Dougie and Danny having a brotherly moment. Danny smiled at them.

“Oh my God,” Harry said. He and Tom were both welling up in tears, joining the hug. All were crying in each others arms, happy that the boys were truly back again. Quietly, Sarah came in a few minutes after, watching the boys having their moment. She smiled with joy, going down the stairs to wait for Danny.

It has been about thirty minutes since Sarah was waiting for all the boys to come back in. She fell asleep on the couch while waiting, and by the time the boys went downstairs, she was still asleep.

“Miiine,” Danny grinned to the boys as he pointed to Sarah.

“Finally, mate…after all this time,” Harry said with a chuckle.

Danny sat next to Sarah, pushing her hair behind her ear as it was falling on her face. He took her hand, smiling at her ring that he put in her finger earlier. Tom noticed and gasped lightly.

“Are you planning on marrying her someday, Dan?”

Danny looked at him and nodded. “Someday, mate…someday.”

twelve .

Throughout the whole day Danny’s family and friends all came by his house to make sure it was true that he was back. There were a lot of tears, happiness, and joy, and with that, Danny requested a little party to celebrate him being back to his old self. He wanted it to happen the next night.

It was already late and a few of his relatives, including Lisa, but she slept with Dougie at his house, were sleeping either downstairs or the spare rooms that Danny had in his house. Danny had just come back from a walk alone at the park with his mom after watching the sun setting. He was the only one awake after coming back home, looking around his room once more, finding papers next to his guitar. He tilted his head sideways, forgetting why they were there in the first place. He sat down next to his guitar, finding that the papers were written in lyrics; lyrics that he had been working on before the accident and surprisingly during his amnesia. He smiled at the lyrics, knowing that he still got it. Since it was nearly finished, he figured out the rest of them and wrote it all down, then grabbed his guitar and played the whole song in a quiet manner. Approved of it after one play, he nodded and gave it a rest, going to bed.

The next day, there was another press conference for McFLY, announcing that they are back on track and continue their album next week. All four boys, including Dougie who was still on crutches, walked out on stage, all smiling to the cameras flashing constantly on them.

“Welcome back, Danny!” A reporter shouted.

Danny smiled, “Thank you.” As the four all sat at the table, Danny continued, “I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten, even when I was extremely clueless during that time.”

Tom pats Danny’s back and continued talking for him, “We’re all happy to have Danny and Dougie back and we’re ready to come back next week. It’ll be our best album yet.”

More questions from reporters continued to ask questions for Danny and Dougie about the accident. Dougie looked at Danny, biting his lip.

“…We don’t really want to talk about that subject,” Danny said, “We’re past it already.”

“Yeah, all that matters is that both mates are okay.” Harry added.

They then all continued to answer questions they wanted to answer, and finally they all thanked them for all being there and left.

Afterwards, the boys all went home and relaxed by themselves in each of their houses. Danny walked over to his, removing his jacket, when he saw Sarah facing the door, looking a bit anxious to knock on the door. Smiling to himself, he crept discreetly behind her, with his hands behind his back, leaning towards her ear, “…Why so tense?”

Startled, Sarah gasped and turned back, finding a grinning from ear-to-ear Danny. She laughed. “Oh, I thought you were home.”

“I'm home now,” Danny watched her take his scarf that he had on, playing with it. “How long have you been standing there?”

“About ten minutes,” Sarah said, tying the scarf cautiously near his neck.

Danny continued to watch her, “Are you trying to kill me?”

“…Maybe,” Sarah looked up at him and smiled. “Did I kill you the other night?”

Chuckling, Danny said with a smile, “Maybe, love. But that was with David.”

“Well who’s David?”

“…Some guy who lives next door.” Danny nodded at the house next to his, which was where Lisa and Sarah lived just for the summer, although they have been planning to keep it permanent for some time.

“But you’re Danny who lives next door.”

“Correct, but you’ve cheated on me with Daayy-vid.”

“Did not.” Sarah scowled playfully at him.

“Did too.”

“You both were practically the same person, cept he was more clueless than you.”

“Hey…” Danny made a face while Sarah smirked. “Was I-he really?”

“But overall I loved you anyway.”

Danny stared. Sarah has never told him this before. “…Do you really?”

“Mhm.” Sarah smiled softly, gently pulling the scarf with him towards her. Danny smiled, giving her a soft kiss to begin with. He pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around hers. Finally, he was truly happy again.

Later that night, Danny hosted a party at his own house with all his friends, family, and band mates. The boys worried that Danny was going to lose his memory again by drinking, so he went with their thoughts and drank only one beer. Alex came by, looking really happy to see that Danny was himself again. Though Danny kicked her out, telling her that he wasn’t ready to talk to her yet, so she left.

It was during the party when Danny got everyone to gather round the parlor as he sat in front of the fireplace on a stool, with a guitar on his lap.

“Thank you all for coming,” Danny began and smiled, “I just wanted to show you all this song I’ve been writing for quite some time now, and I thought I’d give you all a bit of an exclusive.” Then he looked over to Sarah. “Sarah, this is for you.”

Lisa nudged Sarah as she blushed with a smile. Danny began to play that same melodic, lullaby-like tune on his guitar, looking around everyone. He smiled, beginning to sing,

“I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be home.
And I don’t walk when there’s a stone in my shoe
All I know that in time that I’ll be fine.

I wonder what it’s like to fly so high
Or to breathe under the sea
I wonder if someday I’ll be good with goodbyes
But I’ll be okay if you come along with me…

Such a long, long way to go
Where I’m going I don’t know
I’m just following the road
For a walk in the sun
For a walk in the sun…

Everyone was listening closely, smiling at hearing Danny’s voice again. Tom, Dougie, and Harry were all thinking that he should put this on the album.

I wonder how they put a man on the moon
I wonder what it’s like up there…

Danny glanced at Sarah, “I wonder if you’ll ever sing this tune
All I know is the answer’s in the air…

Danny sang the chorus again, and Sarah was starting to get the words right, and immediately, she sang along to the chorus.

Sitting here watching the world going by
Is it true when we die we go up to the sky

Whoa, whoa

So many things that I don’t understand
Burn my feet in the sand when I’m walking in the sun
Whoa, walking in the sun…

By this time he was doing a small guitar solo, his audience was teary-eyed. He didn’t expect them all to cry, but he was flattered and knew they all loved his song already.

Such a long, long way to go
Where I’m going I don’t know
I’m just following the road
For a walk in the sun…
For a walk in the sun…


Whoa." Danny continued to play the guitar, “Whoa…whoa…

And then Danny finished, having applauses with cheers. He nodded with ‘Thank yous’ and a smile. Sarah went over to him, wrapping his arms around him and a kiss on the cheek, and continued to hold onto him. Then the other three went on the other side, having another group hug, making everyone with awws and happy tears.


I'M SUCH A SAP... I got teary in these last two chapters...

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Re: Who's David?

Post  meah XD on Thu May 29, 2008 2:51 pm

Finally!! cheers YAY!! Joy!

I love chapter 11. Approve! Rock On! lol! Hahaha
meah XD

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Re: Who's David?

Post  kaisthelimit on Thu May 29, 2008 3:26 pm

WE'RE such a sap
i got teary too
i love this fic
hope there's a sequel Very Happy
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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Thu May 29, 2008 3:29 pm

No sequel!
This was written a little over a year ago.
No way.

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Re: Who's David?

Post  kaisthelimit on Thu May 29, 2008 3:31 pm

fictionette wrote:No sequel!
This was written a little over a year ago.
No way.


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Re: Who's David?

Post  enchantée on Thu May 29, 2008 3:34 pm

Like this was the only fic I wrote. Head over to douzie_fics. There are a TON of fics there. I'm currently making them where only members could see them, so whichever fics you see right now @ the moment, read them while you can, ORRR you can create your own livejournal & read the fics there Very Happy

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Re: Who's David?

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