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Re: BUSTED!!!!!

Post  nicoleaika on Mon May 03, 2010 12:59 pm

james17star wrote:
nicoleaika wrote:
veela wrote:Yay! May thread pala ang BUSTED dito Smile
They're the reason why I discovered MCFLY haha!
Like all of you, I miss 'em too and until today whenever I saw their music vids (or any vids) I still wish they hadn't broke up...

me too... I wouldn't know McFLY if I don't know Busted!

aww.. miss them so much..

HAHA, same, yung iba na discover ang mcfly dahil sa film na just my luck,
i discovered busted because of the film thunderbirds, and i really, really, really liked the song so i searched them up and saw busted! yay, i miss busted their songs are wicked!

I miss them too T.T I remember, I think it's around February this year when I read somewhere that Busted is reforming/James and Matt are planning to have a reunion or something (excluding Charlie because I think he said that he's like he's okay with Fightstar now).

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Re: BUSTED!!!!!

Post  james17star on Mon May 03, 2010 2:24 pm

James is releasing his album now! May 3, do you know about it? Wink

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