Request lines and more.

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Re: Request lines and more.

Post  sapphire on Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:18 pm

Hey guys. Add this radio station to your YM (:

It's one of the best Radio stations here in Baguio.



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Re: Request lines and more.

Post  carmela :> on Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:54 pm

i went to channel v's website & left requests on the comments area. i did it to all the shows that would be able to play or feature mcfly. wanna help me out there, too? just leave a comment saying how much you'd love it if they play anything mcfly. well, at least, that's what i did. bytheway, i used the mcfly philippines name. hehe. Very Happy

here's what i sent numerous times:
Please play any song by McFLY. They are a British band who are big in the UK. They're currently in Brazil playing a few shows because they're trying to get their music out to the whole world. We'd love it if you could help get their songs out to your Asian audience.

They're latest videos are:
Falling in Love
Do Ya
One for the Radio
Heart Never Lies

You can also visit their website here:

We'd appreciate it sooooo much if you'd play any of their songs or do a feature on them! Thank you in advance! Smile

-McFLY Philippines

if you dont know what to write, you can just copy-paste what i wrote. but feel free to do some revisions! Smile
carmela :>

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