American Idol Season 8!

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Re: American Idol Season 8!

Post  kaisthelimit on Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:50 pm

nicoleaika wrote:
kai(: wrote:
nicoleaika wrote:
kai(: wrote:
nicoleaika wrote:Who already watched this one??

EPIC! Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha

I did!!!! And I loved it!! Favorite Kradam interview ever. I like the top!!!! Hahaha
Aaaahhhhh! I missed this thread!!! No more AI every week(so late lol)

awww.... miss AI.... O_o.... *hoping that Kradam will have a tour here! just like the Davids! Very Happy*

that's one of the best interview ever XD XD XD actually at first i didn't get why they're laughing but when my cousin gave an example, she said: "gusto ko sa ilalim" and i looked at her then we laughed at each other XD

Me too. Oh they will. I wish!!!
IKR? (:
lol really? Well that's so cute! You reenacted a Kradam moment!! And in our own dialect! lol

XD yeah... kasi parang tinanong ko rin yung pinsan ko ng tanong na yun (oh, we searched what's the meaning of bunk first).. tapos yun yung answer nia, napatingin ako sa kanya (like kris') and we laugh... it's really... unforgettable XD

lol I can imagine it. Super funny =))

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